Black death has become an addiction, a political football when convenient and a marketing tool…it is also something with each passing day can’t be ignored…If we are not bothered by this, then something is seriously wrong….Here’s a video of Hadiya in 6th grade speaking out on gangs.


Do you remember? Remember when you were young and carefree? Think back on how excited you would have been with an early dismissal from school into warm weather and a park nearby. Remember wanting to just cool out for a minute, hang on to the laughter and silly antics of  your friends before heading home to chores and studying? Time travel to the time when life was so full and promising, back when you had the zeal and energy to really live it?

How old were you back then? When did that all end for you?

Well for Hadiya Pendleton 15years old was her time. A baby really, just getting her taste of life’s promises. A scholar attending King Preparatory High School on the south side of Chicago. An enthusiastic student, a member of her school’s volley ball team and it’s band that just performed at President Obama’s Inauguration, a…

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  1. And it’s been going on since the days of the ships that came from Africa in 1500. How many unsolved murders in the plantations down south, the civil rights movement of the 60’s and 70’s or in Iraq and Afghanistan? Add every major city in America to that list. Does our beloved President, Uncle O order enquiries into the atrocities committed in the past? No he does not and that’s why he is a fraud IMO. The US government has long been readied to crush any resistance to their tyranny. Taking power from the people and the gun control issue is another example.of how they operate. By using a horrific event to further their quest of controlling the masses. The reason their has been no Sandy Hook response is because America don’t care about people unless they serve them and also because the whole country was built on injustice and inequality.

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