Black Folks Are Catching Racist Hell Throughout the UK & Europe as Austerity Kicks In


This week on our daily show, Hard Knock Radio we talked with long time political activist and former senior advisor to the Mayor of London Lee Jasper.. He alerted us to some disturbing news about the plight of Black folks living in the UK and throughout much of Europe as so-called austerity measures kick in..

For many it should not come as a surprise,  but Black folks are catching major hell as they are being scapegoated for the economic hardships many are experiencing.. For example in places like Greece, Black folks are literally being chased out of the country by uniformed goon squads.. White supremacist, Neo-Nazi hate groups and far right reactionary political parties are on the rise with Blacks and other immigrants as primary targets

We are now seeing the fallout of misguided foreign policy which has complicated this situation. Ongoing conflicts in Mali and in Libya which has resulted in thousands of Black folks fleeing Africa to various ports in Europe only to be turned away. The irony here is that its NATO/ and Western foreign policy that has led to this mass displacement..

During our conversation Jasper went into great detail about the types of policy measures taken to keep Black folks disenfranchised and in economic peril. He also noted the widespread police brutality many are experiencing. He noted whats been going on in France with many Blacks and the out of step perception put forth by popular artists like Jay-Z and Kanye when they did their song N–as in Paris and how that contrasted with the reality that Black folks in this fabled city who are treated like ‘N–gas in the worse possible way..Jasper noted

Lee also updated us to whats been going on since we saw the massive uprising in the UK two years ago and in Paris 6 years ago..

Lee has a wealth of information and will update us again in the near future. In the meantime.. Peep the insightful Hard Knock Radio interview by clicking the link below..

You can also read an indepth report of what’s going on in Greece as Black folks are being attacked.. Go to the link below

Here’s Lee Jasper speaking at a recent political rally giving folks the lay of the land

11 comments on “Black Folks Are Catching Racist Hell Throughout the UK & Europe as Austerity Kicks In

  1. not just UK and Europe, check out Detroit and their racist fascism with banker as tyrant dictator … it’s here in US, welcoming in new age of fascism, racism and hate … love Obomba ~ aka corporate butt plug

  2. Bla, bla,…I think and archdiocesan reflect the situation as never mention the National Socialist Rallys in 1930s at Madison Square and the media bluff on all the defcon deficits around the globe,..happy, happy,…from Millionaires to Millionaires taqx and haqx…the political answer could only be the commune in – Cops out communication as liberal standard for such machine stormin struggles in theory. By the way: the identity concepts of so many revisionist here in postfascist Europe is steamed by lipstick bellied Charly as pub of Hashish the Shia with Indian/Pakistani Hooligan on ‘sexual revolution’…let’s start on the semit_Ism line for Jerusalem on 1967 again…I will do…ya post_minister of grammar hijras e_quality!

    Happy Jesu Esoo nailin,…bloody Northern Amerikas,…there is only one real AugusTINA!…

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  6. Wow! Never thought you would be this irresponsible, Davey D.

    Really, “uniformed goon squads” in Greece “literally” chasing black folks out?

    I remember when Ice Cube and the P.E. came to Greece. Why don’t you ask them how they feel about people in Greece, and if they felt any racist vibes. Also, I seem to recall French National team soccer player Christian Karembeu’s assessment of Greece as compared to other European countries with regards to racism.

    Really, THE guy who brought to light for HipHop the extent of CointelPro, FTC shenanigans, and uncovered ‘HipHop police’ is now totally falling for the hype?

    When, for years, ‘left-wing’ anarchists in Greece were jumping out of peaceful demonstrations to throw molotov cocktails at police inciting brutal counter-attack by riot police, you didn’t find it inconspicuous? Even after you did a piece about suspected police plants among peaceful Occupy protestors who then attacked police?

    How come no one has ever been caught/named/charged/jailed? Doesn’t this go back to 1973 when right before tanks rolled through the Law School of Athens, during a peaceful sit-in some dude went bat-shit crazy to incite the cops, and the newspapers printed his photo, it was revealed he was an undercover cop.

    I heard with my own ears Professor Mersheimer, who wrote the ‘Israel Lobby’, say that “for America’s geopolitical interests, Europe is worth fighting and dying for”.

    Isn’t it too much of a convenient coincidence the region is being destabilized? And now you are saying there are ‘Neo-Nazi gangs’? You realize that all of Greece fought off Mussolini’s fascists, only to be retaliated and occupied by Nazi Germany, right? And there was a whole resistance movement against them? And by resistance, I mean that Hitler lost the Luftwaffe in Greece- in Crete.

    And now, Greece has become Nazi and anti-black from one year to the next, just like that it was ‘damn those leftist/anarchist/anti-american Greeks’ , and now its ‘right-wing/racist/anti-Black Greeks’?

    Sorry, Davey D. I can’t do the math on that. Austerity measures, and well organized ultra right wing political groups that has zero presence as of 2 years ago, are not misplaced rage of people in Greece towards Blacks, there are some other more powerful interests behind it.

  7. take that up with our guest and he well written articles on the situation in Greece which I posted.. Just bc Ice Cube and PE who are celebrates from the US were shown love does not mean the horrors described dont exist.. Thats like Oprah coming to Greece and saying there’s no racism bc her rich but never catches hell..that doesnt negate the reality of most Blacks in the US..You might wanna redo that math fam

  8. Davey D- I didn’t realize it was a guest author, my bad. But Cube is pretty vocal about his issues with Oprah. Oprah represents one thing, and Cube and PE another. I can’t imagine dudes would pay to see Cube and hear his message to then after the show then get with a Nazi goon squad.
    I’m thinking those two are mutually exclusive.

    Jay- appreciate the advice. I’ll do my best.

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