Why March Madness is Awesome

When you think March Madness versus the Superbowl or the World Series the NCAA Championship basketball seems to stand out above the rest. But why do fans bet on March madness over the others? It’s one of the most unpredictable sporting events that is ever changing throughout the competition. Many believe that the Madness of the game is the box office draw, because college teams battle it out to attain the victor over a series of games. Not only is it an unpredictable sporting event it is also has no continuity from year to year.

The faces change every year as many players move up to the NBA while it’s the end of the road for others. However, the ever changing teams are like pieces of a huge puzzle that one feels connected to though Alumni status or hometown college team. When you think of March Madness your body gets that itch, that intrigue and that undeniable urge that you have to watch, even though the game seems unfair.

In addition, March madness has so many great aspects surrounding it that one cannot turn away. The crazy month long battle is like an addiction for most men and women who love basketball in general. The games are intense, fast paced and some of the best basketball games to watch live or on your TV. Moreover, one can admit that adding a wager on the game or joining a Madness pool is probably one of the most gratifying feelings especially if your predictions are accurate and you walk away the winner.

In closing and after all the criticism of the tournament one may say that it is unfair and a terrible way to crown a champion, but that is what makes March Madness so awesome!


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