HKR: Bobbito Garcia Talks About Doin’ It in the Park, Elon James Speaks Stop-n-Frisk

HKR-Tues 05-21-13: We talk with long time deejay Bobbito Garcia aka Cucumber Slice aka Kool Bob Love about his new film ‘Doin’ it in the Park‘.. It’s an incredible movie that captures the excitement, the science, the culture and the essence of pick up basketball in New York City..

In our interview Bobbitto talks about the way he and his partner film maker Kevin Couliau traveled to over 180 parks in NYC by bike to capture the magic of pick up basketball. He also gives an insightful history and makes the important connection between Pick Up basketball and Hip Hop.

Later in the show we sit down and talk w/ Brooklyn activist and comedian Elon James White about his new project the remix of 10 Frisk Commandments..This was a song which was original penned by Pittsburgh rapper Jasiri X who took a popular Notorious BIG song ‘10 Crack Commandments‘ and redid to focus on 10 things one should do if stopped by NYPD under their infamous Stop and Frisk program. Elon shot the video to that first effort..

With this new venture, he led the effort to crowd source a remix to the song , which features White himself picking up a mic and rapping.. As he noted in our interview, Stop and Frisk is still a problem, not just in NY, but all over the country under various names..

Click HERE to Listen

Click HERE to Listen

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