Rapper Being Held on $1 Million Bail for Making a ‘Terrorist’ Themed Song

Cameron D’Ambrosio aka Cammy Dee

Cameron D’Ambrosio aka Cammy Dee

Just reading this story about a teenager being held in prison for 1 million dollars bail for posting up rap lyrics deemed offensive on Facebook.. Here’s whats in the NY Daily News..

A Massachusetts high schooler is facing federal terror charges for posting to Facebook rap lyrics mentioning the Boston Marathon bombing and the White House.

Cameron D’Ambrosio, 18, of Methune, was picked up by feds at around 1:40 p.m. Tuesday after a friend saw the lyrics and called the principal of Methuen High School, who called police, the Valley Patriot newspaper reported.

“Ya’ll want me to…kill somebody?” the lyrics said, according to the Boston Globe.

“A Boston bombing wait till you see the [expletive] I do. I’m a be famous rapping, and beat every murder charge that comes across me!” the message said….

The teen, who appeared in a handful of self-made YouTube clips rapping under the handle “CammyDee,” was charged with communication of terrorist threats and being held on $1 million bail.

According to posts on YouTube and Facebook, D’Ambrosio lived in “da hood” of Methuen and appeared to have a strong interest in “gangs, violence and a criminal lifestyle,” the Valley Patriot said.

His Facebook page contained satanic images and a picture of his face on a “Wanted Dead or Alive” poster.

Read the rest of the story HERE or you can check out another story HERE

Paris sonic jihadNow there’s a lot to unpack here..Over the past few years we’ve had militias and armed Tea Party folks show up to the White House lawn with guns talking reckless about President Obama and nothing happened except maybe the IRS looked at taxes and you see where that’s gotten us/
No matter what this kid has said we’ve heard and seen images that are far more ‘politically charged’. For example shortly after 9-11, with the Patriot Act on the books and the term enemy combatant defined, we had artist like Paris do an entire album called ‘Sonic Jihad’ smashing on President George Bush and his Post-9-11 policies.. Who could forget this infamous album cover of a plane flying into the white house..That’s just for starters.. Since Paris there’s been a slew of songs that have referenced the World Trade being blown up. Some have made the case that George Bush ‘knocked down the towers’… We seen an explosion in ‘terrorism’ shows ranging from 24 to The Cell to the recent movie ‘Olympus Has Fallen‘, where the white house is attacked and destroyed by terrorists.. If someone saw the scripts to those movies or caught wind of the dialogue, would they be carted off to jail and held with 1 million dollar bond?
Obama Being HungDuring the Democratic Convention some guy showed up and drove around Charlotte with a effigy of Obama being hung.. There was no arrests or anyone sent to jail, even though it was disturbing and highly offensive.If this is happening now, whats gonna be the rules everyone has to follow to avoid jail time? Don’t reference a recent bombing? Don’t talk greasy about the President unless you’re a deranged Senator or Congressman or Tea Party member? Will the net of jailable offenses be expanded to include forbidding one to talk about the military or police?? Will we start have folks define ‘terrorist threat’ any expression of anger toward authority figures and lawmakers?Meanwhile if you’re a rapper like Chief Keef sporting a 2 million dollar bill, you can talk about stabbing a woman for not given you head or be a rapper who’s actually shot and been accused of killing someone like Snoop Dogg and Gucci Mane and be not only handsomely rewarded but celebrated. Seems like with each passing day the Obama administration are pushing the envelope to see what liberties they can snatch away with.. This is especially scary when you consider that we’ve killed 4 Americans with drones without any sort of due process..To me that’s an act of terror, but thus far no one has been punished for that..Lets keep our eyes on this story..

After I posted this article some folks sent me a video of the cops in Salem harassing folks who went to the court to find out whats happening in this case.. This is the police being over the top..


13 comments on “Rapper Being Held on $1 Million Bail for Making a ‘Terrorist’ Themed Song

  1. There is no difference between the “War on Drugs,” and the “War on Terror.’ Both are used to take people from the street and funnel them into the privatized penitentiary slave system while leaving those free oppressed and afraid to speak out.. Our Federal Gov is out of control, where if the victim here? It is Cameron D’Ambrosio, 18, of Methune.

    Where is he being held, he needs to declare himself a Prisoner of War, and evoke the Geneva convention. As well, this is a constitutional violation, and criminal charges need to be brought.

    Can I get an address where he is being held Prisoner?

    Anakka Hartwell
    Author The Genocide Chronicles

  2. Thank you for calling this out. Not saying this kid wasn’t maybe heading for who-knows-what-kinda-isht; he actually may have been ready to crack and it is always hindsight that makes folks questions why there was no intervention. But your point about how those other nutbags commit all sorts of egregious acts with little or no censure and certainly no real legal smackdown….that underscores the ugly b.s. hypocrisy/double-standard/ that seems to be the law of the land.

    Across the water in GB, that thing happened in London yesterday (sorry, my details on this are still admittedly sketchy) where those two men, allegedly “Africans” hacked up a soldier near a local barracks wearing a “wearing a Help for Heroes T-shirt”; they were allegedly calling out “Allahu Akbar” and also saying”too bad you have to see this but…” people in their country have to witness similar brutality because of the UK’s actions. It is also being called terrorism: is it a hate crime, or terrorism? What does it take to cross that line and make something an act of terrorism? These cats were armed with old school machetes (hardly weapons of mass destruction by any standard…) and committed a horrific crime purposefully in a very public place iwth intention for people to see. So, is it the boldness of the crime that makes them in charge call it terrorism? Is it the goverment target? But, then, the nutbag who shot up Cong. Gifford and company – she was a ranking gov. official, so was that manical violence? I haven’t yet heard that called terrorism. Raises a lot of questions, yes it does. .

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  5. It comes down to a subjective judgement call :

    This kid appears to be nothing more than a delusional sort.
    Had this been someone with a history than you would have to pay more attention to it..
    In other words if I am with a certain set of individuals and they say “Yo its time ; you gotta pay some vig “; I will tend to take seriously rather than Joe jack off telling me something.

    Terrorism should be taken seriously if can be linked to some sort of organized group whose sole intention is to inflict a terror over a community.

    To me there are three different types of Terrorism:

    there were organized groups who exerted domestic terrorism over communities right here in the U.S. Why do you think they impLimented RICO.

    International- 9-11 or maybe Boston Marathon. International groups exerting there terror on another land.

    Rascist – creating a fear among a mob of people because another group looks or acts out differently.

    Remember terror basically is a way of exerting control over someone with no respect to your own values.

    If i am afraid to walk my dog in my own hood ; what is that ? A form of domestic terror.
    If I am afraid to go into and area because I am a certain color, race or economic status; what is that rascist terror.
    You have a better chance of winning the lottery than being a victim of international terrorism
    Many times the people who do us the most harm are the ones we hold closest too.

  6. Remember…. If we believe in a power greater than ourswelves than we have nothing to fear. Through God’s grace we are able to love.
    When I was a youngster many feared me and that was my power. But deep down I was a shallow empty soul
    Today I fear no one because the grace of a power greater than myself is within me and my soul continues to expand.
    Great topic.
    When you look at someone look at there soul and heart ; then ;you will find who they really are.


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