Where’s Jay-Z at During these Brooklyn Riots? Remember His Video?

jay-z-folded-225There’s been 3 days of unrest in Flatbush section of Brooklyn..50 people arrested,  and Marshall Law put into place as people step out and speak up over a 16 year old Kimani Gray being shot 11 times by out of control police..I just know Jay-Z is gonna speak up and stand up for the people in Brooklyn.. This is his home.. He just helped but the new Barclay Center there..He did 3 days worth of concerts there.. He is Mr Brooklyn..

Plus Jay-Z did a song where he advocated folks fighting back and disrupting the system..Y’all recall this video right? No Church In the Wild shows people taking it to the streets..

Well at the very least Jay can place a call to the President, after all he helped get him elected… We cant let Brooklyn get smashed on by NYPD..


23 comments on “Where’s Jay-Z at During these Brooklyn Riots? Remember His Video?

  1. Keep going…there aren’t enough people out there bringing up what’s happening in Brooklyn. People like Jay and other proud Brooklyn celebs, have a huge responsibility to their neighborhoods and the people there who have supported them. It’s not just him and this event…this goes on everywhere – not enough of our current “leaders” are invested in what’s going on outside of their bubbles. Thanks man.

  2. We each of us as individuals make our own decision about what cause we will join, how much time we will invest in it, and what role we will play in furthering it. How does JayZ not have that privilege? I’m an activist from waaayyyyyy back and as of the post, I haven’t gotten around to joining forces with the folk in Flatbush. Does that make me “lesser” in some way? I respect you Davey D; please don’t get caught up in the counterproductive activity of pointing fingers….you’re so much better than that.

  3. Its not counterproductive.. When u say you rep Brooklyn or any area on the national and global stage, folks will turn to you when things go down for answer, guidance etc… Jay-Z put out that video of a riot and has played a prominent role in the redevelopment of Brooklyn.. Considering the letter that Mos Def wrote 12 years ago about the role rappers should be playing, I ask that question.. Does he have that right to back off and be silent? Sure .. Do we have a right to ask? Absolutely.. especially when we have news blackout and news distortion at work.. You think Harry Belafonte, Paul Robeson and so many others would be quiet around this? This same question was put to Hip Hop media outlets the other day when the main news story was a fight against Joe Budden and Consequence

  4. You are absolutely right…you definitely have a right to ask. My concern is that there are approximately 800 thousand Black people living in and repping Brooklyn, so why single out an individual.

    While I readily confess that I am a fan of JayZ, I also own that I am a STAN of any individuals right to decide on when, where and how they are going to respond to a cause.

    I have nothing but respect for Harry Belafonte, Paul Robeson and Mos Def. As an activist, I appreciate their willingness to roll up their sleeves and jump into the fray. But if they made the decision to use their resources to help elect/re-elect a Black president instead, I would be just as appreciative.

    I also greatly appreciate that we can chat with each other – each expressing our own opinions – without being disrespectful. #blessingsflow

  5. And this is not just a New York phenomenon of Police Brutality I’m from tha CHI and trust me Kids and adults are dropping like flies a 6 month old child was shot 6 times and her father 5 times all happening while the father was attempting to change his baby’s diaper in a van “A SIX MONTH OLD BABY GIRL” yeah we have to fight for whats right but we should be rioting in Chicago in our communities against our so called “BLACk” leaders and the the so called “CHURCH” leaders as well as against a lot of the Elders that think about just “Self” and it it a lot of their fault that this generation is somewhat like they are. While it is not completely their fault nor the fault a all blacks in our community these are problems that “WE” are going to have to solve ourselves in “Our” communities because the Police’s job is to serve and protect the city and government’s “PROPERTY” that is in our community not the individuals in the community. The time for talking, vigils, and marching is “OVER” in tha CHI we are almost at a point of no return!

  6. Hip Hop is about speaking truth.. its not something I’m just saying its also a perspective that Jay-Z has echoed..he put that out there for folks to gobble up.. Whats been asked of him has also been asked of Hip Hop media that’s been focused on Joe Buddens fighting.. Its been asked of artists taking the stage at SXSW.. yes there are 4 million people living in Brooklyn but who we know world wide and nationally are our artists.. jay-Z had no problem comparing himself to Fred Hampton when he noted he was born the day fred hampton died implying the legacy continues.. So here we are at a dire moment Time to speak out for the people who buy your records..

    When Oscar Grant happened artists were in the streets in Oakland, speaking out.. hell even Too Short came and spoke.. When Alan Bluford was killed MC hammer was one of the first to be in front of the police station speaking.. Jay Z did the riot video, He depicted scenes that are now playing out in Bk..

  7. The counter question (and an obvious one to boot) is how do we know he isn’t doing something? Does he have to be seen in the media as doing something? And if so WHY?

    On the flip side and taking the recent history of the US media in to account, if he has done something have they even bothered to report it? As an example of their selective nature, US mass media managed to overlook the Occupy movement for a good while didn’t they?

  8. Whether you like it or not when you are a big celeb : you are a Role Model.
    By being inactive you are making your own Statement ; especially to youth who are impressionable.
    If you want to join in the action take the B train. Cops are probably form the 67th precinct if you want to protest.
    If you want the bomb carribean food; flatbush is your place yo.

    Haven’t been in Brook in years; nor so intend to go any time soon.


  9. @benign I was once told by some organizers who asked me to speak about an incident that I have a role to play when I’m in the public.. I had opted not to speak to something and said I wanted to do stuff behind the scenes.. which was good, but as the organizers noted.. the people present know me publicly.. and what they see is a public person who speaks out not speaking out, so speak out…Didnt mean I had to be the expert.. It meant I spoke out and told the audience to pay attention to the organizers who give me information.. That went along way.. So Jigga speaks about Brooklyn all the time.. he says he reps Brooklyn and has toyed around with the monikor King of NY.. He also did that riot video..Of course he’ll be asked…why shouldnt he..?

  10. If Jay-Z can do a PSA against anti-semitism, he can speak on this issue in Brooklyn. However, it does not profit him to speak, so he won’t. Why would anyone think he would speak up? He is an entertainer, not an activist. He does not speak for you. He dresses like you but he speaks for them.

  11. “You been had, you been taken” – the words of MX
    While they make millions degrading our race with the NWORD – for the whole world to hear.
    We are being murdered by self and kind, while our enemy’s are laughing & killing us.
    Form small cells under 10 – watch out for under cover cops. keep password on your phones. Use your phones to organize – flash & Dash;)

  12. Jays in one of his big mansions chilling, thinking of ways to further exploit the hood and keep people thinking he cares about the hood.

  13. Jay Z the Illuminati sellout ain’t shit. Pac was right to get at Jigga (what a stupid ass name) and P Diddy. Nobody has wrecked the image of hip hop as much as these 2. Put Kanye, Lil Wayne, Drake, Game, Nicki Minaj and any nu skool pop rap sellout wannabee on that list. CANIBUS, KILLAH PRIEST, DEMIGODZ, JMT, PLR, FASHAWN, COLD 187UM IZ REAL HIP HOP. F–K THE PHONYS. Peace Davey D…to each his own opinion. Most of the time this site is on point.

  14. Dude need to stay in his lane and move according to God’s will. When it’s time for him to take on another role, if that’s his destiny, the so be it. The lives of Brooklyn is not his responsibility. He’s a rapper/businessman. Not a prophet or politician. Miss me with that bs…

  15. Jay z is a fake bacon , sizzlean do you know what I mean, working for the man behind the plan. the corporate clowns that run the prisons that hold black folk in cages.

  16. Reality Check: Jay doesnt give a fuck about whats goin on..just cuz people in no church in the wild video were taking it to the streets doesnt mean shit..the director im sure was the one who led the video to that, also, hes a business man, so hes gonna market off anything he pleases…this dude chills with puppet presidents and has breakfast with mayor bloomberg (literally)!! are u serious?? these the same dudes that want to continue to shut schools down and stop and frisk minorities…c’mon son dont be so naive !!!

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