Christopher Dorner is Dead… Christopher Doner Was Not Django

Django-DornerChristopher Dorner the former LAPD officer who was on the run for the past week is dead..  Many who hoped that he may have escaped and that the body inside the cabin that was allowed to burn before our eyes on live today have to face that fact.. Christopher Dorner is dead..He’s dead and there’s lots of work for us to do in the aftermath.

Folks will also have to face the fact that Christopher Dorner is NOT Django.. In the past few days there have been discussions comparing Dorner to the fictional Django played by actor Jamie Foxx in the Quentin Tarantino movie..I guess it’s nice water cooler discussion, but for the most part  its wasted intellectual capital especially if we have access to the masses..

Truck shot upIt’s been said over and over again…Dorner, like him or not left us a solid trail of information in which he lays out a litney of wrong doings by LAPD.. and it’ll take time, keen organizing and persistence to follow-up. During the manhunt for Dorner we saw three innocent people who look nothing like Dorner get shot by officers in both LAPD and nearby Torrance PD. Their names are;  Margie Carranza, her 71-year-old mother, Emma Hernandez and David Perdue a white man on his way to do some early morning surfing.

None of the victims who were shot in cases of mistaken identification came close to resembling Dorner nor did their vehicles. The names of the officers who shot these folks have not been released. I called LAPD this morning and they said they had no idea when the names would come out. They also wouldn’t tell me the status of the officers, whether they were on paid administrative leave, suspended, still working etc.. LAPD spokesman said, no further information was available because they were still investigating.

We do know from the initial reports that the officers were placed on administrative leave and that the shooting involved 6 officers and not 2 which was what was commonly reported. We also know that a new truck was being bought for the women via donations and that Chief Beck of LAPD apologized to the women admitting they made a mistake. We wanna know why weren’t those officers arrested for such a mistake?

We also know that due to the protection and privacy clauses found in Cali’s Policeman’s Bill of Rights, there’s no way for us to know the records of those officers once their names are released.  In other words, we don’t know if any of these 6 officers involved have a history of deadly force or abuse or if they were just hard-working folks with clean records. We’ll have to trust that a department accused of coverup and distrusted by large segments of the population they serve will do right by the people and give us a thorough investigation..

David Perdue who has also been identified as 'Dan'

David Perdue

The case around David Perdue also identified as ‘Dan’ in some news stories who was shot by Torrance police is even more troubling..He was on his way to surf when he was stopped by police who ran a check on him and sent him on his way.. A few minutes later there were gun shots…Those gun shots were LAPD shooting up the bright blue pick up truck of the two Latina ladies delivering newspapers..

According to the Torrance police report:

As Torrance Police Officers responded to the location, they observed a truck suddenly leaving the area matching a similar description of suspect Christopher Dorner’s vehicle. A Torrance Police patrol unit, occupied by two officers, encountered the black truck, collided with the vehicle, and an officer involved shooting occurred.

Both officers involved in the collision were not injured. The sole occupant and driver of the truck was not hit by gun fire and had no visible injuries at the time of the incident.

Members of the Torrance Police Department would like to send our thoughts and prayers to all law enforcement agencies, their families, and all innocent people who have been affected by Christopher Dorner’s actions.

This incident is being investigated under the command and direction of Captain Bernard Anderson of the Special Operations Bureau and the assistance of the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office.

Torrance Police smashed David Perdue's truck-Will the TPD get him a new truck?

Torrance Police smashed David Perdue’s truck-Will the TPD get him a new truck?

I have not heard back from Torrance PD to see if they have released the names of the officers who have been described as ‘reckless’ in their behavior around this incident. Early on their actions were defended and deemed ‘reasonable’ considering the circumstances..Many of us beg to differ. There is nothing reasonable about being rammed off the road by police and then shot at..

With all this in mind and folks calling Dorner , the New Django, here’s some food for thought…If one wants to invoke the name Django, the best course of action would be to follow-up and make sure each and everyone of those officers who shot at innocent people are punished and not walking the streets as peace officers.

I say forget the debates.. do the hard follow-up by staying on the case of the egregious wrongs we saw play out before our very eyes..That would include the police setting the cabin on fire and letting Dorner burn alive while they stood on the sidelines and cheered..

In the movie, Django had to work and develop his skills as a shooter before he went to deal with his enemies. Instead of comparing and contrasting Dorner with Django, how about we develop our activism and political skills as people who love and demand justice and accountability from those technically work for us?

Dorner left behind a widely read manifesto..For those who feel he was a hero of sorts, how about honoring him and following up on the charges he laid out? He left names, dates, times and place..Familiarize yourself with them and never let up until questions are answered and change has occurred.


Candyland Plantation was destroyed in Django thus ending its reign of terror.. LAPD ‘Plantation’ still stands and its business as usual

The focus should be on making sure LAPD and other police agencies are vastly improved. The fact that LAPD and other police departments are so widely disliked is the reason so many people cheered on a guy who was accused of killing 2 cops and 2 innocent people.. In the minds of many, Dorner’s egregious actions weren’t too far removed from the realities far too many have experienced. How will we bring about improvement there?

Discontent with the police ranges from folks in the hood under siege for the wars on drugs, gangs and every other vice the police like to heap on entire groups of people, to the students, activists involved with the Occupy Movement to folks who by no fault of their own saw the economy tanked, lost their jobs and then their homes through foreclosure and had to deal with police holding it down for the banks and locking them out..

In the movie Django was given a couple of breaks from Shultz played by actor Christopher Waltz that he took advantage of which led to him being the hero that burns down the Candyland plantation. He tells the other slaves they are free as he moves toward his total liberation..

In real life Dorner was killed.. Candyland aka LAPD was not burned down and police terrorism and corruption is still here..If you really wanna make a comparison, Dorner is actually more like Shultz. Its through his manifesto and subsequent actions of the police in their attempts to capture him gave us all a match exposing wrong doings of LAPD..The question is what will you do with that match?

30 comments on “Christopher Dorner is Dead… Christopher Doner Was Not Django

  1. Well said. It is a longstanding, deepseated source of anger for me that despite repeated incidents dating back at least to Rodney King, that the demands for and efforts at changing the culture w/in policing agencies fail or just do not happen. Anywhere. Even with “Indpendant Police Auditors” in various cities, nothing happens. “Administrative leave” is a joke: it means they are off the streets and still getting paid, and are still accruing their seriously FAT retirement benefits (this is a whole OTHER level of scandal which I know plenty about but won’t elaborate on here…). To my knowldge, there is NEVER any effective punitive action, and the folks who hire them (mayors, councils, etc.) seems stupidly ineffective and making a core change. The internal culture of the police forces that results in horrific, heinous, indefencable behaviour/action continues unabated, despite activism. It’s some sick s#*t, heinous, psycho-sociopathic sick s#*t. So I continue to ponder what it will REALLY take to effect change, and rout out the deep-seated corruption and collusionary behaviours, etc. ………………………..

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  3. Again I’m asking wheres the attention concerning the first black cop that was killed with his Asian girlfriend?Where was the coverage of his funeral and all the cops attending his funeral?Why has nobody mention this fact?

  4. Chilling? let me explain…………………………………………………………………………………..

    To see a “PD” in a “Democracy” unmistakeably send an ‘assassination squad’ not to subdue & apprehend, but to terrorize, confine, torture & assassinate by immolation. …..
    N O O N E, NO, NO ONE,
    If you “collectively as a ‘force'”GO ahead and continue to act this “charade of denial”, then, even then, no one, including you, is buying it.

    The thing with denial is that in order for it to exist, underneath, the existence of the truth, the facts, will continue to burn. AND BURN.

    What was done to Christopher Dorner is, on another level, is what you LAPD “collectively as a ‘force'”, ARE DOING TO YOURSELVES – AND TO ONE ANOTHER. PERIOD. FULL STOP.

    That is what’s Chilling!

    My hope is that somehow the political will, insight, over and under-sight, support and grace will be lavishly furnished for those who want it. That is not to say “free pass”. But to have the balls to “man-up” like Christopher Dorner did, but without killing anyone else AND without being burned alive.

    Christopher Dorner, has blown a big hole in the wall of corruption, how it is used is up to ALL individuals. Chose a view that empowers, find support, organize, advocate, be fearless & wise.
    SEEK to understand, by all means, BUT L.A. you must also now OVER-STAND.
    **What You’ve Been Missing – Exposing The Noble Lie**

  5. I am really glad to see others really questioning the “good guys”. Just because one is dressed in blue and wears a badge, mean that they are not corrupt to the bone. It is a misconception that we like to project in order for us to live in our rose tinted world of safety. The LAPD has been known for being a really crooked police force (along with others) but LAPD’s offenses, when caught and brought to public light, seem really eggregious and just to think… those are JUST the ones that they were caught on tape doing! Imagine how many hundreds of other offenses that they are probably responsible for and just get away scott clean for it. It is disgusting and it needs to be really REALLY looked into. The entire police culture needs an overhauling if you ask me and if we are at it, we could throw in the justice system too. For Dorner to have gone off the deep end to do this to those 3 people, he mush really had been pushed just about as far as one could go. Afterall he was wiling to give his life in order to bring this to the public…. Thank you for putting such intelligent thought behind your writing…. I wrote this post a few days ago. If you would like to read it, feel free!

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    The idea of the social contract was a hijacked idea from its very beginnings and as a notion it was ideally fitted to be carried over by others as mere justification for utopian schemes and political stances. Rousseau, who I like to read, is not a serious philosopher rather he is a philosophizer, like Locke and Hobbes – the distinction very important. A philosophizer contributes, but philosophy is a cut well above such freelance speculation. Philosophy is a discipline where all parts must agree and reaches its perfection in creating such ultimate agreement by and through reason as reason.

    A philosopher, like Kant’s militant boompin call for aesthetics in ‘cell of colors’, have an entire elaborate, and finely argued, epistemology to rest their social speculations upon. Locke, Hobbes and Rousseau are skilled artisans rather than science actualised in this regard, their speculations are provocative thoughts and isolated notions which have to be dealt with with interpretive care — for instance that the idea of a social contract is an imported notion from a lower science (jurisprudence), it may enter as short-hand into a philosophy, but a lower science cannot intrude in a higher more abstract one — jurisprudence cannot define society as society defines laws.

    Some times questioned by a cold beer and Bull-Roti dhaal dish,..I’m not familiar with Thoreau’s view on social contract, but I doubt that his opposition to it extended to a full rejection of contractarianism. The 19th century abolitionist and anarchist movement in America generally believed in the sanctity of contracts, but would bring into question whether things like slave contracts were valid, usually according to natural law.

    A good resource which might closely approximate Thoreau’s view is the theory f Cops institutions on dis_ability essay No Treason.


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  10. There are few “media” people questioning the Dorner situation in a way that’s critical of LAPD actions. Mainstream media abdicated its responsibility to cover events firsthand by agreeing to vacate the scene and turn off its cameras. Once those cameras were turned off, police were free to write their own version of events. Note it took them 4 days to present a narrative even though they knew what went down from day 1 because they were there. But they had to come up with a story that explained the radio commentary picked up by the media and make sure that everybody was on board with that version & that it would stand up against challenges. (Though they haven’t addressed the multiple finding of wallets and IDs belonging to Chris Dorner).

    Nobody is questioning either how such an intelligent, seemingly likable guy turned into a vengeful killer. This guy was not a gangster, not a felon with a record. How did things get this bad? Who were his friends he spoke to on his cell phone? What do they have to say about Dorner?

    Yesterday, I was listening to NPR discuss Dorner when they took a call from a former arbitrator on the LAPD Board of Rights panel. A white woman. She said she knew nothing about Dorner’s case, but she could testify that the panel had problems and that cases like Dorner’s were not unusual. She said she worked there when Gascone was involved. She was giving details about the corruptness of the system but the host actually cut her off, ending her call!

    The media has lost all credibility in my eyes. They’ve become propaganda machines, mouthpieces of The Authorities; they no longer serve the public’s interest.

    There’s a lot to try to understand about Dorner and why he did this, and I hope there are people out there who will pursue answers.

  11. LIES AND POOR DECISIONS (LAPD) = CORRUPTION, Did Mayor Villaragrossa LIE on National TV about the MILLION DOLLAR REWARD MONEY for whoever calls and confirms C. Dorner’s whereabouts? YES. by making it his business to say that they’re splitting up that money without asking permission from the folks that called 911. Can U say LAWSUITS? I thought U could.1). C.J. Dorner’s family should SUE lapd for illegally terminating C.J. Dorner employment for doing the RIGHT THING which is part of lapd policy (Whistle-Blowing aka Snitching or telling). 2). C.J. Dorner’s Family should SUE lapd and the L.A. Fire Dept. for NOT coming to put out an ACTIVE cabin fire seen by the world, (So our LA Fire Dept. don’t exist?). 3). All The Victims and their Families should SUE lapd for CORRUPTION which lrd up to this tragedy.. Rest In Peace all those that lost their lives in lapd’s bull crap

  12. *********************************************************************************************************
    1. I’m also asking wheres the attention concerning the first black cop that was killed with his Asian girlfriend?
    2. Where was the coverage of his funeral and all the cops attending his funeral?
    3. Why has nobody mention this fact?!
    4. Were they paid actors???
    5. Where was the coverage?
    6. Where was the coverage?
    7. Where was the coverage?

  13. Davey! I really appreciate your take on this Dorner tragedy. Especially important are your insights about the need to do the hard work of accountability. The reason these issues persist is because it is simply very hard for normal people to come home from work and organize and stay vigilant to hold dirty cops accountable, but that is exactly how any change in our country will happen. I struggle with this myself and so do most people.

    I also want to thank you for all the work you do on this site. I cover HipHop and politics in a similar way and everyone can listen to my interviews with rappers (Brother Ali, Homeboy Sandman, Soul Khan and more), producers (Numonics, DJ Nu Mark, and more) and other public figures at A few of these interviews (Soul Khan, Reks and Numonics, Rapper Big Pooh, J Pinder) are at Thanks! Peace.

  14. Government needs a crisis and will try 2 provoke a civil war………”spoiler alert”

    “Fewer than a 1/3 of the potential voters in the US elected this president and his actions have been such that he’s becoming widely seen as illegitimate. The criminals must have their civil war before enough realize the scam and refuse to participate. Waking up just as quick are the police and military; without their minions, the State’s power will slip away as law enforcement, soldiers and Marines refuse to obey. Hence the breakneck speed with with the State’s violence is ratcheting up.

    We know from publicly available information that a disinformation campaign is underway. We have historical evidence that this criminal government engages in false flag attacks. What we see here is a promotion of fear of the government. But more, there is provocation because the criminals who operate this illegitimate government understand they cannot frighten everyone. Government needs a crisis and is provoking a civil war. Hence the choice of gun control as their subject matter over other emotionally divisive issues which can never be resolved such as gay marriage or abortion.”

  15. My thinking goes to the posting by Mark Ames To:the shooting desk on the Huffington Post article dated Feb 20,2013: Wrongful Termination: Chris doner’s Terrifyingly Banal Killing Spree. Pull that up Internet and you decide.

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