3 Dope Songs from SF’s Best Kept Secret-Hopie: Reflect, Refocus, Reload

HopieAs we continue our series 3 Dope Songs, we caught up with Hopie formerly Hopiespitshard one of San Francisco’s best kept secrets as she just released her 4th independent album called Sugar Water. She explained that this is her first album since completing law school and it reflects a new change of direction for her..

During our sit-down, Hopie explained that the rigors of law school and the cut throat environment which fosters individualism vs community and collaborations took a tool on her music. She noted that her last album Raw Gems she was overly aggressive and not as centered as she felt she should be… She wanted to grow and come back to ‘community’. As she explained in our interview, helping the community is why she went to law school, but the competitive nature of it along with the huge cost can quickly make such a goal be put on the back burner if you’re not careful.

With this new album, she had to time to reflect, refocus and come back home.. She took some bold steps by teaming up with a new production crew called Supernaut. She explained it was an amicable decision between her and long time producer 6 Fingers to branch out. Hopie also experimented with new sounds and concepts.. We found the her approach to be refreshing. Her album is nice..and we give her props for being open and willing to push the envelope vs getting locked into suffocating type of box.. Below is or Hard Knock Radio intv.. along with some past and present videos from Hopie who is fearless, talented and always on point..

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This is Hopie’s newest video ‘Breathe’ which is off her new album ‘Sugar Water’


This is a fun video with Hopie and Bay Area legend Del tha Funke Homosapien trading barbs ..It was off the Raw gems album


Another cool vid of Hopie w/ Jayne Rio..


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