Slain Rapper Left Behind a Song Addressing Killings in Chicago

Slain Rap Artists Johhny BWe are all gonna have to step up and demand a different social and political climate for us all…The recent passing of rap artist Johnny Boy Da Prince aka Johnny B in Chicago is becoming all too common…

On January 10th 2013, rapper Johnny B had just left the studio and decided to do a stop over to see a friend before heading home and was shot 8 times in the back and left for dead after leaving the friends house in the West side of Chicago. Police are still investigating and there are no suspects in custody at this time.

Johnny B wrote and recorded this song to highlight violence in Chicago and unfortunately he became victim to that violence he wrote about. This is the song he recorded. Unfortunately the song was not completed but I think its best to post it as he’s called “Just Like You



6 comments on “Slain Rapper Left Behind a Song Addressing Killings in Chicago

  1. Wait just a damn minute, you mean to tell us that nobody even has a clue as to why this dude was shot 8 times? 8 Times? That’s not usually random or a case of crossfire, somebody really wanted that particular dude DEAD! Something’s missing here and this article seems a little half-assed.

  2. Brother Knowbody XXL, you sound like this is an extrodinary incident. Didn’t Slick Rick make song saying: “This Kinda Shit Happens Every Day”, all across America and beyond. Until we take and hold ourselves accountable…It Don’t Stop. Praise be to our Creator.

  3. I knew Johnny personaly, and I highly doubt it was mistaken. They probably heard about his deal and killed a person I known sense the fifth grade,its just niggas hating. R.I.P Johnny Boi

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