NY Oil Calls Out LL Cool J Says He Needs an Intervention Re-does Rock the Bells

NYOil-suitI knew it was bound to happen, somebody gone stepped to LL Cool J on the battle tip over the song Accidental Racist and threw down the gauntlet.. NY Oil who many may know as Kool Kim of the famed group UMCs just re-did the classic jam Rock the Bells and called out LL Cool J.. He basically said LL needs an intervention and proceeds to give a history lesson reminding LL and everyone else that general Robert E Lee was a slave owner and doesn’t need any RIPs and good tidings..

NY Oil wrote this…

My son LL COOL J went out.. with that wack ass song he did with Brad Paisley….

Now for the record I have always been a LL fan.. but he violated.. and LL has always been a confrontational rapper.. so .. it is what it is.

Wake up brother.. come back home.

NY Oil doesn’t leave LL hanging by himself.. He saves his harshest lines for country singer Brad Paisley and lets him know,  healing racial relations is not about allowing some privileged white man feel good about rocking a confederate flag..

We’ll see if LL responds with a song of his own.. One thing we should not forget, no matter what we think about that country song.. LL is still one of the greatest emcees in Hip Hop to ever touch a mic..You best have some serious skillz if you’re gonna call him out..


10 comments on “NY Oil Calls Out LL Cool J Says He Needs an Intervention Re-does Rock the Bells

  1. “If you don’t judge my doo rag, I won’t judge your red flag.” Haha! That fool compared something that represents human enslavement to something that represents nocturnal haircare. Come on blood. They should have gotten Chief Keef to spit a verse on that thang. Then the truth really would’ve come out, LOL.

  2. Master Rob Lee/ Shahid Ali out of Nostrand Ave -112 road “Saint Albans”! Them dudes don’t have a clue…..what I told them in 1986 ” now is the time – to correct – but still near/ Destruction waits regardless whose aware. Allah is the God in the Kingdom of Shahid. Inside my head, is like a living Masjid!…” Ask all them dudes about the beginning when I strolled into ‘Hollis park’ DJ Red Alert spinning for “rush”, and me and my ace ‘Collin Wallace’ straight from Kingston, Jamaica, broke out wearing the ‘two peice suits, Addidas, and fedoras’ jamming to ‘bone man connection’….turned it out…circa 1983

  3. I see the vision they were trying to go for but basically the message of this song comes off as “I know, historically, some things have meaning attributed to them, but I would have to get rid of some clothes that I think look cool if I respected that. Please forget that everything bad in our past exists so I can keep wearing this shirt.”

  4. YO!!!!!!!!!!!! YES, to EVERY bit of this song!!!! LL was speaking from a place of straight ignorance.

  5. Great Track. I needed this after hearing that garbage from LL. Worse line “I’d like to thank Abe Lincoln for freeing me nah mean.” LL is an official slave LOL

  6. @Malik Nah yo, that can’t be an actual line in the song. It just can’t be. Not from the dude who made “Illegal Search”.

    @NyOil Theideal I had a feeling you’d make some noise sooner or later. Cats ears perked up after that show at the Pyramid Club in the East Village lol.

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