America Wants ‘Dead’ Tim Dogg Arrested to Pay His Bills But Leaves an Alive Wall St Free

Tim-Dogg-sepiaEveryone is buzzing about Bronx rapper Tim Dogg and whether or not he’s alive or if he faked his own death..A warrant has been issued for arrest, as authorities are seething, saying Tim faked his own death to avoid paying a women he swindled for 32k..If this woman was hustled, I feel bad for her, but I gotta be honest, I could give a rats ass about Tim Dogg… What I’m concerned about is that authorities in our beloved country will go all out to look for him, bring him back from ‘the dead’ and arrest him for unpaid bills..

Meanwhile we have Wall street bankers who fleeced the Black community alone for over 93 BILLION dollars in fraudulent housing foreclosures. These shady bankers have kept these ill gained homes off the market to create a new housing bubble which will soon send our economy in a tailspin again.. Last I checked those Wall Street crooks are alive and well and free of any warrants for their arrest..

We have Wall street Bankers who tanked the economy globally and are currently hording trillions of dollars off shore to avoid paying taxes.. Yes, we are looking at you Apple... We are looking at you GE..

Occupy-Wall-Street signWe have Wall street crooks who are alive and well who have scammed millions of students on über high-priced student loans, which has led to not only another economic bubble, soon to burst and destined to cause widespread financial meltdown, but will also keep students in debt for lifetime..The student loan debt is greater than all our other debts combined.. The people behind those economic atrocities are alive and well and instead of being arrested, they been given sweet heart bail out deals and  protected from prosecution.

In some cases they are given apologies as we saw earlier this week when Senator Rand Paul apologized to Apple for being questioned for not paying their fair share. We’ve seen the billionaire Koch Brothers backed Tea party be given kid glove treatment around their questionable finances, but we’re looking for Tim Dogg?? This is the big news of the day for our authorities? Where’s the zealous spirit and courage to go after those who really did us harm? If anything lawmakers

Lauryn Hill

Lauryn Hill

Now don’t get it twisted, if Tim Dogg did someone dirty, he should pay the price.. I’m no way arguing or suggesting he should get a free pass..I’m just comparing notes and connecting dots.. It’s hard to look at this Tim Dogg case and separate it from current scenarios where the government has pulled out the stops to get their money.. I’m thinking about Lauryn Hill sitting in jail for the next 3 month for not paying 1.6 million in taxes. She was sent to jail and separated from her 6 children even as she landed a record deal that would allow her to pay it back..Prison time was not handed down to country singer Willie Nelson who racked up an IRS bill of 16 million dollars..When I see entertainers like Wesley Snipes, Beanie Sigel and most recently Ja Rule all do jail time for owing the government money and others not even investigated, questions have got to be raised..

Two years ago just before this country and NATO invaded Libya, it was discovered that after George Bush ‘normalized relationships with the country several artists including Beyonce, Mariah Carey, Usher and 50 Cent and others did shows there. When this was discovered, they were pressured to give the money back or donate it to charity. You can read about that HERE. They were deemed scum for doing a show for former ruler Gaddafi’s son. Meanwhile the trade group US-Libya Business Association which had in its membership many big American companies from Citigroup to Cocoa Cola caked over a billion dollars worth of business and weren’t asked to pay back one dime. That association just relaunched their website and are up and running like nothing ever happened..

Tim Dogg

Tim Dogg

But again Tim Dogg is now headline news with folks ready to drag his ‘dead ass‘ from ‘the grave’ and into court so he can pay his bills. How much are we paying each day for the War in Iraq??.. How much money did non-bidding companies like Halliburton and the now defunct Blackwater make? How many Billions and millions? Now that right there was Grand Larceny.. What Tim Dogg did to that poor women pales in comparison..

While we’re looking for Tim Dogg, keep in mind one of the biggest ‘crooks’ in the US, subprime loan Queen Penny Pritzker is about to become Secretary of Commerce.. Y’all better wake up and smell the coffee for real for real.. Our country will be better off when criminals on that level are sent to jail, not Tim Dogg.

Below is a list of living and breathing corporate Tax dodgers and cheats..Lets haul them in..

-Davey D-

12 comments on “America Wants ‘Dead’ Tim Dogg Arrested to Pay His Bills But Leaves an Alive Wall St Free

  1. While I don’t at all excuse anyone on Wall Street, it should in fairness be mentioned that Leona Helmsley, Martha Stewart and Bernie Madoff did go to prison. You can’t just be rich you have to be super rich and well connected. Also for the record Apple didn’t break the law but since the tax laws are written and controlled by Wall Street you can’t expect much.

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