Grape Street Crips are teaming Up w/ the KKK to Fight Other Klan Members


I’m at a loss for words on this one folks…I’m just shaking my head..The Grape Street crips of Memphis and an Alabama KKK group are working together to stop the KKK at a rally next month in Memphis after the Confederate parks in Memphis were renamed. I thought it was BS, but what can I say.. we seen such alliances happen in prison.. I guess we living in a new date and time..I know one thing if both the Crips and KKK really looked at who was running the show, they would ban together to fight the 1% who pit poor folks of all races against one another..Better yet maybe the Crips and KKK are teaming up tp fight the KKK forces that find their way into police departments ..I’m just saying

43 comments on “Grape Street Crips are teaming Up w/ the KKK to Fight Other Klan Members

  1. ARE U SERIOUS! If Hitler was able to fool a lot of people during his reign, don’t even think that the KKK is trying to pull a Martin Luther King with the Crips. Obviously, the KKK is trying to study and size you up. THINK ABOUT IT!

  2. Racism is a smoke screen and a distraction from the real problem we face which is statist and classist. Its called Fed Corp.

  3. ’cause its a type of debate on commemorate the ongoin lingual ‘othering’ in many fields of science and social likelihood by the negotiation of ‘postfascism’ and the ‘OP Pastorius’…and its here for me an European chord..the older bio determinism and ‘kinks’ with thier field to ploit the youth….like the back to ovens-Muslims in the USA…A-Man…how dis_abled the USA already is by ‘deficit capital_Ism’…

  4. being from Memphis, thats the last thing the Klan wants, to start so isn in Memphis with the crips at that is grounds for a riot. Dont worry nothing will happen!!!

  5. Tales From The Hood 1995 Part 4. Hardcore Convert. Directed by Rusty Cundieff. Flash forward 18 years (damn that´s scary,has it been that long?) and the shit is reality…muthafkaz. BORN 2 DIE – SPICE 1.

  6. seriously? this is most definitely mind blowing. When I read your post’s title, I initially thought about the Grape st. Crips back in Cali. (nuff said if you already know) but this is nothing but a circus show for Americans. SMH at America for even making us aware of this. I would repost, but want to thank you for bringing this to my attention.

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  9. 2 schools of thought here

    1) Memphis Grape Streeters have lost their damned minds

    2) The 1%’s worst nightmare is coming true.

  10. The real Grape streets might take this mark out for claiming they set. He is not a Grape Street Crip their from Cali. This is utter foolishness

  11. What a crappy article. This is a summary of news not news itself. Do you just sit and copy and paste or do you do investigate journalism?

    Why are they bent on keeping this other group out ?

    How does the community at large feel about it?

    How do the crips and KKK justify doing this ?

  12. Everyone in this country has one common enemy, BANKERS. We all need to unite against them and then we can fix everything else.
    You’re Being Robbed, Here’s the Solution
    All of us are being robbed by bankers who are helped by our elected liars and idiots in Congress and the White House. The bankers bribe almost everyone in Congress so they are allowed to commit this robbery that has been going on for 100 years. The members of Congress who aren’t bribed are so stupid and inept that they never figure out what’s really going on and they waste their time on other issues while the robbery of all Americans goes merrily on its way.

    The Rothschild family and some other bankers blackmailed Woodrow Wilson in 1913 so they would be allowed to start the Federal Reserve. The Fed is a private bank that loans us our own money and charges us interest on it. Before the Fed existed, Congress simply printed whatever cash was needed and incurred no debt and paid no interest. The Fed prints as much money as they want, with nothing to back it up, loans it to us and then we have to pay them back. Congress could take over the Fed any time they want since it always violated article 1, section 8 of the Constitution which states that only Congress can issue money. Then we could print all the money we need without bothering to collect any taxes, pay all of our debt and pay for all “entitlement” programs and the military, and anything else simply by printing the cash. No debt would be owed to anyone. Nobody would lose anything except Rothschild and the bankers who would no longer be collecting interest and principal.

    The government could then loan us money for mortgages, cars, school loans, etc. at zero interest. A $100,000 mortgage could be easily paid off in ten years instead of 30 years since there would be no interest to pay. Since Rothschild has stolen trillions of dollars from us over these 100 years through the Fed and his illegal interest, we can legally take all of that money back from him under the RICO statute. The banks now own over 18 million vacant homes. This number keeps growing because they keep foreclosing and making more people homeless. We can take all of those homes back from the banks since all of the loans violated the Constitution and just declare all mortgages paid and give away the vacant homes to whoever needs them. The reason this isn’t being done is because our Congress and president are bribed by the banks. So, we have to take action to end this crime of robbery against us.

    We have to inform each other how this theft happened and we have to unite to stop it. We have to demand that Congress stops this crime and we have to do it in such a way that they can’t ignore us. Since Rothschild owns the TV networks and we can’t use them, we have to make our voices so loud that that Congress hears them and can’t hide from us. So, we need to make signs and put them everywhere, on every car with bumper stickers, in front of every house and in every apartment window so that everyone knows that we are not going to put up with Rothschild stealing any more of our money. This will unite us as THE PEOPLE against the bankers and we will end this theft. Make signs with these words:”NO MORE BANKERS” and “like” the Facebook page named No More Bankers so we know how many people are joining in to take our country back from the bankers.

  13. They getting ready to lock the masses of people down.
    Straight up
    Go read some old nazi history real careful as they did up the Jews

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