RIP Bebop Jazz Legend Donald Byrd

Donald ByrdWe lost one of our great legends. Bebop Jazz legend Donald Byrd died earlier this week and with him went an important era.. Here’s some music and a quick interview to look back upon..

9 comments on “RIP Bebop Jazz Legend Donald Byrd

  1. Pray a rainbow for all the visual deconstruction lysis for the swing of antifascist narratives will be miss now. Pray an Electroo_Phunk acid veteran for Krauts blessed the b-side as diamont community shoppin centree….Salaam! Nothing but a love song! Respect Davey D.

  2. Some more mirroar stuff from postfascist Europe is the ‘tiiiii_Kheeee’Skill of color the bodyment as aesthetical mad dog! Hell ya blunts outta space boiin BOINC belle!

  3. My heart is both saddened by the lost of the great Donald Byrd. Mr. Byrd had given us so much great music ranging from traditional jazz standards to hard hitting jazz/funk excursions. This brother will be truly missed, but his music, life and legacy will continue to live on for generations to come. Rest in peace Mr. Donald Toussaint L’Ouverture Byrd II.

  4. when i remmember dr byrd i alway think of lee freddy ct woody shaw that werea time in our historyin music african r kerub music blessed 2all whom became ancester hotep

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