Assata Ain’t No Terrorist.. She’s the One Who Fought Terrorists

assataSo the FBI is increasing their bounty for Assata Shakur , once known as Joanne Chesimard to $2 million and putting her the Most Wanted Terrorist list.. Making her the first female in history to be put on such a list and basically making her be on par with the likes  of Osama Bin Laden..This is beyond outrageous.

How long have some in this government been fiending for Assata?  30..35 years? Can you imagine if the FBI was this diligent about going after Wall Street Bankers who defrauded millions of people and tanked the economy or if they put $2 million dollar bounties out for war criminals who live right here in the US who purposely misled us into War where over a million lives were lost.. Yes, we are looking at you George Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Condi Rice etc..

If were gonna talk about Assata and say she’s a ‘cop killer‘, let’s be completely honest and put such accusations into perspective.. Everyone wants to forget that in the 60s and 70s the FBI and police declared War on the Black community and organizations that formed in the community to end oppression. The police and FBI went all out to destroy Black leaders and these organizations with undaunted impunity. The reason why you had BPP (Black Panther Party), SNCC (Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee) and BLA (Black Liberation Army) was because they responded to police terrorism. They were tired of seeing the police come into our communities and take them over like an ‘occupying army’, if I may quote Black Panther co-founder Bobby Seale. These groups formed because they were tired of seeing police and FBI with white supremacist attitudes, assassinating, brutalizing or jailing Panthers and members of other Black Power organizations left and right for little or no reason..They were tired of seeing government forces foster the killing of Black leaders like Martin Luther King  and Malcolm X. So if we’re gonna talk about Assata, let’s talk the police and FBI murders of unarmed Fred Hampton and Mark Clark? Let’s talk about the murder of Lil Bobby Hutton. Can we say COINTEL-PRO?

fbi-cointelproLet’s talk about Cointel-pro which was a subversive counter-intelligent war tactic used by FBI head J Edgar Hoover to ‘neutralize‘  The Chicano Movement, Puerto Rican Independence Movement, Anti-War/ Free Speech Student Movement, American Indian Movement, Civil Rights Movement and of course the Black Power Movements..

Can we talk about how the FBI would send incendiary letters to different organizations in an attempt to pit Black leaders and organizations against one another with the hope of creating rifts that would lead to bloodshed? Isn’t that what happened between the Panthers and US? Did we not hear the tape of the FBI questioning Malcolm X and trying to get him to turn against the Nation of Islam? Can we talk about campaigns used by the FBI to character assassinate important leaders. No one in the Black community was off-limits from these ruthless tactics from the FBI  Not Dr Martin Luther king, Not Malcolm X, not Huey Newton and Bobby Seale.. No one..

Let’s talk about how this insidious Cointel-pro operation resulted in leaders being hauled off to jail on trumped-up charges. Many to this day still sit languishing for 25, 30 and even 40 years. Let’s talk about political prisoners like Herman Bell, Mutulu Shakur, Sundiata Acoli, Russell Maroon ShoaltzMumia Abu Jamal, the Angola 3, now 2,  who are not only locked up, but going on their second and third decades in solitary confinement.

Let’s talk about the vicious, tortuous persecution of the government to go after and press new charges on former Panthers like the SF 8, 30 years after the fact. let’s talk about how these men all in their 70s had to undergo a trial with former police and FBI agents who once physically tortured them 30 years ago, being the officers to serve them new warrants.  The SF 8 were all found innocent again, but it should be reminded, what they endured back in the turbulent 1960s and early 1970s was around the time that Assata Shakur and others like her hit the scene ready to push back on the overwhelming oppression. Let’s talk about the fact that wanna the goals of the FBI’s Cointel-Pro program was to prevent the rise of a charismatic Black leader and instead find someone who was safe and acceptable to lead the masses.

Assata Shakur$2 Million dollars to get Assata? Where’s the $2 million dollar bounty to go after those in government who partook in that Cointel-pro war? Perhaps those individuals should be hunted down 50 years after the fact the way we still hunt down Nazi War criminals? After all, entire communities were destroyed by this..

Do you honestly think folks like Assata woke up one day and said they wanted to go smash on brutalizing organizations like the police and FBI who out gunned them and outnumbered them? I don’t think so..

Were people like Assata down make the sacrifice to defend themselves and their community from all the firebombings and other atrocities that were routinely occurring throughout the south by KKK while police turned a blind eye or even helped? Absolutely

Can we talk about entire Black Towns destroyed by mobs of angry whites who saw our humanity as a threat.. places like Black Wall Street in Tulsa or Rosewood in Florida? Often times the police were right alongside when these horrors occurred.

Let’s talk about the countless number of unarmed Black folks murdered at alarming rates by these out of control police forces. It happened back in the 60s and 70s just as its happening now. We should not forget that as a matter of policy many police in California in in other northern cities around the US, were recruited from the south with the directive to keep Black folks in a state of fear and in check..It was a policy of containment. Let’s get a 2 million dollar bounty for those sadistic officers and the people behind those policies.

Bottom line don’t talk about any ‘wrong doings’ by Assata without underscoring state sponsored repression and the all out military and terrorist attacks on Black organizations and Black people at that time.. We can start by talking about all the people gunned down by cops during the Newark Riots, Detroit Riots or Watts Rebellion.  We can talk about folks like the late Geronimo Pratt (Jijaga) being framed and made to sit in jail for 30 years … There’s a long, long list.. Simply put, There ain’t no innocent people wearing those badge, so don’t be fooled..Is Asaata a terrorist?? Hell naw, she was fighting terrorists..

Oh by the way.. Thank you president Obama, all this bounty stuff  is happening on your watch within a division of government you control..It’s a damn shame..

On another note, I gotta wonder how Common is feeling.. It was just two weeks ago he kicked some nice lyrics about his meeting with Assata when he visited Cuba. He also said we need to get behind Obama who thus far is allowing this to go down..I wonder if he still has love for Obama in the wake of this..

39 comments on “Assata Ain’t No Terrorist.. She’s the One Who Fought Terrorists

  1. Right On and thx brother Davey got the point, get the point. I couldn’t have said it better. Best Wishes Forward. Peace and Blessings.

  2. I can’t comment on this person, I know (or remember rather) very little about that incident. There were so damn many then. But I do remember one incident very very well. I was pretty young at the time, and as everyone else I knew, a firm believer that the ‘man’ was out to get us all.

    I still have a copy of an old ‘Omaha Hippie Survival Manual’. It cost fifty cents. There was a section in it entitled ‘Anomalies and Curiosities of Omaha’. It just told about various well-known people and what was up with them. This is the first paragraph on page 28:

    “Informed sources have told us that Dave Rice and Ed Poindexter will be free soon. This will be a result of a brief filed recently about the conduct of the prosecuting attorney and evidence used in their trial.”

    We were all so naive, or stupid, that we thought that maybe it could happen.

    One man died in prison, another is still there. For something they didn’t do.

    My point is, a LOT of that happened back then. It was the norm, not the exception. I don’t approve murder of anyone, cop or no. But I also remember the times and I do know for a fact that just like now, the police would prosecute anyone, guilty or otherwise, so that the could claim another high-profile crime solved.

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  5. All of you are delusional. This person is a brutal Killer. Still looking for a revolution where there is no longer a need. While us black sit around and bitch and moan abt shit that happened 50 yrs ago, indians, europeans and asians come here and take our jobs. Look at Martin Luther King. He fought injustice the correct way. And look what fruit has been born from his labor. A Monument, a holiday and most importantly the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Meanwhile these militants got killed or thrown in jail. Then Malcolm X is brought. Ayo Malcolm was killed by people he ate and prayed with. People he called his brothers, because he no longer wanted to be a racist puppet. Killed in front of his kids in a black neighborhood like harlem. Give…me a break. Whose fault is it that angry, vengeful and violent people got the war they were looking for? Here’s the problem…WHENEVER a white cop turns up dead around a black militant, said militant is NEVER guilty to some people. EVER. Mumia Abu Jamal’s OWN brother wouldn’t testify on his behalf. I guess Jamal happened to be wounded near the dead body of a cop by PURE COINCIDENCE. You guys need to wake up. And realize who the real enemy is. The gang members who STEAL the future of our children. These Rappers who SELL our children music filled with senseless violence and sexual innuendo. This is the enemy. Get over shit that happend 60 yrs ago. Let it go.

  6. Sir whining? Wanting my people to MOVE on and focus on now is whining? And lack of history? My history is factual. Not based on anger. Every word I said earlier is true. Some ofus just don’t want to see the truth for what it is.

  7. Thank you Davey D for sharing that knowledge/history. This story got a tiny bit of media attention over here in the UK, but when i heard the name it rang a bell from an old PE song (Don’t Believe the Hype i think). I will be retweeting and re-blogging. Keep on keeping on!

  8. To you that think we are whining you are out of your damn mind there are brothers right here in the City of Chicago being killed by the same shit that happened in the 60’s and 70’s it looks like you need to study history and learn from the results of violence and rather sitting back yapping off at the damn mouth about what you think we should do as a people. Listen you dumb Fuck you need to know your place when it comes to understanding the struggle of our people and don’t be so quick to make us look like we are the ones causing all of the bullshit, guess what some one put it in our thoughts and fed us all the damnation that we think about each other or else otherwise you wouldn’t be saying the stupid shit from your mouth or by the way your fingers with your smaaaaaart Asssssss.

  9. We have got to keep moving. We have got to keep progressing. If some dont want to deale with the realities that the black nature is under attack and have been under attack for hundreds of years then true progression shall miss them this life time. Those with the like minds must continue building for the black culture. WE cannot save until WE are in that position. Lost minds and last in line. Information, knowlede, solutions, and plan of action.

  10. Is this the same chicago where hundreds of black youth are slaughtered (by other black youths)? Now I’m beginning to see how it happens. Individuals such as yourself are enabling it to happen. Blaming Law enforcement when you should be blaming the gang bangin animals who kill children. You clearly don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about. But yeah let’s bust the chops of Law enforcement. You’re silly.

  11. Renassaince 2010 Josh.. Look it up and talk to every violence prevention group, teacher and even the so-called troublemakers themselves about it..In the meantime Josh you as a police officer should make sure your own house is cleaned up..We can start with the shooting of Rekia Boyd..

  12. Josh must not know that the Chicago PD killed Fred Hampton, who had orchestrated a truce between Chicago gangs that would have eliminated a lot of the killing that still happens today. Interesting that the police wanted to kill the man who had brought a stop to the killing. Makes you wonder who they serve…

  13. Keep preaching the truth! This woman needs to be honored as a soldier who fought for our rights, not a criminal.

  14. There is actually a direct link between why the US would choose to make Assata on par with Osama. Both of them are/were greatly admired for their truly heroic, courageous sacrifices and for their wisdom by the people that knew them, even as they were vilified by the media. Targeting either of them is an attack on an entire community, AND it’s an attack on their country of residence. I pray that Cuba isn’t going to be the next Afghanistan. If you’ll recall, the US demanded the Taliban hand over Osama bin Laden. They said, if you have any evidence that he was responsible for 9/11 would you please present it? The US said, we don’t have to present any evidence to you inferior race. We are just going to bomb you into the stone age. And they did. Note that to this day, the FBI never claimed Osama bin Laden was responsible for 9/11. Assata was the victim of a similar media campaign.

  15. The Cuban government is NOT going to give her up. She’s fine. She’s very well protected. It is absurd that she be compared to the likes of Bin Laden. Chained to a bed in prison to deliver her baby, accused of killing a cop she didn’t, forced into exile. This woman is still strong. It’s shameful that the Congressional Black Caucus still views her as a threat, and also yearns and plans to bring her back. She is leery of any visitors, of any form, because of the high bounty, any one of them may be the one who brings her back here. It’s sad, but in a sense it can be empowering that the Cubans keep her very well protected.

  16. The late Kwame Ture was fond of saying “ignorance is no excuse for debate.” Anyone who claims independent African struggle for self-determination serves or served no purpose is either confused, delusional, or both. Clearly, the militant Black Power movement (including the unfortunate unplanned rebellions that broke out in hundreds of cities during the 60s) were the major impetus for the affirmative action movement and much of the benefits that sellouts are still taking full advantage of while the people who made those sacrifices were killed imprisoned, or otherwise discredited by the same fools who unjustly receive the fruits of their sacrifices.

    This is an information based society. There is absolutely no excuse for the type of dumbass responses posted regarding this outstanding sister and those who struggled alongside her. READ! It ain’t illegal yet. “Black Awakening in Capitalist America.” Robert Allen. “The FBI’s Secret War against the Black Panther Party and the American Indian Movement” Ward Churchill and Jim Vanderhill. “COINTELPRO” Churchill and Vanderhill. “The Final Speeches of Malcolm X” Malcolm X. “Assata” Assata Shakur. “Ready for the Revolution” Kwame Ture (formally Stokely Carmichael. THINK. It ain’t illegal yet!

  17. Sounds like YOU are the sellout. Cop killing murderers like Shakur did not win anyone anything. That’s revisionist history. The NON-VIOLENT aspect of the civil rights movement won those fruit you speak of. And stop telling people to read shit YOU deem fit for the mind. You sound like you’re from outer space. Bottomline…it was and always will be STUPID to try and force change in a democracy with a gun. THAT doesn’t work for us. As Shakur is finding out now lol. She doesn’t care about her people. The terrorist ONLY cares about herself. And she is being used by puppets in an international conspiracy. They don’t give a fuck about her or the cuban people.

  18. This is disturbing indeed, that so many people have a white-washed version of history. Joshdamage, your historical context is very selective. Any serious historian will agree that non-violent movements of the 60s were effective IN CONTEXT with militant movements, economic movements, and student movements and a complex set of interrelationships.

    Your position on the politics of the BPP and BLA, AIM, and other resistance groups is also fallacious. These groups did not try to “force change in democracy with a gun,” but rather to defend themselves and their communities with a gun. You know, like in the 2nd Amendment. Remember, the police raided Fred Hampton’s house in the middle of the night and executed him in his own bed, in his sleep. This wasn’t a foiled crime that police heroically stopped. This wasn’t police busting in on a gang that led to a firefight. This was a successful assassination of a community leader. This was the world of Assata. This was the world of John Africa and Move. This was the world of Mumia Abu Jamal. A world where police could and did regularly tyrannize marginalized communities, with brutal and deadly force. The BPP were not interested in changing laws, they were interested in self-determination and liberation for the black community. The BLA, more militant, saw a wartime enemy in the racist and brutal police force that had declared war on the black community. The BLA would never have a raison d’etre if not for the war against the black community via state and federal agencies and programs like COINTELPRO.

    Personally, I hope to never be in a position where I feel I must take another’s life. But in a war, it is frequently kill or be killed. And Assata and the many like her were embroiled in a war they did not start. When your enemy can and will gun you down, and do so with full cooperation of the law — because they ARE the law — how can one defend oneself?

  19. Che? Lol nice name, I’ll educate you on the name in a minute. Bravo, you regurgitated 60 year old talking points word for word. I guess you should be commended on that. NOBODY is “white-washing” history. The fact of the matter is militia groups (like the BLA) didn’t succeed in anything excet getting themselves killed and jailed. They aren’t around to ENJOY the freedoms we enjoy now. Freedoms that came to pass by lobbying,legislation and the rule of LAW. Black men are NOW killed by other minorities (by HUGE numbers). This cannot be disputed it is a fact. Then you say there was a war. FUNNY Jesse Jackson (among other civil rights era leaders) are not dead, not wanted and NOT in jail. Its FOOLISH to think on can win a war outmanned AND outgunned. That was not a war for black people. That was a “war” where angry, dangerous and vengeful peole went looking for a fight and got their asses kicked. Black militants contributed NEXT to nothing as far as the struggle went. They only increased our body count…yet somehow you fake ass revolutionaries want to champion them.

  20. Che? Lol nice name, I’ll educate you on the name in a minute. Bravo, you regurgitated 60 year old talking points word for word. I guess you should be commended on that. NOBODY is “white-washing” history. The fact of the matter is militia groups (like the BLA) didn’t succeed in anything excet getting themselves killed and jailed. They aren’t around to ENJOY the freedoms we enjoy now. Freedoms that came to pass by lobbying,legislation and the rule of LAW. Black men are NOW killed by other minorities (by HUGE numbers). This cannot be disputed it is a fact. Then you say there was a war. FUNNY Jesse Jackson (among other civil rights era leaders) are not dead, not wanted and NOT in jail. Its FOOLISH to think on can win a war outmanned AND outgunned. That was not a war for black people. That was a “war” where angry, dangerous and vengeful peole went looking for a fight and got their asses kicked. Black militants contributed NEXT to nothing as far as the struggle went. They only increased our body count…yet somehow you fake ass revolutionaries want to champion them. Like I have said…MOVE ON. This is no longer the world of ASSATA. While we sit and complain, MILLIONS of people leave their countries and families behind to come HERE and take our jobs and resources. You bop your heads to murderous lyrics that contribut NOTHING to the advancement of color people and the Govt, and racism and the cops are to blame. These artist don’t do anything for the communities they rape. We as a people need to stop listening to the fringe ideology seen on this topic day after day. All of you…do yourselves and our people a favor. Stop looking for a revolution to fight and help a young black boy in your community become a BETTER BLACK MAN. An no…not by helping him with his flow or helping him get bitches. Lol. ACTUALLY help a youth. Do that.

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