What’s Up with Congressman Charles Rangel Selling Out?

Charles Rangel

Charles Rangel

When I first read these quotes posted below from Harlem Congressman Charles Rangel in response to President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela calling George Bush a ‘Devil’ and later an ‘alcoholic’, I had to keep asking myself; ‘Did this fool forget about the all the voter disenfranchisement that took place in Florida during the 2000 election’? Has he forgotten President Bush was backing a coup attempt against Chavez? If I tried to kill your family or career and you survive the attack wouldn’t you be calling me a Devil?

I guess if we follow Rangel’s logic, then all the leaders of those countries that wished to criticize, any US President about unfair and unjust wars and foreign policy or our one time support of Apartheid in South Africa and Jim Crow Laws against Blacks in this country had better shut their mouths.

Wasn’t it outside pressure and criticism that help loosen up some of the wrong doings that took place against oppressed people here? In addition hasn’t Bush and other US leaders been running around calling other countries evil (Iran and North Korea) and cowardly(France)?

Hugo Chavez

Hugo Chavez

But I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.. At the end of the day, he’s the same Charles Rangel that wants to reinstate the draft. What a sell out. The only conclusion I come to is that Bush has pictures of Rangel in some sort of compromising position and hence he felt a need to defend the President. Who knows, maybe there’s a wide-angle shot that we don’t know about that show’s our ‘distinguished’ Harlem Congressman in the infamous R. Kelly sex tape video.

Peep his ass kissing quotes..Holla Back

“You don’t come into my country; you don’t come into my congressional district and you don’t condemn my president,” Rep. Charles Rangel, D-NewYork, scolded Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.

“If there’s any criticism of President Bush, it should be restricted to Americans, whether they voted for him or not,” Rangel said at a Washington news conference.

“I just want to make it abundantly clear to Hugo Chavez or any other president: Don’t come to the United States and think, because we have problems with our president, that any foreigner can come to our country and not think that Americans do not feel offended when you offend our chief of state,” Rangel said.

Here’s our response to this..Its called Charles Rangel vs the Field Negro

****any thoughts?

49 comments on “What’s Up with Congressman Charles Rangel Selling Out?

  1. They are done souled out
    This is what happens when a race of people become dependent upon a slavemaster for their basic survival

  2. But at the end of the day, look who is still in power and laughing to the bank. Too many Black Americans talk and gripe about politicians, problems, and policies, but show little effort to change the situations. When compared to Blacks in the African/Carribean regions, Hispanics, LGBT communities, Asians, and Middle Easterns/Arabs, most Black Americans are all talk and no action. Less waiting for the messiah, less talking/writing, less woulda/coulda/shoulda, and more impact full results that people can see and feel.

  3. This negroe will not defend President Obama with the same vigor as he does for Bush, who does not like Black people (kayne west voice).

  4. Wait…WHATTTT??? Let’s replace the word BUSH for OBAMA…YOOOOO…I’ll take Rangel’s criticism and see you his DEFENSE of any AMERICAN President, or not…gotta give him dues for standing up and drawing a line. Agree or disagree with where he drew it; he’s still saying that ONLY AMERICANs who have bled, sweated and cried for this country should be the ONES who have the right to stand and criticize it. OR, did I misunderstand when we criticize AMERICA for sticking their noses where it doesn’t belong?? Can’t have it both ways…Either way, Rangel has COUILLES!! Props to him YO!.

  5. Rangel was a sellout when he did that move and if Rangel defended obama for dropping drones on innocent people in other countries he’s a sell out for that as well.. The fact that one of the highest ranking people in congress ignored a Bush back coup attempt on a duly elected President makes him digusting or ignorant or both.. Lastly before making an Obama comparison at least make sure you know who your talking to.. Obama has been harshly criticized by folks around the world including the Israeli prime minister who we fund.. Rangel kept his mouth shut.. so no, he gets no pass..

  6. Yeah well I am old white mountain man in wales (UK), So I guess Rangel would tell me to forget my free speech rights and shaddup about Bush, Obummer or even Dear Hugo.

  7. Really love this post. The clip….a lot of powerful truth there; completely nails it. Thank you, much.

  8. DD; we’re not airing dirty laundry here, are we? One doesn’t have to support Rangel to be able to defend his standing up to outsiders criticizing the person who is in charge of their country, do they? John Wayne was a Republican, however, when asked about the newly elected Kennedy, he said, ‘I didn’t vote for him, but he’s my President; and I hope he does a good job.’ If we don’t recognize when someone is right, is it really fair to take them to task when something they say/do is wrong? I wouldn’t advocate giving anyone a pass; however, standing up for fairness, especially when it’s on the other foot, IS something worth applauding. No Obama comparison was made; in the interest of fairness, I simply suggested that we replace the WORD Bush for the WORD Obama and see if anyone had an objection to his defense from that perspective. On a personal note, I support Peoples, not Presidents — the Palestinians, for example, not the illegal occupiers of their former land, taken out from under them — a crime for which any American President would have used a nuclear response.

  9. Well Palestinians have issues with Obama and have voiced lots of critique toward’s him.. I would not step up to rebuff one’s critique.. Bush tried to have Hugo overthrown.. thats an issue on to itself.. If Hug wants to call him an asshole he had every right.. Rangel should’ve kept his mouth shut.. It was an Uncle Tom move to defend Bush..

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