10 People Who Should Be on the Most Wanted Terrorist List vs Assata Shakur

Here’s some people who need to be on the FBI’s Most Wanted Terrorist List as Opposed to Assata Shakur

Raymond Kelly NYPD

Raymond Kelly NYPD

1-Raymond Kelly…NY Police Commissioner . His Stop and Frisk program has been sheer terror for the over one million people detained..Over 90% are Black and Brown… Less than 10% have been found in violation of any crime..NY just recently did its 5 millionth Stop and Frisk. It was also just recently revealed that Kelly says African-Americans have not been stopped enough

2-Mike Duke…CEO of Wal-Mart.. More than 800 believed dead in the recent factory collapse in Bangladesh.. Another 200 in the horrific fire in that same company.. Such atrocities happened because CEOs like Duke wanted to spend pennies a day vs doing recommended improvements… We won’t even talk about the terror Wal-Mart has meant for small businesses they displaced with their big box stores.

3-Christine Largarde, Dominique Strauss-Khan and the Board of Governors for the IMF Bank.. Global Austerity, Economic Hardship, Third World Countries Upended.. Those who run the IMF are true terrorist of the highest order..

Hugh Grant Monsanto4- Hugh Grant... CEO of Monsanto… Can you say GMOs? Can you say patented seeds? Can you say Monsanto Protection Act which shields these guys from liability? Can you say contaminated farms thanks to their patented seeds going airborne? You pay them if your contaminated field yields a Monsanto plant..

5-Anders Fogh Rasmussen… Secretary General of NATO.. If you aren’t going along with this global plan to corporatize the world.. expect NATO to be the attack dog and moth piece for imperialistic powers..These guys run around calling other people terrorists when in fact they’ve proven to be what they accuse others of being.. As for Rasmussen, this is a guy who holds a philosophy that says the ‘Welfare State is Evil’ and needs to be done away with..

Obama Newsweek cover6-President Barack Obama… No I’m not picking on the man who heads of the current expansions of Africom.. I’m not picking on the man who has said and has now done pre-emptive strikes and gone into other countries looking for ‘terrorists’.. No I’m not picking on the man who holds weekly meetings (Terror Tuesdays) where he decides who around the world gets to live or die via his drone policy. No I’m not picking on a man who has enacted new laws and has aggressively gone after government whistle-blowers..I’m not picking on a guy who signed into law NDAA which says the entire world is a battlefield and thus subject to whatever steps are necessary to shut shyt down and take you out.. Lupe was right

7-Benjamin Netanyahu Prime Minister of Israel we give this guy billions of our hard-earned tax dollars every year and what does he do with it? He reigns terror over his Palestinian neighbors and has maintained a system that makes Apartheid look like a walk in the park

8- Rupert Murdoch.. Media Mogul… Fox News need I say More??

Koch Brothers

Koch Brothers

9-David H. Koch and Charles G. Koch  (The Koch Brothers) Can you say ALEC? Can you say dismantle public sector unions? Can you say Corporate Tyranny? Can you say soon to be media moguls after they finish buying up newspapers like the LA Times..They are the worst of the worst..

10-Penny Pritzke-Hotel Mogul and Subprime Lending Queen.. She will soon head up the Commerce Department.. You never heard of her? Many haven’t, but she’s Obama’s financier. She’s also the one who help usher in the subprime scheme that lifted over 90 billion dollars from the Black community alone..And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.. Obama speaks for her, not the other way around..

Dishonoroable Mentions

Joe Arpio...Sheriff of Maricopa County, Arizona-Hater of Immigrants

Russ Girling-CEO of TransCanada -owner of Keystone XL Pipeline

Damon T. Hininger– CEO of CCA Corrections Corporation of America.. Largest Private Prison Outfit

Lloyd C Blankfein CEO of Goldman Sachs Epitomizes Wall Street’s insidious Banking Culture Oligarchy 2.0



26 comments on “10 People Who Should Be on the Most Wanted Terrorist List vs Assata Shakur

  1. Calling it like it is Dub D, you have now restored my faith in this website after a few questionable posts…keep the struggle alive my brotha. MOMENT OF TRUTH.

  2. Added to your list should be former President George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld and George Tenet — all of whom are still live smugly and comfortably in the fog of revisionist history. Geo W. killed plenty of people, too — the American Troops who served in Afghanistan and Iraq; the people of Afghanistan and Iraq; the neglected citizens of Louisiana who died or were displaced during Hurricane Katrina, and lots more. I also suggest you include THE MEDIA TERRORISTS who poison the People everyday with sloppy, inaccurate reporting; who seek not to inform the People but to manipulate public opinion; who destroy people’s lives with gossip as surely as with an assault weapon, then laugh all the way to the bank.

  3. I’m not sure President Barack Obama really makes all those decisions. To me he is just a puppet and takes orders from more powerful white people aka white supremacists. Yes, I think rest of your list could be considered terrorists.

  4. …Barack Obama…conspirator to commit murder IMO…Big up Davey for tellin it like it is…GUERILLAS IN THE MIST 2013.

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  6. another name luis posada carilles who was prt of the assassination of jfk; did bombings in Miami Washington DC and NYC; 1976 bombing of mostly balck teenagers; attempted bombing in Panama despite an auditorium of students and the list goes on. He still wallks freely in Miami/Kendall are undocumented?????

  7. Amen! I posted something similar to this on CNN and the racist had a field day. Keep up the good thought provoking and honest post. Love them!

    You missed a couple on that list though. I want names of all the individuals that lynched, raped and stole for the last couple of years. I want to know who those find upstanding good old boys are who posed in pictures of lynched victims.

    To this day Israel hunts Nazis regardless of how old they are and they make sure when caught they are punished. We need to do the same for our own

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  9. I am sorry Obama is included..and I am sure he just takes orders from the money guys/girl who run Wall Street..but yes the list is interesting..but George Bush and his cronies must be included

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  11. The thing is, it wouldn’t be any different if any other person was the president. The role currently inherently makes the holder accountable for things. However, a different person as CEO of these companies could change things. Costco vs Walmart’s executives, for example.

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