Snoop Speaks about reconciling w/ Suge Knight & Becoming Snoop Lion

snoop-lionThis is a pretty good interview w/ Snoop Dogg done by the homie DJ Skee.. Here snoop talks about his transition from Snoop Dogg to Snoop Lion.. He talks about the life circumstances that led to him digging reggae. Snoop explains he’s long wanted to express himself in a variety of ways including wanting to sing..He also notes that he’s become more spiritually grounded..He now puts family first and music second.. It took a while for him to evolve to that mindset..

In this interview speaks about the new album he’s working on and the folks he has involved..He explains why he made the assertion about being Bob Marley incarnate..

Many were curious as to how and why Snoop was willing to reconcile with former Death Row CEO Suge Knight.. He says that Suge gave him a voice early on in his career and no matter what their differences , that fact can’t be changed or overlooked. He said it was important to be the bigger man and spark peace.. A lot of ground gets covered in this interview. The only question missing was why Snoop who is a die-hard Steelers fam was in the Ice Cube 30 /30 documentary on the Raiders sporting a silver and black jersey..

16 comments on “Snoop Speaks about reconciling w/ Suge Knight & Becoming Snoop Lion

  1. I grew up with Snoop. But I knew him before he became a Crip. I used to play basketball with him and some of my boys. I remember in school we used to have rap battles at lunch. Snoop had some skills back then. But I have to be honest, I never thought he would become a rap Things like that are hard to predict.
    I used to be a big Dan of his when I listened to gangsta rap. But I’ve since grown from that music. I’m much more conscious now and don’t think this music is good for our people. We need to have more uplifting and positive music for our community. Snoop Lion??lol Hmmm…..don’t know if I buy this just yet. I think he’s just trying to capitalize on the reggae market. This is a good interview but I don’t think it’s genuine. And he definitely is not the next Bob Marley!lol

  2. The only good album Snoop ever released was Doggystyle. No album after that ever lived up to that. Same thing with Dr Dre and Ice Cube. No album was ever as good as The Chronic or AmeriKKKa´s Most and Death Certificate after those. Was biggest Gangsta Rap fan thoroughout the 90´s now most of these zaggin fallin off. The only artist from Death Row who has been consistent (for the most part) is Daz Dillinger and I´ll pretend DPG never did that god awful track with P Diddy.

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