82 Year Old Black Woman Brutally Tossed Off Train for Singing Gospel Hymns

Emma AndersonAs we celebrate International Women’s Day we should note that the war on women continues in a very real way…Whether its one out of three women globally being sexually assaulted, an uptick in human trafficking, or sitting senators and congressmen resolute in their opposition to the Violence Against Women Act or locally where we see a brutish private security guard tossing an 82 year old Black woman off a train because she was singing gospel hymns ‘too loud’..

The video of  Emma Anderson being dragged off a train last month to say the least is shocking and just a glaring reminder that none of our mothers, grandmothers, sisters, daughters and wives are safe from men who have a disdain and little respect for them..

The video below shows it all as the 82-year-old woman is seen singing.  and slapping her thigh with rolled-up paper.

A security guard is then seen asking Anderson to stop. When Anderson refused, the guard grabbed her rolling luggage cart.
“You’re getting off here,” he can be heard telling Anderson. “Let’s go.” A struggle between the guard and Anderson ensued, and Anderson was pulled off the train, falling onto the platform at the downtown stop, about six miles from her intended destination of North Miami.

“It was not right for them to drag her off the train,” Donal Anderson, the woman’s son, told Miami’s WSVN-TV.
A spokeswoman for Miami-Dade Transit told the network that Anderson violated its noise policy, which prohibits commuters from singing, dancing and playing instruments.

“We regret that Ms. Anderson had to eventually be escorted out,” the spokeswoman said in a statement, “but regardless of age, all passengers need to abide by rules associated with using transit.”
“Well, y’all may call it ‘noise,'” the elderly South Floridian scoffed, “but wait till Jesus comes. It’s going to be more noise in there!”

One would think that the train authorities in Miami would have another more gentle way to remove a passenger from a train if in fact it was even necessary. many of our elders don’t always have full control of their faculties, some have demntia or just plain eccentric in their ways.. Regardless if she was loud, one must take a different more, gentle approach toward an unarmed, frail elder.. One might ask would this guard have been so violent if this was a group of guys ready and willing to fight back, would this transit security have been so bold?


11 comments on “82 Year Old Black Woman Brutally Tossed Off Train for Singing Gospel Hymns

  1. “Well, y’all may call it ‘noise,’” the elderly
    South Floridian scoffed, “but wait till Jesus
    comes. It’s going to be more noise in there!”

    She said it all.

  2. Old people and kids should be off limits, but one day when that guard is shitting his pants every day someone will abuse his ass… Karma will be a bitch.

  3. I thought we had gotten rid of people like Jim Clark [Selma, AL]…I’m ready for a sing-along…anybody care to join me in a million voice choir?? Peacefully protesting the deliberate violation of OUR First Amendment Rights?? Remember, when you sing, you pray TWICE!!

  4. THE GUARD WAS OPERATING THROUGH THE SPIRIT OF ANTI-CHRIST.if anything she is an old woman. this guy is a TARE a robot who will work gladly for dictators be it in his tiny role or not. praise jesus. It take s abrave person to stand up to bullies at any age

  5. Anyone who watched the video can hear that she doesn’t sing that well, and if it was loud and she was told to stop, then, she was asking to be removed. The other passengers have the right to their own peace and quiet. It doesn’t matter if it is Gospel music or Rap music, making a nuisance of yourself isn’t going to be tolerated. Some people may think because she is old or black that she deserves special treatment, and obviously she does also. She obviously believes that gospel music is somewhat religious and should be ignored and considered “sacred” – therefore not disturbing when sung loudly and out of tune. Obviously not. She also probably grew up in a time when white people did offensive things and black people were expected to tolerate them, which was wrong then, but that doesn’t excuse her ignoring warnings from the staff about disturbing the other passengers. Of course her son thought it was wrong, but that is not an objective opinion.

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