Jasiri X: George Zimmerman is a ‘Creepy Azz Cracka’


George Zimmerman

George Zimmerman

I’m Loving what Pittsburgh rapper Jasiri X just did around this George Zimmerman Trial..here’s what he had to say:

I decided to put my thoughts about the Zimmerman trial, the ruling on the Voting Rights Act, and Race in America into a 16 bar verse:

Oh you was born black welcome to the curse race

Oh you was born brown you sure this is your birthplace

This is America the home of the white man

Where every other American gets a hyphen

People of color police shoot us on site man

And then be like damn I was just frightened

See just the color of my skin is intimidating

Here I’m a criminal just based on my pigmentation

We need God our only mass is incarceration

We need Jesus cause these preachers got the heart of Satan

They toast to our death celebrating with ice cream

Vanilla with the cake cone must be a white thing

They wanna stop us from voting well what do rights mean?

If the end result of our struggle can just be wiped clean

And Zimmerman is a creepy ass cracka

A racist child murdering liar and bad actor


18 comments on “Jasiri X: George Zimmerman is a ‘Creepy Azz Cracka’

  1. Yes indeed indeed indeed. Jasiri X is speaking truth. Thank you. Creepy azz cracka, bad actor. But, that Florida law that made GZ feel so entitled is creepy too. And the legal process….already seen too much b.s. here in Cali alone to trust justice…will pray for it, and believe it when it’s real. Won’t lie…I’ m a person of peace, but in this case: I would love to see GZ get his creepy cracka azz kicked and it makes me have ugly thoughts about his face and a baseball bat…..

  2. one problem,

    zimmerman is hispanic american. Did u mean to say creepy ass spic. Who is the real creepy AZZ JASIRI ?????

  3. Though he may be of mixed backgrounds (Mr. Zimmerman), what is not up for debate is the crime in which he is presently on trial for. Please let us stay focused and keep our minds, eyes, and souls on the prize. Justice.

  4. Shane: if it were a Black man who shot a white male, he’d be in the electric chair, strapped to a gurney for a lethal injection, gassed, or hung by now.

  5. It amazes me, not really, how we privileged in America, spend so much time on emotionalism, as opposed to being pragmatic. What is real, what is not. We get sidetracked very easy. Hit me up with a new video, game, news? Gossip…let us all hustle over to Wal mart. Wait let us think about this one first. Peace and Best Wishes.

  6. I just had a student read your post on why the use of ‘nigga’ is inappropriate. I felt it was well thought through piece. I especially appreciated your insight into how ‘normalizing’ racism does not make it less racist.
    However, I feel that this post which calls Zimmerman a ‘cracka’ could evoke much of the same feelings for white youth who group up outnumbered in urban areas such as East Oakland. Many have been called this name and treated poorly for their lack of pigmentation.
    Of course a kid getting chased down the street and jumped is not near the rampant racism that exists in this country against people with darker skin tones and has for centuries, and, therefore, the word ‘cracka’ does not carry near the historical baggage that ‘nigga’ does. I don’t feel that ‘fag’ does either.
    Lumping white people under a title and labeling them is just an actual symptom of the racialization which was imposed on us by those in power to separate people and keep them oppressed. Supporting racialization in any way or against any group is supporting a system that has destroyed the lives of many.
    It would be better to understand that “he has made from one blood every nation of men to dwell on all the face of the earth.”
    One Blood, One Earth

  7. Does not matter if Mr. Zimmerman, which is a Jewish surname, is Latino or not. Does not matter if his dad is a judge. A crime is a crime, is a crime, is a crime. No emotionalism, no violins. Just facts.

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