Jesse Jackson Pens an Open Letter to former LAPD Officer Christopher Dorner

As the massive manhunt continues for former LAPD officer Christopher Dorner, Reverend Jesse Jackson has stepped in and penned an open letter to him… I hope Jesse uses his clout and organization to investigate the allegations of corruption within LAPD.. Your thoughts on this?

Some of the controversies involving Reverend Jesse jackson has led to us questioning the state of the Black Church

Dear Christopher Dorner,

I understand your feelings of hurt and pain. I make this plea to you to stop spreading the pain, the hurt, and the fear. Please stop. Don’t take any more lives.

Christopher, your mother is distraught and deeply concerned for your safety. There are many good and credible people in Los Angeles who will help you. Danny J. Bakewell Sr. (The Los Angeles Sentinel’s Executive Publisher/CEO),

Bishop Noel Jones, Bishop Kenneth Ulmer and Rev. Charles Singleton are all individuals I know personally. I promise that they will gladly receive you.

I will do whatever I can do for you without hesitation. Please contact me through Danny Bakewell at the L.A. Sentinel at 323-299-3800

Reverend Jesse L. Jackson Sr.

Coalition-Keeping Hope Alive

Christopher Dorner


43 comments on “Jesse Jackson Pens an Open Letter to former LAPD Officer Christopher Dorner

  1. why would dorner hand himself over to who he imagines to be “the enemy” in war? there is no reason for him to surrender. he is steps ahead of the police, and has already made them look like fools. jesse jackson is either lying or having extremely wishful thinking.

  2. I think this was dope of Jessie.. I don’t think Dorner will turn himself in though. “They” will kill him before trial.. If I were Dorner I wouldn’t turn myself in. It is sad that it had to come to killing but he fought it through the courts and the system failed him. Again, not saying I support the killing but not sure what I would do put in his position. I applaud Jessie though.

  3. Doner is no folk hero, he’s a bum. He had it in for a cop so he murdered his daughter and her boyfriend who had nothing to do with any of it. That’s a punk move. He then goes and kills a couple of other cops who weren’t involved in what set him off. He has yet to confront the actual cops he has an issue with, to hell with this dude.

  4. Hmm..can’t blame the Honorable Rev. for making that plea, but Dorner…can’t turn back now. What’s in it for him? A chance to stand trial where he will be villified and most assuredly convicted w/special circumstances…if the PD doesn’t torture him to death while in custody and make it look like something else? He has nothing to gain by surrending. Maybe he will hear, feel it, and stop any further murder plans by taking himself out…. Also, anyone with a serious level of military training/combat exp. is trained/programmed to kill, and that matrix destroys basic aspects of their own humanity. Once that switch gets flipped it can be hard or impossible for some folk to manage that…lethal. ( yo, spent many years of my time on this blessed earth w/a Viet vet of special forces Marine recon unit….seen it 1st hand) If Dorner has gone to “that place”……no comment.

  5. Okay I’m too far away and I’m afraid of the citys record on homeless_ness the OldSkool and not having a serious transit for ‘walk the lines’, but this media coverage is absentiaa and asket the ‘uniform’ as deBaath of french Congs the lyrics into German pathologies to handle the African-Amerikan-community as Latin separated by believe that perverts clothes ‘give debates for real mankind of fascist Cops who semantic the narratives into semit_Ism as Egypts in Nazi apology’s wants. I am ashamed of this style,…but woods has a question on vandals unity! Respect for rebellion!

    Pre_1989 aeronautics was body politics!

  6. People who have serve this world to me do not get enough respect to see what they have in come to the united states and see the stupid shit people do is ridiculous.I have so much love and respect for whom ever have serve words can not explain as for Chris I hope he realize the pain he is causeing for his Mother she did a wonderful job as a black woman raiseing him do not let her work go in vain enough do not leave her here to carry the pain of the LAPD PIGS

  7. Sad to contemplate, but we all know what would happen to Dorner if he took advantage of a safe harbor and turned himself in. The LAPD would continue to destroy him. They’d find every mistake, every conflict and amplify it in order to discredit his complaints. Then one day some inmate would kill Dorner before he even went to trial.

    I have to wonder how Furhman & Gates got promoted–despite their evil deeds–while Dorner was fired for “allegedly” telling a lie. Where is the equal justice in that action? What kind of faith can anyone have in that system?

  8. The LAPD has already shot 3 people just because they were driving trucks alleged to resemble Dorner’s truck. What on earth does Jesse Jackson think he’s doing but attempting to flat out get this man killed.

    He’s apparently missed the memo in the Manifesto that Dorner wrote. Christopher Jordan Dorner knows that if he is cornered anywhere in this world the LAPD-FBI-coordinated strike force-whatever machine that has its nose open for blood will kill him on sight. Remember Troy Anthony Davis? He turned himself in too, and look what it got him—22 years later murdered by the state even though everyone from the former head of the FBI and the freaking Pope tried to get 6 chicken headed/handkerchief headed house negroes (from the presidency to the board of prison terms) to see reason and they refused.

    What on earth do you think Bratton’s Bunch (even though Bratton is now entrenched in Oakland) is going to do if they get Christopher Dorner within their grasp? There wouldn’t be enough of him left to ID.

    So here comes Jesse Jackson, pretending that he’s stopped playing with other men’s wives, trying to be a hero. Idiot! The only thanks he’d get would be from lynch mob that’s presently chasing Dorner.

    Jackson needs to re-build his own family, and step back from trying to re-up his tarnished image before he flat out gets this man killed.

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  10. Hey Jesse! Dorner is an ATHEIST!

    Problem is that Mr. Dorner isn’t no regular dumb-ass nigga who believes that Jesus Christ will save their soul. Hey all you dumb negros: If you believe in Jesus then why did he allow you to be slaves, be discriminated against, have your wives and children taken from you, have your wives raped in front of you, not allow you to sit at the front of the bus, be regularly discriminated against even in this week! (see Disneyland), put y’all in the worst neighborhoods, give you the worst of educations, have you kill each other without assistance that whites are given, unfairly sentence you to crimes for small charges that whites REGULARLY walk away from and don’t get sentenced, you niggers are DENIED in every aspect of life and yet……………………………..the first person you thank is the Lord Jesus Christ your Savior.

    Hear me now and believe me later. IF THERE IS a Jesus (which there is no historical proof of ever actually being) and there is a GOD (No proof ever in the history of the world since the beginning of time itself) then those two guys if nothing else could be concluded that JESUS AND GOD FUCKING HATE BLACK PEOPLE!

    Think about what I said while “yo be at yo church todayz, ya hearz me!”


  11. Perhaps if Dorner believed, he would have had hope, faith and, the trust that he did not have to kill innocent ppl. I do not agree with murder, but I do admire his courage to sacrifice his life in an attempt to make visible the vile injustices and crimes against humanity, I am the female version victim of Chris Dorner and I believe in Jesus. Six years and counting being haunted, Gangstalked and terrorized just because Jeff Feinberg and his goons could. They worked overtime to turn me into a Dorner, but my belief in Christ – I do not have to – watch and see,

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  13. Dear Jesse, Turn yourself in for being an accomplice in the assassination of Dr King in 1968. We know you worked with the government in getting rid of our beloved ancestor. The cat’s out of the bag (see the reopening of Dr King’s assassination case in Dec 1999) and Dick Gregory’s/Steve Cokely’s townhall meeting in Memphis (youtube)….

  14. Jesse Jackson’s acquiescence to power and the status quo rendered him meaningless years ago. He doesn’t care about people getting killed if the authorities or the military are doing the killing. The LAPD murders blacks and he doesn’t mind.

  15. God still sits on the throne whether you believe or not. I pray that this man touches his heart and comes to know Christ as his personal savior, cause only He can save. Stop thinking of this world and its damages as permanent then you too can believe!

  16. Yo my niggaz, pray to the white god that the white man forced your to pray to! Try not to get shot tonight! Ya’heaz!

    Don’t you worry about me, I live in a good neighborhood and shop at Whole Foods (shizz that store may as well be Mt. Everest to you (wait…since you prolly don’t know what Mt. Everest is either, it may as well be a better neighborhood full of educated-atheists far away from you).

  17. fmc gusto, folks in your GOOD neighborhood are all the crooks and mass murderers, columbine, newtown, corporate greed, you folks get rich by stealing not working.

  18. Mary beel. If you want to see me, rent CB4! But I definitely agree with you. You are absolutely correct. That is actually one of the problems, if blacks in this country were/had been given the same opportunities as other immigrants such as Russian, the Irish, English, etc. there would be little racism. In fact, racism against Blacks actually did not occur for most of the world’s history. Blacks were seen as different but not inferior. That is a very recent viewpoint. In the times of Romans, blacks nations of Africa were seen as equal and even better in many areas. Anyway. I am glad I insulted you. Goto and read some of that black woman’s words. She is very smart and knows that Christianity + Slavery = blacks being shit on. Best.

  19. Mc gusto…not sure where you are getting your history from. Simply put…you are wrong…and i’m not gonna take this space to school ya.. And, uh…I live in a good neighborhood too, just happens to have alot of lower income folks o’color and artists and a pretty damn goodly amount of sometimes violent crime, but you know what?…it is a very very good neighborhood. Oh, and yeah, i shop at Whole Foods and a bunch of other places too …so WTF. Check yourself, you thin.

  20. Christopher is a hero, I hope your safe and warm , Jesse can not keep the real thugs from killing him, let”s get real. They will shoot him onthe spot.If you have a heart and give a dam, go get his mom and sister, take care of them.Christopher will not be able to do that anymore, for this man with all the guts and glory. The church made up the devil and then went looking for him. Ilene from texas ya”ll

  21. Occasionally ya’ve a problem of narcissistic approaches on a brothers behalf the custody of all retiring in ‘CA’ and abroad what the next one has in Oakland do with an agent suited bomb built up and then for the next paragraphs recession on more prison sentences then ever a ‘critical man’ could do….history ‘X’ and movement will such debate about persons of color can roughly equate the syntax of a formal language to it’s grammar, and the semantics to the meaning of it’s utterances.

    More strictly, the syntax of a formal grammar is the set of rules setting out which symbols you are allowed to put where, and the semantics sets out how the symbols are to be understood. So in Propositional Calculus the syntax specifies that you may write P v Q -> P; but not P Q v ->P; whereas the semantics might say that the P’s and Q’s are to be understood as statements, and not questions or commands. The blaxploitation on media boulevards semantic side of the metalanguage of a formal language. But in philosophy of language/linguistics, “formal semantics” often refers to object language level formalizations of some natural language. It’s an unfortunate ambiguity, because the formal semantic approach to natural languages is itself a formal language with its own formal semantics, i.e., the semantics of its metalanguage.

    Best wishes from -3,8 °Celsius –

  22. Reblogged this on Tina Fakhrid-Deen and commented:
    From the murder of Hadiya Pendleton here in Chicago to Chris Dorner’s manifesto and triple murder, my heart is raw from aching. On one side, violence and on the other, the societal issues that keep the violence, pain and hate growing among us. What are your thoughts about how we can root out the issues that are causing this pandemic violence?

  23. Dorner is a murder and a scumbag. He deserves whatever he got. It sickens me to see even this handful of people thinking the nutbag is somehow justified or (God forbid) righteous in his murderous quest. I hope when he is done burning in that cabin they piss on the ashes.

  24. Prov. 19:5 a false witness (Officer turn attorney Quan,, Teresa Evans, LAPD devils, Jeff Feinberg, Verizon et. al) will not go unpunished and he who breathes out lies will not escape. 18:21; Prov 18:7; Prov. 19:5 ; Prov. 12:22; Prov. 13:5 prov,14:5 expdus 20:16; Prov. 29:30; Prov15:28; Prov. 10:19; You are one sick demonic beast! And every evil you wish on an innocent great man driven mad by your wicked LAPD counter parts may come back to you and your depraved sick mind 10 fold. Quan is getting hs effin karma for hs lying tongue. John 10:10; Prov. 1:25-26; Prov. 6:6-19; You like them need to be institutionalized in a psychiatric prison because you are the demented ones driving good people mad. God help your souls for when his wrath & vengeance consumes you stank beasts!

  25. It is the incompetent, idiotic, spine and gutless, ill and uninformed, insensitive individuals with mind sets such as yours who create a greed driven world; i.e., a world ruled by prison and military industrial complexes, rising internal para-militarism, corrupt police, corrupt elected officials, media, medical/health professions; and insensitive, psychologically debilitating social structures, and warmongering. This world, is specifically designed by moronic individuals such as yourself – to kill and maim people and their lives en masse for centuries.

    And when the people say, “no mas,” and rise up, people like you up the kill ratio per minute. Then you simultaneously bleat about how ungrateful “those people” are when you decree that “we the true people” are to be herded like so many sheep and cattle, to live and die according to your whims and caprices – for our own good, of course – after you’ve stolen everything from the water in our eyes to our lives.

    Yet, you will stand up on your hind legs cry out that you don’t have enough houses to foreclose on, nor enough tax breaks, nor enough yachts to play in, nor enough people to kill. You therefore “justify” the shoot to kill actions of salaried minions who are so “specially trained” and in such “control” of their limbs, that they “accidentally on purpose” shoot to kill on a daily basis – even if the shots hit the wrong targets and/or hit targets unknown.

    Take for example, what’s unfolding in LA…

    Way to kill a defenseless truck, morons.

    And hey, offering to replace [read: bury the body] by substituting a new truck in its wake is just crass. The body isn’t even cold yet. Its death throes haven’t even been registered properly with your spin doctors.

    This just has cover-up written all over it and is as gutless and crass as the action that killed the first truck – and nearly killed the people inside. For let us not forget, KV – that INSIDE the truck were two Latina women. More importantly, inside the truck, there were 2 human beings – who, coincidentally, were neither male nor AFRIKAN, much less 6′ 4″ tall and 270 lbs.

    The actions of the LAPD in that instance happened in front of the world, during a media blitz designed by the state’s paid killers for maximum visibility. –

    That action by the LAPD – proves everything Christopher Dorner said about the LAPD, and should have vindicated him immediately. But no – that would have destroyed all of their fun! The police know their own code: they have a license to kill with impunity, wherever it suits them. They KNOW they have no intentions of bringing Christopher Dorner in alive. The LAPD – and their hired guns – went out with a kill order and license to use it. Christopher Dorner was to be terminated on site.

    So tell me KV – Now that the spin doctors are saying that Dorner is dead, who makes Emma Hernandez and Margie Carranza well and whole again? Who other than the families – will make it point to even track down records and preserve what is left?

    After being shot, traumatized, and nearly killed by the LAPD for driving a blue truck while delivering newspapers, what are the charges against Emma and Margie? Driving a blue truck? Driving while Brown? Driving while female? Delivering newspapers before 12:00 noon?

    And KV – what does the kill order say about enforcing an APB by killing a truck while shooting 2 people for the price of one? Putting aside, of course, the highly insignificant detail that neither woman even remotely resembles a 6’4″ 270 lb. AFRIKAN Man?

    Please tell me, KV – what “punitive” measures will the 5 cops involved in that shoot receive? Paid administrative leave?

    Really KV – you’d better check yourself before you get your panties on fire and twisted in a bunch about pissing on some unknown ashes. You’re about to wreck yourself and end up by yourself – while pissing through a straw.

  26. I’ve never seen such self pity and whining in my life as I’ve seen in some of these posts. This “hero” you’ve latched on to has killed, in addition to those cops, some poor girl and her fiance. How pathetic to make this paranoid bozo your latest celebrity.

  27. Whether you agree with Dorner or not, he showed that the authorities in California were just as much of a public threat as he. Watching those cops point their rifles and scatter guns in the faces of passing motorists and firing on others without confirmed identity is criminal. They looked aloof and panicked. Who the hell is in charge there? Had I done something such as that in Iraq, I would be spending the rest of my days in Leavenworth. Hell, Dorner was not even combat arms you would have thought they were searching for an Audie Murphy. Amazing that these are the type of ass clowns that think they can disarm the American populace. Anyway, a combat infantryman’s perspective from heavily armed fly over country.

  28. The Empire strikes back. They have done Chris Dorner in. His saga is finished. This is that galaxy far, far away, where the dark side of the Force will crush the rebellion. Where is Obi-Wan Kenobi when we need him?

  29. Serious2020 you are fucking delusional. This “great man” you are lauding is a murderer plain and simple. He didn’t even keep his barbaric quest to the group he targeted (the police) but instead kills an innocent woman and her fiance . . . yeah thats a real hero, maybe if you have the mental capacity of a 4 year old. You can take your conspiracy bullshit somewhere else and try and sell it to some other mental midget, because I am not buying. Finally you can pretend like you know me, but all that does is further prove what a moron you truly are.

  30. Here where black,or white we all won’ted chris to beable to come threw this on TOP no body agree with people getting killed what is questionable is WHAT IS GOIng ON AT LAPD a man might have to give up his life for the truth but the way he go About it we as people might not agree on it.Until you become the man who get’s kick in the HEAD RIP Chris might your soul be forgivein.

  31. Its like you read my mind! You seem to know so much about this, like you wrote
    the book in it or something. I think that you
    could do with some pics to drive the message home a
    bit, but other than that, this is wonderful blog. A fantastic read.

    I’ll certainly be back.

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