Occupy Skid Row: Public Enemy’s Historic Concert Exposing LA’s Dirty Secret

Chuck D Occupy Skid RowLos Angeles Community Action Network and Public Enemy came together last year for a historic event called Occupy Operation Skid Row. It was a musical festival featuring legendary hip hop acts like Cypress Hill, Kid Frost, YoYo, Mellow Man Ace along with General Jeff of Rodney O & Joe Cooley.

Jeff for those who don’t know is dubbed the Mayor of Skid Row, because of the work he’s done for years to try and alleviate the harsh conditions of one of the nation’s largest concentrations of homeless and LA’s dirty little secret..As Chuck D pointed out the overwhelming majority are Black and they are shunned and ignored.

Below is a short documentary that brings the event to life.. It also touches upon some of the challenges facing those on skid row as well as how this large homeless population gets used by police to manipulate crime stats. Many are arrested for petty crimes like sleeping on sidewalks, urinating or drinking in public.. Their arrests get entered into crime databases and help highlight favorable results.. This was a tactic former LA Police Chief William Bratton did when he was running the department.. He arrested over 27 thousand people in LA skid row in a 3 year period and gave out 36 thousand citations.. Skid row is home to 15 thousand people.

You can peep the interview we did with Chuck D on the eve of the event...HERE 

You can also peep the concert /documentary as well.. Enjoy and Reflect


7 comments on “Occupy Skid Row: Public Enemy’s Historic Concert Exposing LA’s Dirty Secret

  1. Davey D– Wassup, my brotha!!!!….Long time, no talk!!!!!…..As one of this events co-organizers (not performer) I humbly thank you for this post and PEacefully inform you that the “official” names of our event were the “Operation Skid Row Music Festival” and the “Occupy Skid Row Music Festival”…The actual date of the event was Sunday, January 15th, 2012 on MLK,Jr.’s birthday, not the 16th….I was mainly responsible for booking the majority of the acts and also keeping the LAPD from shutting down our historic event…..Naysayers said it couldn’t be done, BUT we did it!!!!!!

  2. occupy Europe, will begin a tour in Germany. I was wondering if you can help with this upcoming event and also in LA, for Unity…Lets chat facebook, albertine harris or skype me rash360

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