Django and House Negroes ..Is there a little Uncle Ruckus in All of Us?

Sam-Jackson Uncle ruckus

This man who was featured in the hit movie Django was so attached to the comforts and privileges afforded him that he was willing to fight harder than his master to maintain the status quo.

Maybe it was comfort in drinking the good liquor or being the HNIC…But he was riding hard against anything and anyone that might undue what he found comfortable..

Many of us laughed or reacted in disgust, with the general sentiment being we would never behave the way good ole Stephan did..We would never stand in the way of freedom.. We would never fight hard like this man to keep a system of oppression alive and well or so we say..

How is our enthusiastic and oftentimes ride or die, vehement support of individuals and institutions that carry out policies resulting in genocide and literal enslavement of people both here and abroad any different than the support demonstrated by this man who rode hard for Candyland?

How far removed from that reality are we really? In 2012 like or not, at the end of the day, especially when we look things from a global perspective, maybe there’s a bit of Stephan aka Uncle Ruckus in us all. We want Stephan to shed his master and Candyland while we stick with Iphones, expensive  basketball shoes, fancy clothes made from sweatshops, imperialistic politicians the list goes on..


22 comments on “Django and House Negroes ..Is there a little Uncle Ruckus in All of Us?

  1. I sincerely hope there is NOT a little Stephen in all of us! Freedom is priceless, so if there is even an inkling of it, we have to embrace it. Even in present day. Not being conditioned is a constant struggle for some in our community and then much easier for others. It’s weird, it’s like we’re the same souls, different era. Maybe, it’s that some us, just can’t handle freedom!

  2. Unfortunately, there are more little Stephens than many would admit to, or just plan turn a blind eye. You can create a laundry lists of example of the little Stephen in us. We ALL have it, but it is just a matter of where, when, who, and how it appears given the situation or person.

  3. Yes the critical mens scene overacts for new impressions: waitin for another Cairoo speech of the United States prez of color,..hehehe,…cough,…cough,…

    You see Davey, a contradiction of Hardcore Hip Hop and Punk where there is none. Determinism is about models, because causes and effects are model-dependent – at least if you wish to make general statements about them. Of course, you can have, as an atomic belief, the belief that event A caused event B (if it is even possible to regard events without reference to a model; it is said, and I agree, that observations are theory-laden). But this is not generalizable. When you generalize, you, by definition, end up with a model. And your thesis about causes and effects will then be understood within the parameters of that model.

    You are also wrong about KRS, Hip Hop and science. Science, in general, does not assume determinism. There are both deterministic and indeterministic theories and laws, and there is no presumption that either type is truer than the other.

    With a critical eye on Oaks liberation weaponarrathieves…

    So, at some points, I may be doing the isolating, but most of which I reference is formal, or publicly accessible knowledge and perspectives that are available to us all, and is something humanity has isolated.

    There are limits — or should I say boundaries to this transcendental human self, in that it allows me to transcend myself (but based on how much I know and understand of humanity the collective), but not humanity. Only so much about the world can be inferred from there, much much more than can be inferred from my singular vantage point, but still not enough.


  4. it’s true. you don’t even have to get in depth as that, some of us just comfortable and not even meeting our needs, and won’t take 2 steps and move forward and call anyone tryna help us out “haters” cobalt. good view.

  5. US obesity clot haters,…hehehehe,..its more the homo_national//ethno_national dis_ability of so many …. or the reminder of Judith Butlers ‘Hate Speech?!”’

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  7. Since the late 60’s,70’s 80’s 90’s and so far thru the 2,000’s.
    A vast % of black people have tricked and have been set up to souled out.
    Only problem a vast % of us don’t seem to realize it.
    When I say souled out.
    Today with many black’s have access to all this material wealth and so much materialistic stuff. We can see what is had done to the black mentally overall.
    This relates to black males and black females.
    Black people selling their souls for things that are not made by them,but a vast % thinking ” look n word I’s done made it ”
    Even if this image was and is put right in their faces.
    Some black men and black women will continue to sell each out so they can show massa ” see’s I’s can outdo’s that n word “

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