Editorial: America’s White Male Problem.. (Fear of a Black / Brown Planet)

Fear-of-a-Black-Planet-brownJust came across an interesting article on Alternet this morning called America’s White Male Problem.  It’s written by Frank Schaeffer an author and former right-wing Evangelical who talks about one of the underlying reasons behind some of the nihilistic directions this country seems to be taking has to do with deep-seated fears and pathology and not politics.. Here’s an excerpt of what he wrote…

The American political process is being hijacked by a reckless, whining dangerous gang of psychologically damaged white men who are far-right ideologues. I used to be one of them. It’s time to tell the truth about our white male problem.

Not everyone who disagrees with the president is a racist. Not even most people who do are. But the continuous attempt by the white far-right in Congress to shut down the government rather than work with our black president has a lot to do with racism. And lurching from manufactured crisis to crisis isn’t about politics; it’s about pathology. It doesn’t make sense politically to take the blame for risking America’s future — and the Republicans know they will take the blame — so how can we conclude other than something else is going on here?

I’m not talking about the white young male mass murderers we’re afflicted with carrying assault rifles courtesy of the NRA. I’m talking about the white far-right males who hijacked the 112th Congress and are set to destroy the 113th. They have metaphorically done to our country what the killer in Newtown literally did to 20 children, and for the same apparent reason: alienation from the mainstream and retreat to a paranoid delusional fantasy land of — literal — mental impairment.

This has less to do with politics and more to do with the fear and mental illness that grips a willfully ignorant minority of white males. But the mainstream media is talking about everything but the underlying racial, cultural and mental health issues afflicting the white male minority of far-right congressmen holding us all hostage. And the extreme insanity of the right-wing rhetoric over the last four years, from “birther” to Obama-is-a-Muslim etc., conclusively points to something other than politics.

The manufactured crisis we face are not about economics. These self-inflicted wounds are about a few people’s fear of being marginalized.

It’s not considered polite to mention race anymore. But I’m going to mention it anyway. We have a white problem.

You can continue reading the article  at http://www.alternet.org/americas-white-male-problem

You can also listen to our Hard Knock Radio interview w// Frank Schaeffer by clicking the link below

Dr Francis Cress Welsing

Dr Francis Cress Welsing

As you read this article I want people to pay attention to what Schaeffer is talking about when he talks about the psychological problems that are at play with some who are pushing extreme measures… Fear of Black/ Brown Planet... This is what Dr Frances Cress Welsing talked about years ago… Here’s a couple of videos…The first video talks about the massive lies that have been laid upon People of color…Pay close attention to the second and third videos where Welsing debates William Schockley a leading scholar from Stanford University who believed that Black people were genetically inferior.

Francis Cress Welsing.. The Gigantic Lie


Francis Cress Welsing..vs William Schockley




8 comments on “Editorial: America’s White Male Problem.. (Fear of a Black / Brown Planet)

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  3. Francis Cress Welsing is a psychologically screwed up ideologue that made a business out of other psychologically screwed up ideologues.

  4. Thanks for posting Dr. Frances Cress Welsing, Bro. Davey! She is the TRUTH! She is always on point with her theories and philosophies! She has been an expert on the subject of Racism/ White Supremacy for decades, and has shared so much knowledge about how all of us on this planet are affected by it. I would highly recommend her book, “The Isis Papers,” to anyone interested in getting an understanding of the mental and psychological causes and effects of Racism/ White Supremacy.

  5. @truthyo! You don’t know what the hell you’re talking about. That woman is a genius! Go pick up her book and educate yourself!

  6. I already know her lunatic theories. She’s a crackpot that was able to work her way into the media by debating a famous racist name William Shockley who invented the transistor. It’s not difficult to hold up contrast when the opposing voice is an ideologue racist and not politically savvy. Francis Cress Welsings theory is that caucasians are inherently violent and this is the reason for much of the problems of the world.According to her some how this is linked to evolutionary factors due to a lack of melanin – or whatever. Well the reality is in the last century life expectancy and quality of life has gone up around the world. William Shockley’s transistor is probably responsible for saving more lives (black and white) due to the ability for humans to electronically communicate in time of crisis. So when you tally it all up I think you’re the one that needs to be educated – and see the larger picture. Btw, a black man named James West invented the worlds most used microphone. He makes Steve Jobs look like a pussy. Now go back to listening to your rap music and leave the real work to the adults.

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