Chuck D & Brother Ali Come Together & Tell us to Get Up, Stand Up!

Chuck D and Brother Ali

Far too often when people do collabs, its done for marketing purposes, more than it is for genuine chemistry.. Such was not the case when Chuck D of Public Enemy tapped Brother Ali of the Rhymesayers Collective to join him on the track … This is a fierce track.. Its energetic and each rhyme is hittin’ especially Ali who goes all the way in.. enjoy

An Open Letter to the LA Laker Haters.. Make Way for the Bumrush

jesus_kingthelakersDear LA Laker Haters

Over the past few weeks, I noticed a lot of you die-hard Laker haters have been relentless in spitting vile…It’s been disgusting almost like  this a career for you.. to hate basketball’s most dominant team..

Now I been like Kanye..I fell back and let you finish your say so..I figured be the bigger man and let the small timers speak their piece..but now its time to set the record straight.. So all you bums listen up and listen good…

Yes the Lakers are struggling and it looks bleak for them, but its during those moments when the most remarkable things happen..There’s an old passage in the good book that clearly states, ‘Those who have the least, those who are the most down and out, those who look like all hope is gone, will rebound and show and prove to the world, there is something greater at work’… In short ‘the first will be last and the last shall be first.. the meek will inherit the earth’ Yes folks the Lakers are believers and pretty soon all of y’all will be believers.. Mark my words..

Look folks, there was a time when NFL great Ray Lewis looked like he was done for good… But he was blessed and able to turn it around and he went out a winner.. Many of y’all didn’t believe in Ray, but you cheered and cried when he won the Superbowl… Why? because you believed The Lakers are the Ray Lewis of the NBA..

MLK-brown-leanLook at Civil Rights leader Martin Luther King.. History shows that there was a point in time when everyone was against him. They didn’t think he could get the Civil Rights Bill passed.. Many of you if, you was alive when MLK was trying to make it happen, would’ve been skeptical and straight up  naysayers  as you are with the Lakers..

But in spite of the verbal bashing Martin maintained. He gave us victory.. He made us all believers in the greater good..remember how he broke it down in his famous speech where he said ‘Only when its dark enough can you see the stars‘… And yes its been dark in the Lakernation.. We are seeing stars..  The Lakers are the MLK of today …

Look at actor Nick Cannon... Once he was considered a scrub and washed up..He seemed to be a young man with no direction. Remember when Nick put out rap records? You laughed at him.. We saw him as another childhood star from who wasn’t gonna make it.. But Nick believed and he went on to big things.. He hosts shows, does his comedy thing and he married Mariah Carey.. Now he’s a winner.. Y’all love Mariah.. and y’all love Nick.. The Lakers are the new Nick Cannon..

Malcolm-xthinkgreenLastly, all of y’all know the story of Detroit Red.. a former petty thief, a hustler, a pimp.. Through the grace of God, some hard work and a willingness to make you believe when all doubted, Detroit Red went on to become Malcolm X aka El Haj Malik Shabazz.. A leader for his people..Malcolm made you proud.. The Lakers my friend is the Detroit Red of today.. The Lakers will rise up like and help the people see another way.. They will make you proud..As Malcolm explained. There’s a worldwide revolution going on.. everyone is coming together.. for the Lakers..In the words of Chuck D.. ‘Make way for the Bumrush’!

See ya in the Championships.. I’m a believer and you my friends will soon be as well.. That is all!

-Davey D-