Harlem Residents React to ‘Harlem Shake Videos’

Harlem street signSo everyone is doing the Harlem Shake…I been wishing some folks who are actually from Harlem before the pink poodles, fancy latte shops and Pilate joints up would do this and show folks what the Harlem Shake is really about..

I’m old enough to remember when the Harlem Shake is what you said when describing junkies nodding off around 145th..

Of course we had the Harlem Shakedown.. That’s when stick up kids got at you after you left early Hip Hop spots like Harlem World.. Sad part is was usually Brooklyn kids doing it.. Damn rowdy ass BK..LOL

The Harlem Shake is what some would say about thick sistas walking up 125th..rocking tube tops in the summer time..Nothing like Summertime in Harlem

There was the Harlem shake when folks crossed you over on the basketball court.. at various pick up spots around Harlem..Wait till you see the new movie by Bobbito Garcia that focuses on pick up games in Harlem..

Of course there was the original Harlem Shake.. The one that came out damn near 10 years ago.. dance..This new Harlem Shake has been gentrified ..It’s the new planking.. Below is a video from real live Harlem residents reacting to this new Harlem Shake..


10 comments on “Harlem Residents React to ‘Harlem Shake Videos’

  1. Lol moment when the girl called out Cali (among other states) for trashing the original Harlem Shake. I am not from Harlem and know what the real one is like. Also, you know there are Blacks, Asians and Hispanics who are going to think this is a new dance.

  2. There is always someone wishing things were the way it used to be. Fact is, the real harlem shake is now the dance song, and the 30 second internet meme. Just like no one knew the original songs that were sampled to make hip hop, they just love the new tracks. It’s can’t be cut both ways…

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