Lauryn Hill Drops a New Song.. Are You Feeling It? Lauryn to Do Jail Time

lauryn hillLauryn Hill is making moves.. She comes with a new song.. perhaps a teaser as to what we can expect in future offerings which will hopefully help her retire her tax debt.. What do y’all think of this new joint..

Important Update.. On May 6th 2013 Lauryn Hill was sentenced to three months in jail for  tax evasion’.. The song that is released below was supposed to help her stay out of jail, but apparently not..The judge wants the mother of 6 to spend 3 months in jail.. Not sure what that will accomplish.. Does the US want its money or do they want to disrupt someone’s family life?  When will some of these corporate tax cheats do time for not paying taxes? Thus far a slew of artists ranging from Wesley  Snipes to Beanie Segal to Ja Rule all have been sentenced for not paying taxes..The message should be clear.. If you’re not a rich white corporate CEO the government will come and get you..

If thats not enough Lauryn Hill is also being ordered to undergo counseling to deal with her ‘conspiracy theories’.. lauryn who recently talked about the music industry being overly commercial and part of the illuminati raised concerns and now they want her to do counseling on top of the 3 months jail time and 3 months home confinement read about that HERE

One would think some of these lawmakers who ran around with crazy theories like economic trickle down or rape having a variety of categories including legitimate rape would be required to take counseling, but alas such is not the case in America

21 comments on “Lauryn Hill Drops a New Song.. Are You Feeling It? Lauryn to Do Jail Time

  1. The only album I like from Fugees was their first back when they was the Tranzlator Crew.

  2. She’s going to prison for tax evasion, but the billionaires who screwed this country into a recession not only gets to walk free, but also get a bailout. Welcome to America.

  3. That’s so ridiculous. The people you mentioned skipped out on millions of dollars of taxes that were needed to help make society function, including schools, public assistance, street cleaning etc. These ARE rich people with all the access to top legal care and influence that that entails. To me they are much more akin to “rich corporate tax evaders” than they are like regular folks. She owed a LOT of money. What if we actually equated it to stealing? The sentence would be a lot longer. She’ll do like 2 mos. Wow.

    You don’t see what it accomplishes? How about disincentivizing people from being tax cheats? That seems like a good enough reason to me. The sentencing guidelines for these crimes are highly standardized. The idea that they are being singled out for being black is just not credible. Grow up.

  4. @matt If thats the case explain people like Willie Nelson not going to jail.. He owed 16.7 million dollars.. lauryn owed 1.3 million and actually met the payback guidelines.. After you explain Willie Nelson not going to jail ring me up, bc I have a nice long list of others who didnt pay taxes who owed quite a bit more than Lauryn and have not seen a cell of any sorts.. But I want you to explain why that ‘Tax cheat’ Willie Nelson didn’t go to jail. Explain why Nicolas Cage who owed more than lauryn didnt go? As far as the guidelines, they are subjective.. That’s evident by the amount of commercials that routinely come on letting you know if you owe back taxes or haven’t filed for years, you can get help and relief…

  5. I like this she should keep going, This is how music should be. To waken the mind of those that are asleep to this CORRUPTED WORLD of a society that we live In, As of myself I am still learing as I am learning, I must realize that we are being controlled by those that are zianist. And want to continue to do their evil deed’s On this planet. I love It. The new lauryn, Is Keeping It way real Thank’s for posting,

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