When a Rap Battle Gets Racial and Turns into a Brawl..

Rap Battle BrawlThis is when doing a rap battle and popping off on the racial and homophobic tip goes wrong… Here a cat is going off making disparaging remarks and talking greasy about his opponents sexuality and him being a Native .. He says something about defecating your race.. Apparently enough was enough and dude gets socked by a bystander… Not sure how sexual and racial insults showcase skillz..


11 comments on “When a Rap Battle Gets Racial and Turns into a Brawl..

  1. Well the guy who was…trying to rap got what he deserved. If you make a comment in this rap game particularly on the street, you best believe that you live by it and must be prepared to take the heat for the wordz you put out there. This fool looks like a str8 punk to me and crossed the line from battling (if you can call it that) to provoking.

  2. The guy that was struck in the face was not showing any lyrical skills. He was just talking! I can’t really call this a rap battle.
    Thanks, Bro. Davey!

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