Hip-Hop’s Ascension Officially Begins

Jasiri Ascension BACK

Tomorrow my first official album drops called “Ascension” on itunes and everywhere. Peep my video for “The Wheel” where I go UFO hunting and get chased by the FBI, and check my promo single “Mandela”

“I was patient like Mandela in prison/ cell sittin but never fell victim cause you can’t jail wisdom”


3 comments on “Hip-Hop’s Ascension Officially Begins

  1. Hot young artist LV baby just released visuals to his track “Higher Learning” from his sophomore mixtape ‘Soft Music and Hard Liquor’. It would be both an honor and a privilege for his newest release to feature on your site. Check it out (Link Found Below) and if you like it, post the video in order to give the rest of the hip hop community a chance to enjoy it as well. Thank You!

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