mysticMystic is one of Hip Hop’s most overlooked emcees..She’s incredibly talented, extremely prolific and a serious artist who brings thoughtful lyrics in the form of singing and rapping to every song she records..

Mystic who originals hails from Oakland and now lives in LA is more than just an emcee. She is also an activist and educator.. For years she cut her teeth as a school teacher. Her passion for uplifting kids has only increased over the years as she is now pursuing additional degrees in that profession..

In our interview which was done about a year or so ago.. Mystic talks about her love of kids and teaching. She talks about her involvement in Occupy LA and of course she goes in about her music, future projects and the current state of Hip Hop among other things.. She also talks about how to be business savvy in an industry notorious for taking advantage of folks.. This interview originally aired in Jan 2012

Listen to the Hard Knock Radio interview by clicking the link below

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16 comments on “HKR Interview w/ Mystic.. The Life, Her Life and Then Some

  1. I met Mystic. That means she is real, why? Because, I felt nothing other than. Even though she spoke to me w a certain tone. I could not but respect the sister. Plus she looks good. To me! What???

    I felt genuinity. A down to earth Woman. I came at her w support. She hit me w awakening. @ The Psycho Realm, event. Downtown L.A., California. Years ago. Meeting her told me that I am not that much of a psycho. But more of a realist. Peace to Fidel (DFR), Seditious. With Tiah, Big Rube, DJ Orator, DJ Breeze, and DJ Counter Stryke. On behalf of Divine Forces (KPFK) @ that time. Anyway, Peace be to the sister hopefully she is still the same. I love her for that. Plus her voice and her style is original. At least what i’ve heard so far. Like the song “Everything Changes” feat. AceyAlone. What do I know?? Don’t play w family. That’s coming from the Warlord by nature. Not by choice. Like the physical. It matters. That! You can feel.

  2. I have to admit that to me it seems that the Occupy movements are an exercise in futility. Maybe the idea of a leaderless movement doesn’t take into account the basics of human nature. In crowds, we move by the herd mentality, so Occupy movements defeat whatever purpose they are trying to fulfill, which doesnt seem fleshed out to me. I like that sister Mystic said she realized that she doesn’t need a movement or walls – that we can occupy an empty lot in the hood and grow a farm.

    Unfortunately, too many conscious “leaders” wallow in perpetual bitch mode, where they complain incessantly about “the man” and don’t even have the desire to go no further than that. Like zombies, they clock in to their social media, bitch, moan, complain, rant and rave. Then they clock out of their FB, Twitter, YT, blogs and website accounts and like zombies, to do nothing for their communities.

    I bitch and moan about them in the following video.

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