Piers Morgan vs Alex Jones… The Gun Control Debate

An interesting exchange between  CNN’s Piers Morgan and Alex Jones about gun control..Thoughts on this?


Jones was part of the crew of folks who created a petition to have Piers deported… As you watch this keep in mind, this is the same Jones that in Texas many Brown folks see him as a staunch anti-immigrant Nativist who promotes the offensive “Reconquista” conspiracy theory which has in many ways been fuel for far-right wing forces anti-immigrant militia forces.. In short Fear of Brown Planet…He expresses those sentiments HERE

Because he speaks on police brutality and will speak against certain types of government oppression, many have gotten sucked in believing he ain’t all that bad..Think again.. Here’s a few pieces  1) http://www.thomhartmann.com/users/political-fingers/blog/2011/05/alex-jones-neo-confederate-racist

2) http://www.irehr.org/issue-areas/race-racism-and-white-nationalism/item/376-who-is-alex-jones

3)  https://hiphopandpolitics.wordpress.com/2009/06/17/i-hate-arabs-more-than-anybody-desperate-army-recruits-neo-nazis

Piers Morgan  & Alex Jones

11 comments on “Piers Morgan vs Alex Jones… The Gun Control Debate

  1. So your going to trust this guy over Alex? ”A New World Order hatchet man”. And this site proclaims to be REAL HIP HOP? Nobody not even Alex Jones is not immune to the distortion of mass media. We live in a very twisted world. I’d trust Alex Jones before I trust Barack Obama or his predecessor George W Bush. If he were such a racist why did KRS and Professor Griff (yes people, PE Minister Of Information) feature on the Obama Deception? Alex’s expose of our beloved President being a frontman for the ”white” corporate elite. Why did Prodigy from Mobb Deep appear on the Alex Jones show denouncing the Illuminati? And oh, none other than the Black Panther Of Hip Hop PARIS appeared on Alex’s show. Oh yeah, he’s such a damn racist. How about putting those guys on your site before you put some ”white” guy in a suit. So those guys aren’t HIP HOP and Piers Morgan is? The truth can very easily be ”whitewashed” in this world of mass media, I thought you knew.

  2. @Chris You make some valid points. However,I still believe Alex is a dis-information agent. He lures people in with half-truths. He does say the truth at times but he doesn’t tell the whole story. And this “exchange” clearly looks staged. Alex is doing some really bad acting.lol

  3. Hey man, if you want disinformation agents check the 6 o’clock news. Switch on to Fox News and see the worst kind of propaganda around. I stated that even Alex is a victim of mistruths in the mass media and I feel he is often misunderstood. How much distortion has been out there since 9/11? And we all are subject to it, no matter what you believe. If you step to Alex and ask him str8, ”Are you a racist”? I’m sure he would more than gladly answer that question. Better yet how about asking those rappers I mentioned their opinion of Alex and they will tell ya. Homeboy, I been listening ta HIP HOP since 1984 and I have seen the change it has gone thru. If I didn’t give a damn about it, I wouldnt be here shooting my mouth (or keyboard) off about this subject. But to believe a guy like Piers Morgan who never in his life has given a mouthpiece to Rap artists and not someone who consistently has had HIP HOP truthers on his show is a travesty. Why doesn’t this site get at Mac Mall who features Alex on his new album Rebellion, which is the best I have heard all year and ask him what the deal is with Alex, instead of Simon Cowell’s no 2 boy,co-judge of America’s Got Talent and supporter of the War On Terror. If you want to see Piers Morgan get shot down good and proper, You Tube his name and Jesse Ventura. He likes to ask questions but refuses to answer any, why because he is pushing his own agenda and wants to discredit guys like Alex and Jesse which sadly has succeeded on this site by the looks of things. Keep it real kid, HIP HOP 4 LIFE.

  4. Peace Brother Davey D and Everybody,

    I happened to actually tune into this episode of Piers Morgan live last night and I was shocked and appalled by Alex Jones’ commentary and rhetoric. I am not necessarily hip to everything going on in mass media, whether it be the left or the right whether it is regarding the issue of gun control or other issues. Nonetheless, I feel that this exchange, debate or attack by Alex Jones, highlights the worst of the current state of our political discourse. This exchange was definitely a spectacle and very likely staged.

    I have lived in some remote and rural parts of this country in recent years and met numerous gun enthusiasts, who have utilized many of the same arguments that Jones used on this show. The main point that Jones doesn’t want to accept is that America is a hyper violent nation with unacceptable homicide statistics. Something must be done! This is especially critical for the Hip-Hop generation and minorities in our nation, who have continually been the disproportionate victims of murder. Alan Dershowitz, the acclaimed lawyer, who appeared on Piers Morgan following Jones, made a statement that struck at the heart of the right’s claim that gun ownership is “as american as apple pie.” Dershowitz stated, “It’s racist and bigoted to say that guns are quintessentially American.” There is an implied notion that gun ownership is liberating and essentially a civic duty. Although the 2nd amendment does ensure our right to bear arms, the reality is that many of the legally purchased guns are not only funneled into the black market but they are also the primary weapons used to kill white school children, which is the real impetus for the aforementioned dialogue.

    There is a twofold issue that upsets me most about the gun control debate in America. One is that our public’s attention is only drawn to the gun control issue after blood is shed that happens to be bled by our nations racial majority, when blacks are 6 times more likely to be victims of homicides and 7 time more likely to commit murder than whites (USDOJ). The second issue is that many rural gun toting Americans use this previous statistic to justify their own gun ownership and xenophobic hostilities directed at black and brown people and their voices dominate the public national discussions about gun control and reform, when African Americans need to be at the center of this discussion. As a result, mass shootings at predominately white schools always generate a temporary national discussion while inner-city gun violence in impoverished communities is never properly addresses outside of increased law enforcement and prosecution. This gun debate only highlights the fact that there are a plurality of American experiences with gun violence but that one trumps all the others. Whether its psychotic gun toting people, xenophobic extremists, or the gun violence resulting from the governmental neglect and disregard for black and brown urban residents, I feel and know that our higher levels of melanin result in our less audible cries and less protected lives. America’s heterogeneous demographics and systemic racism continue to prevent us from moving forward. Until we tackle the legs of the gun violence issue in our nation we will be unable to prevent the advancing and impending violence that threatens to consume US.

  5. Greetings to you all and I hope the knowledge on this blog helps us all discover what it means to not just be an American but what it means to be a human being.

    For centuries man has been battling with each other with varies issues that is troubling their respected societies. America as a country is no exception to this rule The America we live in today has changed vastly due to enlightenment of the human race. Second by second we are as a nation are setting examples to other nations what we stand for and what we believe in. Watching the debate that was passionate and yet very controversial I have gathered that there are many issues that are not address to the average American. I have followed and examined for a long time on both Alex Jones and Piers Morgan on their platforms and what they both feed to the American public and the world. Both respected on their areas of expertise they both have the power to influence individuals because they both have a open platform to share their views and ideas. I respect both men and heard their arguments about guns and what laws or actions should be taken place due to the wake up call that happened in Newtown, Ct.

    Let me first say that their are three things that sells globally in a substancial and illegal amounts. Drugs, Guns, Human trafficking. These three ongoing issues have plagued us all for sometime now and its time to really sit down and discuss these things accordingly. These three things that sells all in some cases are mesh together in many degrees to the point they are all poison to the human soul.

    Guns have been around for a long long time and will continue to be circulating the world whether we all like it or not. I personally do not condone guns and i believe even as a responsible person who carries a firearm accidents do happen that can lead to death. However i believe also that we live in a constitution republic and it is a right for us to all have guns. People today are weary about our elected officials and the government trying to take control on each and everyone us. This worry is to the point that we are paranoid that this country will become a police nation. Look at the example at England where it is unlawful to carry a firearm and look at the violence it still going on in the country. Imagine that same violence on US soil if guns was ban. I do want more laws in place to protect ourselves from the harmful usage of guns but i think if someone is going to access a gun they should have an evaluation done on them before obtaining a weapon. People and guns do not mix like oil and water.
    Inner cities today are victims of gun violence whether it be from gangs, police, drugs etc. but personally i think it is all planned in those inner cities to commit genocide of perhaps a race. (my opinion of course). Both Alex and Piers did not mention this at all and i felt sadden by that fact because this can help/hurt their argument tremendously. When gun violence hits black communities nothing really is done but when it hits affluent communities then it gets the politicians attention. I can name one city if that same incident that happen in CT happen there it would not be a forefront and that is Detroit. Detroit is riddled with gun violence, human trafficking, and drugs. Education is a major key to stopping these issues and there is not enough of it on some parts of the country. People are acting primitive due to the lack of education that is presented in their lives. i do not only blame that but i also blame medications that can alter or even control people to do things that they dont suppose to be doing. i blame the media for art imitates life (basketball diaries, columbine shooting)
    my thoughts on this is so much i can only say so much on here….

  6. The more I look at this “interview” I can tell it’s very much staged! Alex should get an Oscar for this performance!lol

  7. Oh yeah KP, of course it was staged. Just like every other event in modern history. What goes on behind the scenes? What’s real and what’s not? How do you know if you weren’t involved or weren’t responsible? What’s the true answer? Trust Obama? Piers Morgan and CNN? Davey D? or the person who typed this piece of trash? Those guys ain’t on the level of KRS 1, Paris, Professor Griff, Mac Mall (REBELLION AGAINST ALL THAT THERE IS), Immortal Technique, Prodigy of Mobb Deep or Alex Jones IMO and they NEVER will be.

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