Documents Reveal FBI Infiltrated Occupy Movement -Worked w/ Banks to Shut Down OWS

fbi-cointelproSo now we know the FBI had infiltrated the Occupy Movement What’s interesting about this information about Occupy, is I was at the press conference and recorded Oakland Mayor Jean Quan saying that she was on the phone with mayors from 16 other cities on how to deal with the Occupy Movement.. Her remarks were quickly downplayed and any discussion of ‘coordinated shut downs’, Department of Homeland Security involvement or FBI infiltration was chalked up as ‘conspiracy’ theory…

Most folks involved with Occupy already figured out something was afoot.. and now its been confirmed.. What’s problematic is seeing how many blatant things have been ignored.. For example, how and why were NYPD units able to work on behalf of a private firm?  In this case Wall Street/ JP Chase..You can read about that HERE..

We never really got to understand why so much energy was put on Occupy Wall Street and not the people who actually caused the financial crises that brought OWS into existence..How many FBI agents have been or are working to take down those running illegal financial schemes?

In places like Oakland where we’ve had high number of homicides as well as in neighboring SF and San Jose.. we also saw tremendous amounts of time and energy spent monitoring the Occupy Movement vs solving pressing crimes.. We’ve seen as many as 17 different police agencies show up to stop 100 people from taking over abandoned buildings, but if your place got robbed, you would have to make the trip to the police station to file a report.. The police say they were stretched watching Occupy folks.. With all that’s been going on in this beloved country, the Occupy Movement was that much of a threat? 

strike occupy_oakland_1103_25Sounds more like monitoring folks was an easier gig, paid lots of overtime and reflected deep mismanagement and warped priorities inside some of these departments.. And for those who think this is some sort of exaggeration take a look at the types of things our law enforcement spends our tax dollars on… Read this story about the police investigating Meet the Press anchor David Gregory for holding a gun magazine on TV.. You can peep that HERE

The most pressing question is how did all this go down on President Obama’s watch? What kind of community organizing is this? It’s interesting to note that many accused Occupy of being a grand brainchild of Obama.. Maybe when he realized that OWS wasn’t rolling in lockstep with the Democrats, he decided to send in the FBI.. Maybe there was a reason behind all the antiwar movements quieting down after he got elected even though he continued many of the same Pro-war policies of President George Bush his predecessor.

Questions: Did the FBI infiltrate the Tea Party? If Obama’s FBI was spying on Occupy what other domestic political groups were under his ‘watchful eye’?  What sort of dissention did infiltrating agents cause in the ranks? Were these endless debates about diversity of tactics and property destruction tactics deployed by the FBI to make Occupy less attractive?

One thing I recall Black Panther co-founder Bobby Seal stating about what the FBI/ Cointel-Pro  papers on the Panthers  revealed… He noted that the Panthers were considered a threat when they started doing community things like serving free breakfast.. Seal said FBI papers showed they worked overtime to make Panthers be unattractive to the community. Did they do similar things with Occupy? With all the hi-tech equipment available today spying on someone is easy, if we’re talking about capturing footage or a recording a conversation.. If the FBI had infiltrated OWS then it had to be to cause confusion and be disruptive..This is what happened during Cointel-pro days from the 60s.. why not now?

-Davey D-

**PS.. Dec 29 2012**.. This just came in… FBI worked with the big Banks to shut down Occupy Movements.. Folks need to chew on that for a minute..u can read that article here…


FBI Had Counterterrorism Agents Investigate Occupy Movement

It’s the latest example of counterterrorism officials looking into domestic protest groups.

FBI_Police_chargerThe New York Times reports that the FBI had counterterrorism agents to investigate Occupy Wall Street, and that “F.B.I. personnel around the country were routinely involved in exchanging information about the movement with businesses, local law-enforcement agencies and universities.”

The Partnership for Civil Justice received the records after a Freedom of Information Act request. They show that once again the agency used counterterrorism agents to track domestic activists — like they have in the past with environmental, anti-poverty and animal rights groups.

The Times reports that:

The memo said agents discussed “past and upcoming meetings” of the movement, and its spread. It said agents should contact Occupy Wall Street activists to ascertain whether people who attended their events had “violent tendencies.”

The memo said that because of high rates of unemployment, “the movement was spreading throughout Florida and there were several Facebook pages dedicated to specific chapters based on geographical areas.”

The F.B.I. was concerned that the movement would provide “an outlet for a lone offender exploiting the movement for reasons associated with general government dissatisfaction.”

The records provide one of the first glimpses into how deeply involved federal law-enforcement authorities were in monitoring the activities of the movement, which is sometimes described in extreme terms.

An agency spokesman told the paper that “The F.B.I. recognizes the rights of individuals and groups to engage in constitutionally protected activity. While the F.B.I. is obligated to thoroughly investigate any serious allegations involving threats of violence, we do not open investigations based solely on First Amendment activity.”

7 comments on “Documents Reveal FBI Infiltrated Occupy Movement -Worked w/ Banks to Shut Down OWS

  1. C’mon Davey, have in the USA since Mc Carty’s 1950s in each bigger city a ‘gangland’ of color and got//get oppressed as one, when some activist got catchin by such psycho-gramms of ya beAph eyes agency, it’s the fault of the activist. Scheduled that we have here in postfascist Germany dissed the ‘Occupy’-movement as antisemitic by their usage of symbols what we all well known from the crisis in the 1920s to the fascist uprights in 1930s.
    In basic propositional logic, there is a property called validity. And, similarly, there is a property called entailment.

    I see what their definitions are, but can’t see why/how they’re different.

    Validity is the property of an argument in which you cannot go from true premises to a false conclusion. I understand that in anglicism and here in postfascist roman lawsuits.

    And entailment is a property of a set of sentences and a sentence outside of that set. A set entails another sentence, P[sycoo-Gramms], if whenever all members of the set are true, P is also true. In other words, you cannot have a false, P, if everyhting in the set is true.

    Isn’t that exactly what validity is? Couldn’t we just think of the premises as a set of sentences that “entail” the conclusion?

    I’m not sure if I’m missing something??

    They are properties of different things militant activist should know.

    Validity is a property of an ordered sequence of formulas (propositions). The sequence is valid if every member is either a logical axiom, a non-logical axiom, or can be derived from earlier members of the sequence using a rule of inference.

    Entailment is a property of an ordered pair in which the first element is a (unodered) set of formulas and the second is a single formula. The first element ‘entails’ the second if, when we adopt all members of the first element as non-logical axioms, there exists a valid sequence of formulas whose last element is the second element of the ordered pair.

    There will often exist many-to-one mappings between entailments and valid arguments. If Freud’s psycoo_marxism entails P then there may exist several different proofs (valid sequences of formulas) that use ‘Es’ to prove P.

    Maybe not bullet proofed, but helpful in ideological lawsuits…


  2. When you know, how laughbale the Special Forces in their heter_oo_mindset have acted the left militant scene for Underground…Thanx Davey D. for a couple of month the Open Sourced chapter bein worth…

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