LAPD was Never Spooked by Christopher Dorner..Something Don’t Smell Right

Davey-D-purple-frameOver the past week, Southern Cali police had more than 1000 officers combing mountains, stopping traffic on major freeways where cars were held up for hours, they offered a million dollars making it the highest reward ever offered for a wanted person in state history and that’s just for starters…

During the past week, LAPD shot 3 innocent people without identifying themselves as police officers.. They set up 50 separate security details to protect the families of cops who were ‘threatened’ in the manifesto said to be written by former LA cop Christopher Dorner..

During yesterday’s shoot out in the San Bernardino mountains’ near Big Bear they allowed a cabin where Dorner was said to be held up to burn completely to the ground.LAPD spokesman Andy Smith was livid when it was suggested that police had identified the remains that are supposedly in the burnt down cabin.. He said that the building was too hot to enter and that it would take some time to ID the body.. Police as of this morning 2-13-13 are still on tactical alert ‘looking’ for Dorner…

I want folks to look at some of what I mentioned and really think about this..I know many who dislike the police would like to believe that one man had one of the most militarized and largest police forces in the world, was spooked over threats and subsequent actions from one man..Some have gone so far as to call Dorner a modern-day Django. Others have noted that Dorner with his military training gave him a tactical edge and made him the most dangerous suspect ever faced by LAPD…

Daryl Gates hired lots of military men to work for LAPD

Daryl Gates hired lots of military men to work for LAPD

While its true Dorner is a military guy, he’s not the only military guy. LA under past chiefs like Daryl Gates, and  William H Parker before him, made it a point to hire military men to be on the force. Again LA is one of the most militarized police forces in the country..LAPD has long prided itself on having the latest tools and weaponry at its disposal. Many of the police practices we see around the country come from LA including SWAT Teams which originated in LA..  There are lots of former Navy Seals, Green Berets, Marines, Special forces guys etc..all up in the ranks of LAPD and So-Cal police forces in general. So yes, Dorner was a trained cat not to be messed with, but he was not the only one at the party who could get down. There are just too many cats with similar and superior skills on that force that would not be spooked by one cat..

Again let’s think about this..On the criminal tip, Southern Cali is home to some of the most ruthless, well armed and vicious organized gangs.. The Mexican mafia, Armenian mob, Aryan Brother Hood, Skin heads, Biker gangs like the Mongols & Hells Angels Russian mob, drug cartels of every stripe, Crips, Bloods etc.. This is gang land for real..and many of those gangs are openly hostile to LAPD, yet we have never seen the resources and all stops pulled up to confront them, the way they did Dorner…We never saw this much power even after some of those gangs were deemed domestic  terrorists..and even after we’ve seen some of these outfits do everything from murk entire families to terrorize entire families or ethnic groups..

There have been several rebellions in LA over the years, the most glaring the 92 Rodney King Rebellion.. After the acquittal of the 4 officers accused of beating Rodney King, LA erupted as members of some of LA’s largest gangs that had recently formed a truce, sat on national TV and pretty much promised to go after LAPD.. We saw the Parker Center police headquarters destroyed by angry mobs.. We saw armed groups, many of them gang members take to the streets..

During that rebellion we didn’t see LAPD spooked. Families weren’t protected.. a thousand cops were not on the streets ‘looking for any one man or even a bunch of men.. We didn’t see officers including Daryl Gates have 50 protection squad units.. At the end of the day LAPD wound up shooting and killing more than 20 people during the rebellion..During the height of hostilities we didn’t see LAPD spooked.

During the hey days of the Black Panthers, US and other Black and Brown militant groups that routinely mashed with LAPD and had shootouts we did not see the type of resources to track down and confront any of these groups, the way we saw with Dorner..and we know LAPD went pretty deep with those explained by former Panther Erika Huggins

Some suggested LAPD went all out because Dorner was deemed a serial killer Cali has had more than its share of serial killers and we never ever saw massive manhunts like this. Not here, not anywhere.. Freeways weren’t shut down for hours, safe houses and protections squads weren’t assigned to everyone in danger.. I recall back in 200-2001 when the niece of former LA Police Chief Bernard Parks was killed by gang members we didn’t see this type of all out manhunt or even all out efforts to completely eradicate the gang. Nothing like what we saw with the quest for Dorner..So why now? Was it because he was a rogue cop?

For those unfamiliar with Southern Cali, there’s a few other things folks should know about how the police get down.. There have always been rogue cops.. For example, for a long time, LAPD and LA sheriffs had beef with each other and it was not unusual for squads to actually square up and go at each other like a gang..

David Mack LAPD was a rogue cop reporteldy a member of the Bloods

David Mack LAPD was a rogue cop reported to be a member of the Bloods

We also know that long before the Jump Out Boys, a rogue gang of cops  recently exposed for shooting Black and Latinos leading to seven members fired the same day Dorner posted his manifesto, that Southern Cali police departments within their ranks had long had social clubs/ gangs  many of them white supremacist.. But as we saw leading up to the Rampart Scandal and the saga behind Death Row records and the death of death of Notorious BIG,  there were Peace officers of color who were associated with street gangs including the Bloods. The point I’m making there have long been rogue officers, some friendly, some not so friendly to the force, but still never this much manpower to quell…

Say what you want, but this situation with Dorner has the looks of police not scared of one man, because he made threats or had weapons. This had the look of someone trying to find something.. What that something is, one can only guess, but as I said last night when they let that cabin burn and then announced they couldn’t tell if the man reported inside was Dorner.. ‘something don’t smell right in the city of Angels ‘

What did that man know and was all this man power simply to stop him or retrieve something he had?  Was the mission to make sure he went to his grave with sordid secrets? We may not get immediate answers to any of these questions, but we best keep asking.. LAPD no matter what they say was not spooked or felt they was in some sort of imminent danger as they would like us to believe..not with all those resources, man power and history.. Nn the words of Public Enemy Can’t Truss It..

27 comments on “LAPD was Never Spooked by Christopher Dorner..Something Don’t Smell Right

  1. Do people realize that various media outlets actually released doctored manifests where he admitted the murders and went on political ramblings? His real manifesto only talked about the police corruption. That’s why the cops were out to assassinate him.

  2. Regarding ANY GOVT Branch and The YT-Controlled MEDIA I use a PROTOCOL that was instilled in me by MY Grand-Parents along with ELDER Relatives with REAL KNOWLEDGE about this country’s History as it pertains to BLACK AMERICANS…

    BELIEVE Half of What You SEE and NOTHING of What you HEAR…

    Your CONCLUSION ABOUT THE TRUTH should never be dependent upon ENTITIES that are designed to DECEIVE THE MASSES (WORD…)

  3. @ELove, A lot of what you see is fake or Photoshopped too…

    3 innocent people were shot. As I recall, one was a very elderly woman. A presently UNIDENTIFIED person (or group of individuals) where riddled with bullets and set aflame. I don’t understand how that can be okay with anyone. I expect/would like to expect, that those responsible will be held accountable, but after this display, I doubt it.

    I agree, I think he knew something, and every member of the police force searching for him clearly had orders that he wasn’t to escape this manhunt alive. I kind of hope he did. There is so much corruption in this nation… in the police force and otherwise — It needs to be exposed to the American people. And Lady Justice should no longer be painted blind to innocents killed and convicted for convenience. At some point Facts must Outweigh Fictions… he was dangerous, but in a trial, not a body bag, is where his sentencing should have been carried out.

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  5. @Jessica
    Yeah that 1st ASSAULT BY THE POLICE was on a truck with TWO FEMALE Occupants (Daughter and Mother that was 71 years old…) The Daughter suffered MINOR Injury from the BROKEN GLASS and the Elderly Mother was hit TWICE IN THE BACK BY BULLETS… The Police Department said they would BUY HER ANOTHER VEHICLE Though O_o

    Btw The MEDIA and HIGH-END Magazines have alwayz had PHOTOSHOP TOOLS at their Disposal… Far TOO MANY Historical Event Photos-n-Videos were DOCTORED aka ALTERED TO REFLECT THEIR REALITY (Yup…)

  6. Interesting point, Davey D.

    I will run that through my mind and see what shakes out because I was just yesterday and this morning noting that that cabin was allowed to burn completely to the ground (and who set the fire, anyway?) and wondering if Dorner had any type of files with him, and wondering why the hell – if he was in fact in the cabin and was killed – why the hell wasn’t he completely out of the country by now?

    He had to have known – or has to know, if he is still alive – that the LAPD and whomever else is on the police playing field with this will kill him on sight. He was not ever destined to make it to a court or a jail alive. So what else does he know? And is he – or it – going to pop up later?

    Good call, Davey D.

    As for all of the militarism – the LAPD and other police departments have long made it known that they import Israeli police and military in to give them seminars, tips, and training on ‘crowd control.’ (

    And make no mistake – read carefully – whomever they hunted down in the Big Bear woods, they used a drone to do so. And what is it with all of these other cops popping out of the box lately, wanting to tell all? Because, the bottom line is that all of these folks are still police, and this wanna be hero worship is senseless and just doesn’t wash. This isn’t a wild wild west movie!

    Christopher Jordan Dorner was – or is – still a police officer/ex-police officer. He was attempting to clear his “good name,” while exposing the facts and figures for all of the crud we always knew was at the bottom, in the middle, and on top of the barrel of police departments and tactics.

    Millions of AFRIKAN people have lost their lives and/or loved ones at the hands of this country’s systemic governmental racism and violence. Furthermore, the U.S. is built upon an escalation of systemic violence, within its borders, and exports it like its candy in wars of invasion and occupation.

    Christopher Dorner was trained in the mentality and the usages of said violence. He was proud of himself as a good and moral person – and as a good cop, within the confines of that morality. He was offended that his good name was besmirched and that he was racially profiled for being a whistle blower and fired.

    He was/is not John Brown – although a point can be made for his being an escaped and enslaved AFRIKAN being hunted by the enslavers. But even that must be tempered with the fact that he was/is a cop/ex-cop – which translates to his being a house nigga w/ several guns and maybe some more extremely damaging info.

    He wasn’t/isn’t even the spook that sat by the door. He wasn’t out organizing anyone. He was fighting for his dignity and self esteem, and heavily criticizing the work place in which he chose to live for however many years of his life.

    People have to be just as crystalline clear in their thinking about Christopher Jordan Dorner as is necessary to be about Barack Hussein Obama.

    Barack Hussein Obama is a warmonger to his heart. This was obvious even before he was (s)elected the first time. Further his popularity was beginning to wain a lot during the middle of his last term. He needed some serious brownie points.

    So guess what? Completely out of left field, all of a sudden he comes up saying he’s put together this major uber Navy Seal strike team that has trapped and killed Osama bin Laden, the reputed head of al-Qaida and then buried his body at sea. (

    There is even a freaking Holly weird movie about it now…

    How often have we seen this pattern? Black Hawk Down after the miserable failure of a U.S. invasion into Somalia. Breakout, after discussion and whispers about the virulent ebola virus used as a weapon of chemical warfare. Three Days of the Condor when everything was so hush hush about the so called ‘5th Column – a super secret CIA within the CIA…

    The meld of Holly weird and State Department warmongering-cop movies is an endless list.

    So – Obama says he and an uber U.S. Navy Seals strike force killed bin Laden in 2011…


    I don’t think so. Because in 2007, then Pakistani president Benazir Bhutto said, speaking in English – in an interview w/ David Frost (program entitled Frost Over the World) on 2 November 2007 – that Osama bin Laden was dead by the hand of special assassin Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh in 2001. This is the same Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh who was one of the persons convicted of setting the trap that allowed U.S. journalist Daniel Pearl to be captured in Karachi in January 2002 and beheaded.

    Obama’s comment about that was that Islamic radicals sawing off a man’s head with a butter knife “captured the world’s imagination.”

    Those You Tube videos are becoming fairly scarce, now. They almost cannot be found.Maybe they are being systematically taken down, I don’t know.

    But 6 weeks after that interview and statement, Bhutto herself was dead, via suicide attack, under extremely suspicious circumstances. A cone of silence was dropped over the entire revelation. Even though reportedly over 600,000 people saw the interview, and it was the talk of the town for months afterwards. And the U.S. government offered a reward of US$25M (25 mil) for bin Laden’s body – dead or alive…

    But NOBODY – not the FBI, CIA, NSA, nobody – commented on what she said at all. It wasn’t a “slip of the tongue.” Neither David Frost nor Al-Jazeera asked any follow up questions. Everyone pretended that she didn’t say it.

    And now, even these You Tube videos, where she makes this comment have either been removed and/or do not play any more, and/or are very very difficult to find….

    Information is being heavily colonized. And drones can even snatch it from your emails.

    So – what’s a world class military presence, (complete w/ drone) with enough fire power to damn near topple a small country doing chasing one upset Afrikan ex-police officer man w/ a bunch of guns?

    And to what extent is his former boss, William J Bratton, now a “consultant” hired by Oakland’s stupid city council to help ‘clean up’ Oakland’s brutal police force, coordinating things from Oakland?

    Riddle me this and riddle me that.

    Dot dot dit dit, dot dot dash…

    Damned if I know.

    All Power to the People

  7. Okay Ladyz and Gents,…whats about the goolden school of militant ‘liberation’ debate out of medias bias and equal by Frantz Fanon’s ‘black skin//white masks’…ill communication of Faithbook and other stupid tweets on a brother way out of such a shame to wear the uniform of deficit capital_Ism victims by lobbys?

    Those concepts I alluded to are ethical phenomena of “High-Culture” and the rightful “value-modalites” underpinning the grounding and maintenance of high culture–merely some among many others. Cops never pre_vailed the beef eyed agencies as such…

    Heartless moral weakness, ignoble slavishness of spirit and mindless barbarism of mentality inseparable from the “common man”? The German people as their fellow citizens were massacred en masse, in slavish passivity of sheepish gutlessness. The cowardice of the anonymous collectivized, urbanized ant-heap of dissociated atoms, indifferent in emotional reaction, expressing no heartache of due moral ire as the lone women is allowed to be raped and murdered in the alley. The vile semi-ape savagery of the type of pastimes the common man dissipates his time in subjection to vicious habits, the self-victimized slave of unreasoning brutish impulse–the moral ignobility whose moral antipode is ELEVATED ALTRUISTIC MENTAL AFFECT of EMPATHETIC, SELF-SACRIFICING NOBLESSE OBLIGE and self-overcoming of the passion-bound fetters, in the empirically de-conditioned Kantian GOOD WILL.

    The common man has a heart of stone, morally–and this is the simple reason honestly, why democracy, as practiced and theorized, fundamentally cannot work in any intelligible sense. (Democracy is only thinkable within an endogamic group of aristocratic souls–is the concept reasonable?) The plebeian infantile brain-matter is voluntarily undeveloped, and his “infant-brain”, no matter how high in empty quantity of I.Q., is entirely enserfed to the sensual appetites and primitive hungers–the dark-side of human nature, a noble culture categorically contains, sublimates, transfigures, channels, and mortifies to ensure the existence of actually human civilization.

    The supposed fungible individual of liberal-democratic egalitarian political theory, in its destructively naive, delusively optimistic misconception of human nature, simply does not exist–every human character has its own destiny and nature. Due to the “moral entropy” of karmic metaphysical law, the common, average individual human specimen is symbolically “soulless” really, as self-chosen servants of uncivil urges, dead to all refined moral sensibilities, incapable of just moral self-mastery, conceding rights to injustice where injustice enjoys no such rights, and overall, the “common man” is accurately described as swine-like or pig-like, truly. To employ modern psychology, the common human being is a slave of the Id, and the thanatos-instinct opposing the actualization of a proper “cultural super-ego.”

    I agree–Spinoza, in his anthropological understanding, is ordinary-minded in the extreme. His “soft elitist” comments hardly offer any intellectual nourishment–he only reiterates simple reality. The untenable illusion of humanitarian goodness of human nature interconnected in the democratic fallacy is vastly, unduly under-appreciated in Spinoza, I believe, to his detriment and integrity as a real thinker, let alone a political theorist. DEPTH IS NOT HERE, is what I sense when reading Spinoza…

    Your usage of “outmoded” strikes me as progressivist and positivist and possibly neo-Hegelian and historicist in meaning–what precisely do you mean in this popular critical expression…? Do you believe Truth is Ageless…?

    Dear fellow, I’ve dined on Tocqueville since my adolescence–there is no philosopher of counter-modern, spiritually-aristocratic ideals, of idealistic nobility of spirit, I am not familiarized with, in deep-most soul depth… NOBILITAS of soul is my belief, compass of ethics, my passion… I suppose the liberty-loving democratists can eventually imprison or crucify me for “heresy” if I don’t perpetually squeak mouse-like this passion one fine day…I am what I am…my given spirit cannot be taken from me, I apologize, demolaters of modernity…

    If a true expositon of how democracy can exist without moral corruption as inevitable corollary, of how democracy can co-exist with higher aspirations of the mind and spirit, etc.–I am not inhuman, and willing to listen. But I have NEVER experienced this wishful-thinking, in all my polymathy and, frankly, doctoral-professorial degree of erudition…

    I don’t “blink” like most, and thus am socially estranged in modern existence, as a given, of course…


  8. Great post! And very well written. This is good information for those unfamiliar with Los Angeles history.

  9. As soon as the police ordered a camera and media blackout, they began constructing a story about how Dorner died that they’ll use their media spokesmen to sell to the public. And we already know that MSM like CNN & CBS etc. only talk to police and other media. Do you see CNN calling up daveyd for comments? What’s even more shocking–or not–is that Media complied– rolled over and turned off their cameras so that there’d be no camera evidence. Now police are free to say anything they want, and media will repeat (not report) it.

    You’re right. Something is reekingly fishy about this whole thing.

  10. They found his wallet and ID three separate times now, once next to a body which was charred beyond recognition. So many lies.

  11. Yeah. I disagree with this. I think we are now trying to sensationalize even further something that is already extraordinary in itself.

    There is a reason why these first world countries fear asymmetric warfare. There is a reason why the LAPD fears a black man they scorned who had an operational understanding of it and as an officer, had the unique ability to train others in the art of unconventional warfare.

    Gangs, for all their organization and structure, are not military units. They may seem so to civilians, but they simply are not. Gangs, for the most part, are NOT revolutionary organizations. They seek to exist within the status quo, not create major upheavals of said status.

    Dorner was a problem because he ATTACKED the status quo. ATTACK. He set objectives and then proceeded to go after them in a military sense. ATTACK. This included pursuing “targets of opportunity” such as the pigs that weren’t even LAPD as well as family members of his targets who were deemed acceptable targets. ATTACK. (Although i do NOT believe he called to taunt Quan.. DOESNT fit)

    If they were NOT shook, then why have a protection detail on damn near every one he mentioned and then some? If they were not shook, then why did a police captain state openly in the media, that he was scared and that he would not be coming out his house? PsyOps? Dont think so, Captain. If they were not shook, why they gun down two (that we know of!!!) vehicles?

    I think… sometimes we are so used to seeing ourselves as being the underdogs, that we have no idea what it looks like to have the advantage, the initiative, to ATTACK.

    All the major pig forces and major departments have ex SOCOM and JSOC operators… That doesnt mean they werent shook everything they went into combat, it doesnt mean they didnt shit themselves when they got caught in an ambush, it doesnt they are invincible and it damn sure doesnt mean they are ready or even want to deal with a threat, especially one that knows how to “speak their language” of ATTACK, in they own backyard. Their language as in children as viable targets, their language as in active seeking targets of opportunity, their language as in total war. The language and philosophy of ATTACK. When its mano-a-mano and you cant call down a 2,000lb JDAM to neutralize a hardened enemy position, of course you shook, when you know there’s a .50 cal pointed at you… Of course it scared the shit out of them. Thats why they were so quick to burn down the cabin. Western military’s fight a unique form of modern warfare that has very little “man-to-man” and “straight-up” combat. LAPD was placed in a unique position of having to fight man-to-man in their own backyard. Fuck yeah, that shit scary.

    In the streets, they already outnumbered. And its not difficult to find an unaltered copy of the Manifesto… which is actually… to be perfectly honest, MORE dangerous than the Anarchist’s Cookbook in the concepts and terms it contains and their demonstration recently in the media…

    The Brotha was dangerous because his rules of engagement, of ATTACK, were just as liberal as theirs was/is in Iraq and Pakistan. Oops, meant Aghanistan… But this in their own backyard. Of course they were shook. Still are. ATTACK.

    Are there still questions unanswered? Without question. Is the ID reminiscent of 9/11? No doubt. But that pig that got hit with that .50 cal…. Ima leave that, at that. ATTACK.

  12. @Abiola…yep, agree. And that, being ATTACKED, made them pretty much hysterical w/ fear and rage compiled on top of their hatred etc. issues

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  14. i married a black man and i have seen what caucasian men do and say to my husband…he faced many racial issues in workplace and public especially when they find hes married to a white husband and i have been together 13 years and have 2 children. he now works in healthcare but these rednecks, i hate that term, dont care…all they see is color…this is 2013 but they still face racism that is unbelievable to me… sad thing is that when it”s reported the one reporting is always the one to lose…sad but so true…Dorner did what he needed to in a desperate situation.i do not condone murders but i do understand the anger and desperaion he must have been feeling…he was pushed to his limit…obviously a very trained & intellegent black man and still got raw end of the deal…this story captured my attention from the start and while i feel for the families of the murdered my thoughts and prayers are with Mr Dorners family. A TERRIBLE HEARTBREAKING SITUATION TO GO THROUGH KNOWING ALL HE WANTED WAS JUSTICE AND IT’S A DAMN SHAME NO MATTER HOW RIGHT A BLACK MAN MAY BE HE DOESN’T STAND A CHANCE IN HELL AGAINST THE WHITE MAN. I HOPE IT ISN’T HIS BODY THEY IDENTIFY. AS A WHITE WOMAN I’M ASHAMED TO ADMIT MANY OF OUR PEOPLE STILL LIVE IN THE PAST AND DON’T GIVE FAIR CHANCE TO OTHERS THAT ARE EQUAL TO THEM NO MATTER THEIR SKIN COLOR…

  15. LAPD was Never Spooked by Christopher Dorner……………………………….Something Don’t Smell Right ………….Don’t Smell Right, Don’t Smell Right ………….Don’t Smell Right.
    And Don’t Smell Right ………….Don’t Smell Right.

  16. I think you definetly have a point. Look at the way the media reported this, like they were all reading from the same script. “Mad Dog Killer”. Makes you wonder what ‘s really going on?

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