Hip-Hop Chess Federation & SF Universal Zulu Nation Chapter Team Up For Coat Giveaway

Adisa Banjoko

Adisa Banjoko

San Francisco, CA- Founder of the Hip-Hop Chess Federation (HHCF) Adisa Banjoko aka “The Bishop”, and All Tribes Chapter of the Universal Zulu Nation in San Francisco have joined forced to give away winter coats to teens.

“We will be giving away more than 50 coats that All Tribes collected as donations during the end of 2012” said All Tribes Minister of Information DJ Kool Dizzy. “We are using John O’Connell as a distribution point because HHCF told us that some of the kids here were coming to school in just t-shirts. The San Francisco Bay Area has seen some freezing temperatures over the last few weeks. We knew we had to take action.”

“I know the holidays have technically passed, but we see young people in need of warm clothing all over” said Adisa Banjoko of HHCF. “The Universal Zulu Nation has always worked hard to help kids and I knew they were working on a coat drive. I invited them to give the coats to some of the kids at John O’Connell and everything just came together. We hope those seeing HHCF and Zulu working together,  inspires other individuals and groups to work together and help people in their area. The strategy here is to keep kids warm, plain and simple.”

zulu All TribesThe coat give away will be Friday January 18th 2013 at John O’Connell High School and will be exclusive to the students of the school.

For more information on Hip-hop Chess Federation visit www.facebook.com/hiphopchess and for information on All Tribes Universal Zulu Nation Chapter visit www.facebook.com/AllTribesSF .

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