Black Panthers Patrol Streets of Greece to Protect Folks from Racist Attacks

Golden-DawnFor those who don’t know, there’s been a significant rise of virulent far-right racism throughout Europe that has coincided with the push for austerity..What has emerged are vicious attacks on immigrants by roving Neo-Nazi, white supremacist gangs who have turned to blaming non-European for the financial collapse. Ground Zero for alot of this has been in Greece, where we’ve seen the extreme levels of austerities.

There’s been a rise of Neo-Nazi style group called Golden Dawn which has gone all out to rid of the country of Africans, immigrants, and non whites. They are now a huge political force which has been used by the elite to smash down on folks deemed undesirable..

Below is a video put out by Golden Dawn folks.. They make themselves out to be saviors of the people

Here’s the reality of Golden Dawn

Michael Chege

Michael Chege

Recently a Black Panther group has sprung up in Greece to protect residents who are being mobbed on at night..Thats caused quite a stir..Founded by Michael Chege who is Kenyan born but has lived in Greece for over 28 years, he and his crew have started patrolling their neighborhoods at night when Golden Dawn members are most likely to strike..Complicating their efforts is the fact that Greek Police have been harrassing Panthers and immigrants in general demanding to see their papers.. like they did in Apartheid South Africa and currently do in Arizona under SB 1070.

In an interview done on  told Britain’s Channel 4  this past week he stated: “I am a member of the Black Panthers and everybody knows that. So I am giving them (Golden Dawn) a straight warning – don’t mess with black people, anyhow. And I mean it.”

“I’m not afraid of this neo-Nazi, stupid, idiotic group…In world war two, they were crushed. In world war three, we will exterminate them out of the face of the earth.

“They want to do what Hitler did. Try it. They will have the same fate and even worse,” he continued. You can read and see the interview HERE.

Golden Dawn members claim they are not Neo-Nazi’s but Patriots that needed to flush the country of foreigners..At least that’s the feedback I got when I first reported this story from people claiming they were members. Whatever the case, this whole saga is familiar.. we’ve seen this play out the same way over the years from the US and the rise of the KKK and now the recent Tea Party to what went on in Nazi Germany..Instead of battling banks and the corporate elite who caused financial ruin, we see folks turning on those who have the least and are most vulnerable. Remember  it was just a couple of years ago, many of us saw and cheered on Greeks who took to the streets in response  to out of control austerity. Much of that anger and energy that was been redirected and compromised.My guess is that at the end of the day these are storm troopers funded by the big elite whose goal is to keep turmoil amongst the people and not at them..  Below is a mini documentary on the Golden Dawn and their recent rise to power

16 comments on “Black Panthers Patrol Streets of Greece to Protect Folks from Racist Attacks

  1. Where are the Semites who got paid reparations for the Holocaust? If there is a new Nazi movement in the works shouldn’t they be involved?

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  3. i think the provocateur line is a mistake & erases the real conflicts and resistance that takes place in Greece. Golden Dawn have been recently empowered, but they share nothing in common with the people who revolted in 2008. a strong anarchist/anti-authoritarian & “antagonist” current exists there with a very strong anti-fascist history that was largely responsible for 2008 & continues to fight Golden Dawn & its sympathizers on the street level. the Golden Dawn headquarters have been bombed MULTIPLE TIMES by this element.

    news from Greece along these lines:

    good luck to these people.

  4. Chavo is absolute right.
    The miltitant battles of 08 have nothing in common with these fascist movement., they were mostly anarchists and communists.
    Opposite is true: New Dawn rised as a counterrevolutionary movement directly against these street riots from the left, and there are always clashes between those groups.
    Thumbs up to the Black Panter follks in Greece!

  5. Proud black men in white countries beating, raping, killing anyone born with white skin.

    The world does not need more black nazist butchering anyone with white skin, Europe does not need more black supremacists.

    Greek organize themselves in Golden dawn as a response to extreme
    racist violence from immigrants. And blacks organize themselves in black
    supremacists gangs as a reaction to whites trying to protect themselves
    from black racist violence.

    A look into what the Black Panters are.

    Som additional information.

    Blacks are the least likely to be a victim of hate crime, and the most likely perpetrator of a hate crime towards a white person.

    In Black majority countries, the situation is very predicable.

    Not only are whites butchered on an industrial level by black supremacists,
    but even the black leftist mainstream political leaders sing openly about killing whites.

  6. There are different Black Panther groups so be sure you know the difference before you bunch them all in a group.

  7. Proud black men who protect their families and neighborhoods, from racists cowards, the racists cowards need to blame the politicians who caused the problem, the politicians do not care about these cowardly racists, they are using them for their evil purpose, and the world do not belong to any one it belongs to God.

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