Hiero’s ‘Gun Fever’ Adds to Hip Hop’s Long Debate on Gun Control

Hiero Says No to GunsWas peeping this recent video from Hiero directed by Casual who recently did a song and video addressing gun violence in their native Oakland..The song added to the nationwide highly controversial debate about gun control.

“We are not promoting guns or violence,” explains Tajai (Hieroglyphics / Souls Of Mischief), “but simply expressing our thoughts on the issue and encouraging further dialogue.”


Adding to the conversation is Snoop Dogg aka Snoop Lion who teamed up with Drake and his daughter Cori B to give their take on gun violence.


In watching those two video,  I got to thinking about how divided folks within Hip Hop have been on this topic over the years. While its probably safe to say, when asked very few would advocate violence, but there have been quite a few artists ranging from  Ice T to Spice 1 who have said absolutely ‘No’ to retiring their guns..While rap peers like Pharaoh Monch and Nas have given voice to the harms of hot led flying through our community.


Of course we had last year’s famous twitter debate between NRA member Killer Mike and Boston emcee Akrobatik. This is the fullexchange which was captured by the good folks over at The Rap Up.

Killer Mike debate

Killer Mike debate pt 2.

Killer Mike Debate pt3

Killer Mike debate pt4

Killer Mike debate pt5

That debate reminds of the ones that jumped off back in the days when Ice Cube’s old group, Da Lench Mob, made it clear that the AK-47 was essential for us to get our freedom… How many of y’all remember this video and these searing lyrics?

An AK talks but bullshit runs
I wish I had time to count all my guns
‘Cause a nigga is runnin’ out of funds
But H.Rap says “Freedom got a strap!”
[I wish I was in dixie Ak Ak
Then shit wouldn’t have been bad in the sixties
No way No way]


We also have long time gun enthusiast Bay Area rapper E-A-Ski who came on my radio show and got into a heated debate with gun control folks..He like Killer Mike who came on the scene years after, has long argued against banning guns. He did this popular song back in the days called ‘Blast if I Have To




9 comments on “Hiero’s ‘Gun Fever’ Adds to Hip Hop’s Long Debate on Gun Control

  1. I agree with Killer Mike and E-A-Ski; disarming, gun buy back programs and limitations on gun ownership in America for the descendants of former slaves is preposterous! They tried that in Australia and break-ins and violent crime went up exponentially. The 2nd Amendment is one of the very few laws that happens to almost offset the 13th Amendment that justifies and continues slavery in this country. With police brutality ramping back up to the level of the 60’s where they are beating, pepper spraying, tasing and killing unarmed citizens while “off-duty” or out of uniform or as normative procedure in their arrest process and “crowd control” tactics, they have essentially restarted a domestic WAR. For the average, tax-paying Afrikan descendant living in this country to be safe from “fitting the description” it is almost common sense to be a registered gun owner and on the books as a member of the Shoot First Culture that was brought here and has flourished as an integral part of American society. In all wars there are casualties, these casualties are the building blocks to overstanding. If we have to “police” ourselves in the process of keeping from calling the police then, so be it, sign me up!! Regardless of what a non-violence advocate has to say, criminals and lazy, over-worked, under-paid cops will NEVER put down their guns so, why should we?! There is no debate, there is only education; how to apply for a gun permit, how to legally acquire a concealed weapons permit, how to safely holster and carry a concealed weapon, how to properly and safely lock and store home weaponry and proper training on gun safety and how to fire and reload owned weapons safely. The key word there is SAFETY and EDUCATION, people like to throw stats at that until they are unlawfully detained and the officers have a gun to their face or are jacked at gun point and robbed, then the conversation changes slightly. These gangs are in need of refocus back what they were formed for in the first place: PROTECTION of their neighborhoods not petty rivalries and stupid initiation rituals! Manifest Destiny was built and enforced by the bullet, far be it for us fellow Americans to not help keep the culture they created alive and well. Then there’s the NRA and the politics issue of campaign financing on the GOP side as if Democrats are getting their funding from vending machines, please stop the nonsense! If WE the PEOPLE have the right to keep and bear arms then, WE the PEOPLE should do so, ASAP before WE the PEOPLE end up like those that have died at the hands of police and criminals who already got the memo, yesterday!

  2. Never give up the guns as long as there is guns aimed at you. Def remember FREEDOM GOT AN AK. J Dee hold ya head. Blast if I have to was an awesome track back in the 95, still got the tape with E packin heat on the seat on the cover. An interesting b side on that joint was O.P.D. In 2013 with a African president ain´t much changed. Ask the folks in Sacremento. What a krok, Snoop saying no guns allowed. This is a man whose whole career was built on promoting the gangsta lifestyle. And Piers Morgan thinks he´s a shining light. Pathetic. Akrobatik is an awesome rapper but I agree more wit Killer Mike. Hiero still in effect the legends.

  3. Let’s not forget Souls of Mischief addressed this early in their careers w/ “Live and Let Live” which I believe takes a more definitive stance than the latest Heiro song http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DaZ-KB8UlLg

    A-Plus says:
    “Yo, Thy shall not kill, I will if I have to
    You say I’m the one promoting violence well I ask you
    Have you ever heard the sound of bullets passing you?
    Ever thought of going out with someone blasting you?
    Willing to be killing maybe is a great sin but
    It’s not appealing when bullets penetrate skin what
    Pain when a brain leaves a stain with the quickness
    So I get a fool if I think that I’m on his shitlist
    With the swiftness of a Glock nine
    So now who got your back? Cuz my gat got mine…”

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