Ice Cube Disses the Hell outta Dwight Howard for Leaving the Lakers

ice cube scowlIce Cube is a diehard Raider fan and a diehard Lakers fan.. The other night during his concert, Cube let the world know how he feels about D12 rushing off to be with the Houston Rockets.. He predicts Kobe will win a championship before Dwight even smells one..

17 comments on “Ice Cube Disses the Hell outta Dwight Howard for Leaving the Lakers

  1. Seriously, if Dwight was whining about Orlando, it was going to be par for the course in LA. Since moving here from NorCal, I have heard all of the drama from Dwight. From his complaints about the negativity he received from L.A. regarding the team’s performance to his constant injuries. He was not fit for L.A. and he thought the big lights, big city life would be great. He got a rude awakening. Pretty much Los Angeles is not skipping a beat about his departure. Dwight, say howdy to JLin for me. Oh, wait. Another one-hit wonder in Houston. Is anyone seeing a pattern forming in Houston.

  2. He just butthurt cuz D12 walked. Hypocrite wore a Houston Rockets jersey in the Why We Thugs vid, not a Lakers jersey. Cube mighta looked gangsta back in 89 but now he a Hollywood aggin. That be cool if u still rep South Central but if you check the I Rep That West video, he rappin in front of a sign that dont say Compton…but Hollywood. Ask any of Cube old homies from the LenchMob what they feel about Cube. Im talkin J Dee, Shorty and Kam or that aggin from Cypress B Real. All have spoken out on Cubes street cred. I take nothin away from what he done for Hip Hop, the classic Cube records circa 86-94 are still classic. But what people dont recognize is that what made those records so dope was the supporting cast. NWA, Bomb Squad, The Boogiemen, etc etc, the list goes on and on. Im tired of Cube gettin all the credit for puttin out those classics. And thats why his nu shit aint sound dope as Death Certificate or AmeriKKKas Most. The past 5 years he been rappin like he a young Houston G who came up DJ Screw not an OG from Compton, Watts or Inglewood. Dwight Howard jumped ship because he got a taste of KB24, and the LA Lakers crowd who boo their own team if they don´t win. Last year with the Lakers was a shambles, who can blame Dwight for jumpin ship. Just a lil much sayin F Dwight Howard, not called for, Cube still feels the need to look hard even after having millions of $. Weak.

  3. Chris , what are you talking about . Dwight Howard left because he is a freaking crybaby that wants everything catered to him. His coach in Orlando got fired because he cried about him. He did not like our current coach because his name was not Phil Jackson and he did not get his way. Now he’s also crying about his feelings being hurt because Kobe did not baby him when he was injured …. oh come on. Kobe has complained in the past,but only because the front office was not doing anything to put together a team to win a championship. look at what happened after they gave to his complains ? They won titles. Cube is just mad like any other lakers fan because Dwight cares about noone but Dwight . So before you bring other reasons to diss Cube focus on the reason why Cube said what he said.

  4. Read my post Hector. I think it speaks for itself. Dwight Howard left because he knew Lakers SUCKED last year. And tryin to get on the same page as Kobe ain’t an easy task. Ask your boy Shaq. And yeah I use it to take a shot at Cube. Gone are the dayz of rollin wit the muthafkin LenchMob. Cube wants to act all hard by callin Dwight a bitch azz aggin. Sad to see over 20 years after a film like Boyz N The Hood and Cube is showing aggression toward a brotha…for what? Leaving a team that SUCKED…and he knew because the writing was on the wall. KB ain´t gonna be the same player after his ACL and Cube is dreaming if he thinks Lakers have a shot at a title over Houston(even tho they got some work to do). Ice Cube need to pick a fight with a real OG if he got the guts and not a fun loving guy like DH. Bringing in D Antoni was a dumb move after his tenure at the Knicks some seasons back which ended in disaster. I commend D12 for getting out of LA, no question. ”He couldn’t handle the spotlight”. Who the fk needs it? And good on Dwight for leaving that team. All that glitters ain’t gold…

  5. LMFAO Chris are you kidding yourself? So Hollywood isn’t West? WTF is then? Cuz its not in the hood? GTFOH WHo cares if he didnt shoot it in the hood. He’s Ice Mutha f***in Cube! He’s been in the game for how long now? He dont need to go back to the hood! He’s understood that in order to continue grinding you gotta reinvent yourself, thats why you see him in Hollywood! & you say his last albums havent been good, man they’ve been political as ever! you must not understand what its all about. You want him to continue talking bout shit in the hood when he’s not 20 somethin anymore?
    & the whole D Coward thing. Come on dude, he’s a straight bia!! Look at what he did in orlando, & now L.A. all he did was waste everyone’s time! all he had to do was say you know what im not feeling the HC (Dantoni, which is understandable) & thats why im leaving. But why do a whole Lebron announcement shit & say im gunna make my decision on Twitter, WTF kinda shyt is that. The man has no respect for the game! & when Cube is speking F Howard, he’s the voice of the West! & thats how we feel! He didnt leave cuz the team sucked you bafoon! he left cuz they wouldnt fire Dantoni & he never warmed up to his offense (which i dont blame him for). Your right tho, bringin Dantoni was a mistake, but regardless of who was brought in, they woulda still suffered all those injuries. A HC cant control that & neither can management!

  6. I don´t give a damn if he god almighty, once you open your mouth about someone, you should be prepared for criticism also. Hollywood is on the West…really I aint know dat. Thank you for making that clear Sintown… But Hollywood aint in South Central and Cube once rapped on True To The Game about Africans leaving the hood getting their ghetto pass revoked. It´s records like that, that became the rules in Hip Hop. I suppose that doesn´t apply to him because hes Ice muthafkin Cube. And ive only been listening to Cube since 1988, what would I know…Even tho that is the case, one does not have to go along with Cubes 20 something year old comments about D12. Lack of maturity on Cubes part. ICE CUBE IS A LEGEND(for his early work) still but that doesnt mean I have to worship the ground he walks on. That don´t mean I have to Bow Down to him. I am one of many who bought Cubes records and helped put him where he is today and I am the voice of disappointment. LAL took a gamble on D12 and they knew all the drama in Orlando but still signed him. Now they complainin. They only got themselves to blame. But that´s good to know ST that buffoons like myself can be right 2 ( on DAntoni). Thanks for your compliment. Oh, such a damn buffoon aren´t I…but right on according to you.

  7. Considering that Ice Cube has worked with Public Enemy, I think his attention would be better focused on the dire Prison condition in California (which has a higher rate of suicide amongst inmates that any other state). As a fan of pro hoops and Ice Cube fan, I think this whole thing as gotten too much attention and other aspect greatly need our focus.

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