The NRA Should Tell the Truth-Americans Were Disarmed a Long Time Ago

America is disarmedPeople have tried to argue that the tragic Sandy Hook elementary school massacres will lead to President Obama disarming Americans and getting rid of the second amendment…

The truth of the matter is Americans were disarmed a long time ago. We were disarmed when we abandoned critical thinking and became consummate consumers.

We were disarmed when we stopped taking consistent creative and strategic approaches toward problem solving..

We were disarmed when dulled our ability to discern fact from fiction and started believing our own hype.

We were disarmed when diluted, discounted and propagated revisionist history

We were disarmed when we  jettisoned our desire and passion to learn and expand our intellectual horizons and capabilities.

In other words we became disarmed once we dumbed down..

In a world where disinformation and propaganda is passed off as creditable news, where scripted TV shows and staged drama is passed off as REALITY TV, where shadiness trumps TRUTH, where mediocrity and extreme ratchet behavior is rewarded and celebrated and considered not only the norm, but a genuine cultural aesthetic that we should cultivate, says we were disarmed a long time ago.

We were disarmed when corporations were allowed to become people. We were disarmed when we allowed education which should be free for all to be priced beyond reach and saddled the few who attempted to obtain it with a lifetime of debt. We were disarmed when we sat back and allowed businesses that we’ve built with our own blood sweat and tears to be outsourced overseas and believed the lie that such actions was good thing because it was a way to create jobs..

We were disarmed when we adapted the ways of oppressors and checked in our humanity and made assimilation the end goal vs freedom and social justice. We were disarmed when we replaced nurturing, generosity and communal upliftment with ruthless, imperialistic winner take all tactics and tendencies and deemed that as the way to success.

When we sought to be more like oppressive people than to be like God we became disarmed.

When we put limits on our imagination and ridiculed dreams we became disarmed.

When we started seeing friends, family, community and loved ones as ‘costumers’ and market shares to conquer and own vs fellow human beings to cherish and uphold, we become disarmed.

When bitterness, anger and our need to be right and have our egos stroked at all costs replaced LOVE we became disarmed..

When our mothers, grandmothers, aunties, sisters, daughters, wives and girlfriends became bitches, hoes and ‘baby mammas’ we need to keep in check or get a check from because we pimp them hard, we become disarmed.

When we are willing to make social and economic sacrifices to obtaining the latest technical gadget or the latest Michael Jordan show before we are willing to make similar sacrifices for our own kids or even to spend time with them says we have been disarmed.

When WE becomes ME and US becomes I says and UNITY is deemed an impossibility or even worse a detriment or sign of weakness, we have been disarmed.

Our willingness to fight for our guns but not the sanity of our minds means we’ve been disarmed.

If you think a sharp gun is more potent than a sharp have been disarmed

Gun control? You better be worried about Mind control..

8 comments on “The NRA Should Tell the Truth-Americans Were Disarmed a Long Time Ago

  1. No means no Mr. Davey D…the Black Russian society has damn efx in tha Bronx//Brixtone aca_demon allies of alien defamation. Do ya think of a 16,4 trillion men march to dc?

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