45 Years Ago Today Dr Martin Luther King Was Killed by the US Government

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The US Government Killed Dr King

Today April 4th 2013 marks the 45th anniversary that Dr Martin Luther King was assassinated.. I want folks reading this to be crystal clear about a couple of things.. First, do not mention King’s death and reduce it to the work of a deranged man name James Earl Ray..If the local or national corporate backed media talks about Dr King’s death in those terms, then they are negligent. In fact its safe to say they are complicit in helping cover up what should disturbing to all of us.. Dr Martin Luther King was killed by the FBI.. he was killed by our US government.. He was one of many victims to the FBI’s Counter Intelligence program best known as Cointel-Pro..

Repeat after me… COINTEL PRO.. This was the program used by former FBI head J Edgar Hoover to go after  the Puerto Rican Independence Movement, the American Indian Movement, The Student Anti-War Movement and the Chicano Movement. The FBI saved its most vicious and invasive tactics for the Civil Rights and Black Power Movements.. Malcolm X and Dr King were key targets, primarily because they had linked the domestic struggles for  ‘Civil Rights’ and Black American self determination to the larger struggles taking place internationally.. That was dangerous to the FBI and our government and led to Hoover seeing King as public enemy number one along with the Black Panthers and other groups that had shifted into the same direction of internationalizing Black struggles.

So again do not say Dr King was killed 45 years ago today without mentioning Cointelpro.. In another note we should not lose sight of the fact that earlier this year we saw a lot of fan fare around  Dr King statue on the national mall and President Barack Obama get sworn in using Dr King’s bible..In fact his inauguration was on the same day as the King Holiday.. many thought this was anice and potent gesture.. I say it was a distraction.. If President Obama can get sworn in using King’s Bible, how about using those Presidential powers to completely unearth the role the US government played in Dr King’s killing? How about using those Presidential powers to to bring about justice and punsish all those still alive who were a part of Dr King being killed..






What took place was with Dr King being killed was something much larger then James Earl Ray.. It was part of something deep rooted and systemic..

12 comments on “45 Years Ago Today Dr Martin Luther King Was Killed by the US Government

  1. Yo guys, respect to the churches of 1967 in their work of disobedience the fact, that white America adjoin a war in Indochina/Vietnam against so called state socialism by French troops to ponder this region after many losses on like these evangelical conspiracist terms that Genesis is a white stuff burden by Jews judaic x_periences in a divided Europe after the WW and veterans offices in all terms by lingual frames networkin the Krauts/Fritziis have already done.

    The media bluff in such epic barricade a literary man like each Reverend has in custody to do by clear body political stances on ‘Bitchlers nation building’ in all the media rally’s were opened, is, as clear point not the weaponry of self defense in hoods of color, it was more the political lie, that all war doin the years before has prepared a big financial hole in politics, that such assassinations in America and postfascist Europe has only the work to hide the politics from millionaired to millionaires. So please talk about the issue that such idolatry against all uprisings by such ideologies the conspiracist body politics by German/John Money origin is not Israel and their self defense by propaganda networkin the material fetish on sexual harm the manner hammer,..its for me and ma International networkin semitic stream the fact of losses in a political turmoil of 1967 as machine of equality the wheel to announce the ‘other_ing’ as academic filth on Intersecionality the censor…

    Peace to all faith out there….Psy-Bass_Ism against _Ism!

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  4. Let’s not forget the role of Jesse Jackson as well, the defacto leader who would assume MLK’s position in the Black community.

  5. How many Americans know that Rev Martin Luther King’s brother, Rev Alfred Daniel King, was assassinated July 21,1969?

    How many Americans know that Rev Martin Luther King’s mother, Alberta Christine Williams King, was assassinated June 30,1974?

    Rev Martin Luther King Sr buried his two sons and his wife within 6 years to the deafening silence of the American “free” media and the American public. When will this nation’s “leader” and MLK’s followers stand-up and demand justice for this righteous man and his slain family.

    Oh, what a tangled web we weave When first we practice to deceive . . .

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