Afro-Mexicans on Hunger Strike to Protest Death of Malcolm X’s Grandson

Protest for Malcolm ShabbazzRight now the eyes of the world are focused on two hunger strikes..One just kicked off in California at Pelican Bay with inmates, demanding improved conditions including an end to solitary confinement…Yesterday (July 8th) more than 30 thousand inmates refused food…

The other big hunger strike is the one in Guantanamo Bay which was started by detainees and has been going on for more than 100 days.. Yesterday Yasiin Bey aka Mos Def made a video where he demonstrated how striking prisoners were being force fed food. It was grueling and beyond disturbing. Yasiin because of the extreme pain, could not complete what detainees are forced to endure everyday.

There is a 3rd hunger strike that we should pay attention to…This one involves Afro-Mexicans in Mexico City who launched a hunger strike last week to protest the brutal slaying of Malcolm Shabbazz who was the grandson of Malcolm X.. Below is a video of the news report coming out of the DF.. Below that is a link to their blog explaining whats going on in their own words.. We took the liberty of translating two of the entries, but encourage folks to stay up to date

Here is a link to the Citizens’ Committee Defense not Naturalized and Afro-Mexicans blog

Protest In Mexico City

A demonstration outside the government headquarters in Mexico City •

The Steering Committee of Defense and African Naturalized demanded a dialogue with the city government head Miguel Angel Mancera, to clarify the death of Malcolm Latif, otherwise continue with the hunger strike in front holding government offices of the Federal District since 4 July.

Wilner Metelus, CCDNAM president, said Monday afternoon met with the DF government secretary, Hector Serrano, to reach an agreement.
However, the official said that the committee has not been clear in the demands made by a letter submitted to the Government on 18 June.

“This morning with Serrano invited me to discuss my application, but it says that my claims are not accurate. We will not lift the hunger strike without having a meeting with the presence of Mancera, enough is enough, not racism, that must end, “he said.

He said that all they ask to know is what happened with the death of Latif Shabazz and the Nigerian’s Echidenu Isaac, who was killed two years ago, the same day as the death of the grandson of activist Malcolm X, near the station Metro San Antonio Abad.

He also assured that the four police officers involved in the death of Echidenu are free and the Committee can not allow the same impunity for Latif.
“We know that our brothers abuse are receiving from the police, with pressures and threats. Echinedu Isaac’s death was a hate crime, it’s a shame, “he said.
He noted that at the meeting, Serrano could not provide information regarding the case of Latif and asked to forward a new letter, with clear requests about what is required by the organization.

“They listen to us, we are citizens (…) in the letter ask to have a meeting with Mancera to know how Echinedu Isaac died in the investigation were quite a few mistakes, and also asked to know what happened to the video of the death of Latif” added

Begin fasting grandson case of Malcolm X

protest for Malcom Shabbazz

Mexico • Members of the Citizens’ Committee Defense not Naturalized and Afro-Mexicans began a hunger strike outside the headquarters of the Federal District, in protest of the results in the murder of the grandson of activist Malcolm X in Garibaldi, occurred in May .

Metelus Wilner, president of the organization, considered that there is sufficient provision to two Eastern Prison this nightclub waiters, who are accused of killing Malcolm Shabazz, so requested a meeting with the president of the capital, Miguel Angel Mancera.

“We delivered a letter from May 18 to have an audience with the prime minister about the case of our brother Malcolm Shabazz because we believe that there is no progress, there are only two detainees and do not know what is happening with the other responsible” said.

Metelus revealed that he met with the Secretary of Government, Hector Serrano, but its intention is that the holder receives the GDF to discuss the progress of the Attorney General of the DF, as well as others in terms of discrimination suffered by police.

The civil association representative said that during the administration of Marcelo Ebrard four policemen killed a Nigerian in San Antonio Abad Station of the Metro, and “are now free”, so he said, do not want to repeat this situation.


Wall of silence surrounding the murder of the grandson of Malcolm X in Méxicoç

13 comments on “Afro-Mexicans on Hunger Strike to Protest Death of Malcolm X’s Grandson

  1. Peace Brotha Davey,
    I really appreciate this article & the heart & intentions behind it.. It’s not too often we link our struggles across these man made borders like you did here in this article. Can I offer my translating services to you as this further develops? (free of charge of course) There’s a few translation mistakes that take the words of Mr Wilner out of context and I would love to help you clarify his expressions if you allow me to in the future. Here’s my contact:
    Give thx for your work!
    Paz y respect!

  2. This is good to see! We need to be doing this in the states. I feel bad what happened to this young brother. He wont be forgotten. R.I.P.

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  4. Thank you Davey D for coverage which is very much needed today is the 6th day of the hunger strike and they are still going strong plus Malcolm’s familly has given support!!! Also from Dr. Wilner Metelus, President of CCDNAM: Wilner Metelus posted on your timeline Tomorrow 10 the Citizens’ Committee of Afromexicanos Naturalizados’s Defense invites all Mexicans and foreigners to the floral offering in memory of two months of dead man of our brother Malcolm Latif and also in honor to his birthday at 12:00 opposite to the offices of the Palace of the Chief of Government of the capital. We will be grateful for his presence support and solidarity!!! To bring the watching one and a flower.”
    “Tomorrow 10 the Citizens’ Committee of Afromexicanos Naturalizados’s Defense invites all Mexicans and foreigners to the floral offering in memory of two months of dead man of our brother Malcolm Latif and also in honor to his birthday at 12:00 opposite to the offices of the Palace of the Chief of Government of the capital. We will be grateful for his presence support and solidarity!!! To bring the watching one and a flower.”

    As of this very moment the DuSable Museum and Operation push is working with the Mexican fine Arts Museum to usher in a new classification for African Americans to wit: Afro Mexicans.

    There are external forces moving against us as of this very posting. We don’t have a whole lot of time left to figure this out.

    On March 2, 2006 In the lecture and discussion entitled Photography: The Art of Documenting Culture, weren’t photographers from the exhibit speaking and examining blackness, identity and documenting Afro-Mexican communities.

    April 1, 2006 Lecture and discussion by symposium scholars presents: Latest research on Afro-Mexican History, culture and relations.

    April 7, 2006 “There is no better ongoing way to establish a high public profile; than to insure the involvement of leaders from the African American and Mexican communities to wit: The DuSable Museum and Operation Push, thereby creating a new classification for African Americans to wit: Afro-Mexicans.

    May 18th, 2006 A concert at the Muntu Dance theater feature performer is Mexico’s most famous performer of Afro-Mexican music. On the same night the world premier of the story “Yanga” tells of a African Slave in Mexico that becomes the founder of the first town of free slaves in America.

    Now you tell me what “Insight can African American’s add to that? The DuSable Museum and Operation Push are only called upon because the external forces need a way in.

    I am telling African Americans that there is a storm coming and we don’t have long. Networking with each other on an inclusive level is the best defense we have right now. If we want to live in and beyond the 21st century you will have to defend your right to exist.

    There will be no African Americans and African Mexicans because no any two given objects can occupy the same given space at the same given time, – Physics tell us that.

    As you have previously read, the Mexicans have their own black history,culture connection to Africa and now to the legacy of Malcolm X. There is no insight that African Americans can add to the situation.

    If I am telling you something then know that its from my mouth to God’s ear. I don’t speculate. African Americas will not be absorbed, they will be eliminated and replaced.

    What makes this situation different from all others is the fact that this situation is not motivated by racial hatred. The Afro Mexicans through population growth need our residual resources for their survival as well. This is about survival.

    I understand about not force feeding adults.I understand that it is not the black woman’s responsibility to hold down the front line. It is the woman’s place to be a helpmate to the man. It is the black man’s place to hold the front line for the least of us but the black man is without courage or conscious.

    It is unconscionable that African American institutions such as Operation Push of Chicago and The DuSable Museum in Chicago opened the doors to our genocide when they aligned with the Fine Arts Mexican Museum and offered up our residual resources in their behalf.

    The N.A.A.C.P. is doing nothing. The National Urban league is hiding and without protection from the Europeans the Congressional Black Caucus is impotent.

    As I am a black man this situation does not afford me the luxury of being humble and patient in my alarm, approach, cynicism and severe criticism. This situation requires force feeding at the highest levels of black professionalism.

    Intelligence reports coming out of Venezuela confirm the orders that Chavas issued to the Spanish players that they move as one unit against the U.S.A. to secure the resources needed for their expanding population.

    At this very moment the European players are in a “Custer’s” last stand to survive as they attempt to fend off a five pronged assault from the Iraqis, Spanish, Chinese, Afghan and North Korean players.

    The European players intend to fight to the last man if need be and even if the European players by some hail Mary do succeed they will not be coming back this way. Even as I write this the European players have retreated their women and children behind their digital technology and firewall.

    The Europeans are at this very moment rapidly dismantling the same domestic infrastructure that African Americans are still trying to build their future and dreams upon.

    As of this writing and aside from Mubarak Inter-prizes African Americans have no infrastructure, technology or industry to shield and protect us from the Spanish players population assault.

    Without an infrastructure, technology or industry to shield and protect us from the Spanish players population assault we are left out in the opening without protection or cover. Once the Spanish players have depleted our residual resources of land ,food and water we have no means of replenishing them.

    For all practical purposes we have been cut out of the 21st century. We are currently at the mercy of the Spanish players and we are also in the same and exact condition as our African teammates in Darfur.

    Read undercover Smart and save yourself. Undercover Smart is divine intervention. Recognize the hand of God.

    Sincerely, Enoch Mubarak
    President/CEO Mubarak Inter-Prizes

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