A Blistering Open Letter to World Star Hip Hop…

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Mr. O’Denat,

On behalf of the thousands of members of the Universal Zulu Nation, of which I am Minister Of Information, I write you this letter in peace and hope these words find you in the best of health and spirits. Brother, we at UZN have the utmost respect and love for all who choose to take our Culture to new heights, and we thank you for your part in creating new media that preserves our culture. It is with great sadness that we bring to your attention the obvious ills of your site, WorldStarHipHop.com. Mister O’Denat, you are well aware, or should be well aware that many are viewing your site’s content as very graphic and extremely violent. Before you brush this off as just another person’s opinion of your site and
the content you publish, please do not get it confused. This is not the case.

As I mentioned earlier, Mr. O’Denat, I am a representative of the Universal Zulu Nation, and we take our Culture quite serious. You are a Black man who has accomplished quite a lot without a formal education, and I’m quite sure when you dropped out of New York’s Grover Cleveland High School, you would never have imagined that you’d be as successful with your company, World Star, LLC. Doesn’t it bother you just a little that another Black man (that man being yourself), has “made it” out of the “ghetto”, only to display unnerving images and videos of young adults berating, belittling, and beating each other solely for the purpose of the enjoyment of who you are led to believe are “millions of Hip-Hoppers?”

Mr. O’Denat, the followers of your site are impressionable young men and women who “follow” you for a reason. As salacious as you may want your site to be, our youth are looking for answers and solutions to the many problems that plague our communities. The young people use your site as an outlet to escape the world they are living in, only to find that you place them right back at the starting point. Brother, you are well aware, or should be aware of the way Haitians are treated all over the world, including their own country. After all, Mr. O’Denat, you are Haitian, and you have even labeled yourself as a “Haitian Ghetto Nerd”, to gain God knows what kind of accolades. I am not Haitian, but I find it deplorable for a Haitian to associate such a dignified people with the “ghetto”, when Haitians come to this country to escape ghetto life.

Brother, I am sure you heard God speaking to you when the earthquakes in Haiti destroyed so many lives, and many of us di a fair share of work to help those in need. The repair for the damage done physically, emotionally, spiritually and financially will be an ongoing process that will take decades. But one of the brilliant brothers of Haitian decent is instead showering the world with what you call “the CNN of the Ghetto”. Brother, you are sadly mistaken if you would like the world to believe that hype. If you understand journalism 101, news is reported with two sides. Your excerpts of ghetto life, your lack of morality when accepting uploaded material, and your drive to maintain a site for the sole intent to destroy our Culture’s standing in these Americas is both uncouth and unacceptable by all of us at UZN. We are hereby separating ourselves and our followers from your site and what it supposedly stands for. Brother, if you were in fact the “CNN of the ghetto”, then you, as a former resident of Queens, NY should already know who Zulu is and what real Hip-Hop Culture is. Mr. O’Denat, there are many real Hip-Hoppers from Queens who laid the brick in the wall that you are trying to tear down.

You should already know about Run-DMC, Larry Smith, Salt-N-Pepa, Nas, MC Shan, LL Cool J and the founders of FUBU Clothing, to name a new. These men and women purposed to create a platform of expression for our Culture, and through the years, they have maintained and preserved that Culture. Mr. O’Denat, you are a Haitian, so you should know how serious Haitians are about their Culture. We are just as serious.

This is a new year, and the Universal Zulu Nation has begun a movement against anyone who is against us. Mr. O’Denat, either you are for Hip-Hop Culture, or you are not. There is no in-between, and no matter how many people have hyped you to believe that WorldStarHipHop is anything close to what this Culture is, they told you a lie. Mr. O’Denat, Hip-Hop Culture is FOUNDED on four spiritual principles. In case you haven’t already been schooled on what those principles are, they are: Peace, Unity, Love and Havin’ Fun. Mr. O’Denat, I pray that you do become a “CNN of the ghetto”, and that you someday get a camera and go to the ghetto yourself to record both sides of our neighborhoods. We still do have neighborhoods, brother.

Mr. O’Denat, can you imagine how much more hits WorldStarHipHop would have if you were intuitive enough to record rising Black political stars and activists, and some of the issues they discuss when trying to fix our problems nationwide? Or videos of Black political superstars like Barack and Michelle Obama. I would have loved to see the behind-the-scenes footage of the President at home with the wife and kids – on your website. I invite you to meet me in The Bronx, Boston, Virginia, The Carolinas, Chicago, DC, Maryland, Detroit, or any place that you feel more comfortable, so we may discuss the realities of “the ghetto” and how you can be better involved.

Mr. O’Denat, in closing I am asking you to remove the footage of the young man being forced to strip naked outside while people look on and another young man beats him with a belt while the camera man pours water on his fully naked body.

This is the link in question, Mr, O’Denat:

This is not the first time you have posted content that has been of this nature, and from the looks of it, this is probably Child Pornography. Therefore, I will forward the link and the video to the proper authorities to be sure that these young people are in fact of age and in full consent of being on your site in such a demeaning fashion. I’m unsure if this will bring about any charges, as there is a huge rumor on the streets that you are in fact working for the feds and are using your site as a cover up. But who knows? Mr. O’Denat, I again ask that you look into the fact that you and your site have misused our Culture’s name, committed fraud and falsely advertised your site as “Hip-Hop”. You have forced the hand of the Universal Zulu Nation to take further action should you continue to promote your “CNN of the ghetto” as “Hip-Hop”, and we are asking with all due respect that you include a disclaimer at the bottom of the front page of your website concerning your company and Hip-Hop Culture. A great
footnote on your site should be:

“World Star Hip-Hop is in no way affiliated with real Hip-Hop Culture or its’ founders or the Universal Zulu Nation. This site solely for entertainment purposes, and does not promote Hip-Hop Culture”

Mr. O’Denat, you are free to use the above language, or you may use any language you see fit that parallels the language above. Please contact me at your earliest convenience, should you have any questions or concerns. I can be reached at quadeershakurmedia@gmail.com or 617-297-7423.


Quadeer “M.C. Spice” Shakur
Minister of Information
Universal Zulu Nation

89 comments on “A Blistering Open Letter to World Star Hip Hop…

  1. Yo Davey, yo Zulu Nation,..yo USA,…my interpretation on HeArt_core Hip Hop’s literally chaos theory is always not literally solved,..and will never be solved by such theories and ongoin standartizations from the upper class and male supremacy. The free mic on floor is a time zone moment and can’t be handle by narratives of dog_math_Ism..so ma dear boiis in the rumble and Queens on equal the stuff blessed,..lets state a concept of ‘Unity’ and not deficit capital_ism welfare of ‘other_ing’…for the praise of a better income or revolution on stage…will be always not televised, ma dilemma is free space of the tones in color.

    Bass_Ism against racism, hetero_sexism, class and religion of age_ism and ability!

  2. ASE Ahki!

    That is TRULY what’s up and being raised in The Borough that started it ALL, The Boogie Down Bronx. I thank you for schooling this brother on what TRUE Hip-Hop is.

    I’m interested in seeing what his response will be, whether or not he will comply and if not be ready, willing and able to face the consequences of those decisions.. Great letter!

  3. This is a beautiful letter. All points given personally and professionally. I saw that site mentioned, some years ago. I was shaken, being a SINGLE mother of four (two are teen boys). The video I saw, (which is still in my head and did cause me some great worry for a few months, toppled with black boys being targeted and killed by law enforcers) was of children chasing a single boy in the streets and into a store, and viciously beat him. For what reasoning? The clip showed an enforcer talking with the single boy, while other children began to gather and chant “Snitch!” right in Brooklyn, NY!!! The enforcer, I felt, purposely ignored the chants, got into his marked car and drove off!! The attack followed soon after. I became immediately worried and fell under stress for months. I hoped that my teens made it home everyday. I hoped they were ok in the streets and avoided “troubled spots”, crowds of teens, and walked in the opposite direction of fights. I lectured them, I prayed for them and all black boys. God shifted my sight after I broke down one night. I felt like I should’ve never watch that video, it traumatized me!! I became paranoid and fearful. If my eldest son was 1 hour late, I called missing persons. I discouraged them from hiphop, and monitored their phones, internet, whatever else I could. I didn’t want them to go to school for fear of them never making it back home. I dreamed of angry children mobs. I wrote it down in my dream journals. I mean, it just went on and on, into Trayvon Martin, and all the new of boys being chased and killed. I closed my facebook seeing ADULTS pass posts from WShH around. Don’t they know that site is poisonous to our spirits?! I’m only one black single mother working hard to keep my children in order into adulthood. When there is easy accessible enticement of these children to destroy, hurt, and kill each other and be a star, we have to wonder who hates us that much to encourage such a site. Who hates me so bad that they want me to lose as a mother, and my sons to lose as people? God has healed my mind, but I only can think about how many mothers are in that place where I once was. How many are walking around silently traumatized, while appearing to be “a strong black woman” for everyone else comfortability. We show any weakness and we’re attacked from all sides. While sites like WSHH molest our childrens souls right in front of everyone. Help us help our children and take them back from evils grip! It doesn’t have to get worse to get better, we can tend to our wounds and heal TOGETHER. Excuse typos and lack of paragraphing.Be blessed and thank you for taking a stand! Contact me should you need another voice to call out to our people.

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  7. Much Respect to you, Bro. Davey, like always, for posting this open letter. Also, BIG RESPECT to THE UNIVERSAL ZULU NATION and to Quadeer “M.C. Spice” Shakur for writing and sending this open letter. This letter is RIGHT ON POINT.

    Way too many people are using the term “HipHop” too loosely. So much to the point, that if anyone want some fame, attention, publicity, money, or to sell a product or promote a television, radio, or website, all anyone can do is simply use the words “HipHop” (or “Hip-Hop”or “hip-hop”) as a gimmick to win people over.

    As pointed out in the open letter above, people are saying they are HipHop, but are not maintaining the core principles of PEACE, LOVE, UNITY, and FUN (POSITIVE JOY). There are SO MANY people who feel that highlighting and celebrating ONLY the ills, detriments, and negative aspects of Black life is what HipHop is about, and that is NONSENSE! HipHop is meant to raise our consciousness, elevate our souls, and take us away from those negative elements that traps us in our daily lives, but you have ignorant people, claiming they are HipHop, that are doing just the opposing! This is why I / we are very thankful for all that you do on this website, Bro. Davey! Hurit’s comment earlier is proof that your website is very appreciated and necessary!
    Thanks for posting, Bro. Davey

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  10. Our present day society is out of control with the internet, as a tool for more crime, lies & hatred than EVER existed, with NO end in site.
    These ‘news sites’ make up & print the MOST SHOCKING (mostly untrue) stories they can just to generate ‘clicks’ to make a dollar. Spreading an OVERWHELMING amount of hate, untruths & distortion of reality just to make a buck. Talk about selling your SOUL to the devil! That site ‘Diary of a Hollywood Street King’ is the WORST! This internet terrorists SEAN MERRICK (hiding behind the fake name ‘Jacky Jasper’) & DERRICK ANGELONE are engaged in wide spread LIES & HATRED against good upstanding people in our community, just to try to make a dollar off ‘clicks’. We need to expose them & start a campaign to boycott ALL advertisers that do business with these extortionists!

  11. I doubt if Q of WorldStar will take heed to this letter until action is taken against him. (Army Green)

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  14. MCing, DJing, Graffiti, Breakin, Beatboxin, KNOWLEDGE…Do not portray HIP HOP as anything else sick vampires.

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  19. i agree with this letter this is the kind of movement we need in todays hip hop world and something i always supported lets bring the truth people..

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  21. I agree with the sentiments expressed here. But let me say this: I’ve never gone to WSHH for any real hip-hop commentary. Its lowbrow entertainment, in the vein of the reality shows that are so common today. However I think WSHH’s purpose is to expose this underbelly of society and make us have the conversation that we’re having. What can we do to fix or combat this problem? Better yet, this speaks to a larger issue in our society, Black as well as general society: the idea that ‘fame’ is an actual commodity to be sought out by any means. WSHH & sites like it turn a light on people we would not ordinarily know or be familiar with, and the people seek the attention in the form of ‘hits’ , ‘comments’ & so forth. What’s wrong with shining a light on those kids getting A’s or young small biz owners? But this seems to be the world we’re in today; where fame & money are the things to be actively sought out, not self respect or elevating a culture of displaying lofty ideals. And, to be honest, if we’ve watched 1 video on there, or watched anything of the like, we’ve all failed our race & community. So let the future discussion be about sites that are the anti-WSHH & let’s drum up traffic for them to start doing comparable numbers. Also, if any product is advertised on WSHH, don’t buy it! We all speak with how we choose to spend $$ every day. Eventually they will get the message. Props to Zulu Nation for this letter.

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  23. “Mr. O’Denat, I pray that you do become a “CNN of the ghetto”, and that you someday get a camera and go to the ghetto yourself to record both sides of our neighborhoods. We still do have neighborhoods, brother.” SUPERB.

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  31. I give props to this letter and all its contents. WSHH is a joke and I’ve never enjoyed the disproportionate views of Blacks and Latinos it displays. Totally inappropriate and demoralizing to the real essence of Hip Hop and its dedication. We need redirection, not self-destruction!!

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  34. Point well made. I do not know the guy, and have no urge to look him up. From your letter I get the strong impression that he is not an asset to any group, only a liability. Peace.

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  40. Unfortunately WSHH panders to the most base desires for entertainment for people. It’s the slowing down for a car crash, it’s the yelling of FIGHT in a bar or school lunch room and gathering around. You can aspire to personally be above such behavior, but stopping people from doing it is nigh impossible.

    If you do truly wish to elevate your vision of Hip-Hop, you have to combat it with better entertainment. Your message has to be louder and cleaner than WSHH. You can not expect WSHH to change, they are the repository for this aspect of society. If you want it to shine less, you have to shine brighter.

    I support you in your endeavor, good luck.

  41. While I agree with the general sentiment and motivations of this open letter — Lord knows the man needs to be repeatedly told about himself — I’m not fully on board with the specific grounds in which Quadeer “M.C. Spice” Shakur, Minister of Information, Universal Zulu Nation couched his argument(s).

    One day those of us of African descent — irregardless of what nation we hail from — will be judged in the same manner as every other classification of human — as the individual and variant beings we are — rather than involuntarily conscripted behavioral barometers of every other member of our race. My personal choices (be they good or ill) are not an automatic reflection on or of every other brown person and neither are Mr. O’Denat’s. I dream of this day like Dr. King dreamed of a mountaintop.

    Is his site deplorable, exploitative, garbage engaging in harmful glorification of the worst in human behavior in general and African-American urban youth behavior specifically? Clearly, the man is a jackass. Is it potentially damaging to the young, the ignorant, the ill-informed, and all other manner of marginalized or “so-called” victimized (for want of a less reductive adjective) persons? Quite so.

    Calling his site WorldStarHipHop.com only reflects poorly upon hip-hop culture however, when one acknowledges that his site might, in some way, have anything to do with Hip-Hop or its larger culture in anyway whatsoever. It. Does. Not. Other than a portion of the domain name perhaps coincidentally containing the same combination of 2 H’s, 2 P’s an I and O to spell the term, his site does not share a single commonality with Hip-Hop and that niggas choices for earning an income ain’t got shit tuh do with me, you or the color blue.

    The mighty C.R. has crystallized my feelings on this point most indubitably – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f3PJF0YE-x4

    To my mind, calling him into question because of how his actions and what he chooses to post on his website reflects upon Hip-Hop — and by extension the rest of us brown humans — is akin to some of my fellow ladies taking exception with certain (hip-hop) songs because the nature and comportment of “bitches” is illuminated.

    Remember – Offense is never GIVEN, it is TAKEN. The choice is your own.

  42. lWell said dear brother thank you for being a soldier for truth, we must stand for what is right i heard about this site from my son who was 15 he was watching two sisters beating the dog hell out of one another,i have gone to this sight to watch the fights, and every time i did after i would be sick to my stomach you are right this in no way shape or form hip hop and if you read some of the comments by white racist bastards that talk about us like dogs it is enough to make u wanna hurt somebody another point u made that that this child porn u r right any child can log on see all manner of filth, to the person that said get a life this is our life we that have money or fame or any thing we think is good we have a responsibility to keep or children and our communities safe this is harmful to us as people. Peace to the black nation all over the planet.

  43. HIP-HOP is not a culture. Originally it was a genre of music derived from R&b and rap. When I was in school the culture of a community consisted of the race of people, the foods they ate, their imports and exports, their religion, hobbies and traditions. From my understranding after researching the HIP-HOP religion they seem to be part of the illumanti. Thats why you always hear the same people on the radio (making black people seem ignorant to other nations and nationalities) and entertaing the government and other big events. Im just sayin this is what ive learned.

  44. the mighty zulu nation snitches to authorities – super weak. wanna see super star fistbumper 008 at home, but not talk about his drone program kill-list in africa, NDAA, and drone program for america – fuk supportn the police-state. feel good about censoring a website, while the real criminals perpetuate the conditioning and profit from it – church and state. upliftment and empowerment for the balance yes, but standing against a website’s use of “hiphop”, instead of the authorities that zulu running to is sheepish at best. have peace and fun till reality smacks yall in the head again. while we at it, lets just ban gangster rap from hiphop altogether, cuz it makes some people uncomfortable… then let’s erase zulu history from savage skulls/black spade gangsters, and only remember the feel good unity that shields us from the conditioning that was forced upon us as a people… yeah that’s “hiphop”… gtfoh.

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  51. Wow, i dont know weather to laugh, or put my right fist in the air. Could not agree more. Whenever i visit WSHH. All i see is beef perpetuated, rumors gossip and what MC is f@$&en who. Not to mention the videos of young black ppl acten like niggas. You got my support, i aint never loggen on to that site again.

  52. Finally, someone with influence addresses this. They turn us into animals by filling our hearts with hate, so they can feed us. They make anyone unwilling to participate in the immoral feel uncomfortable in their black skin, or worse. They enslave us so they can be our masters. Watch runaway slave on Netflix.

  53. to the dude who calls himself “HipHopHead” you are not. if you would think you would know that this letter is not for himself but for HIPHOP CULTURE.

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