The Battle for Respect.. Aretha Franklin vs Otis Redding


Time for us to solve this long-standing debate once and for all… Who gets the ‘Respect’… Most people know the song as Aretha Franklin‘s signature song which won her two Grammys… Its seen as a song that represented women’s independence..

Originally the song was written by the late Otis Redding it was supposed to reflect the civil rights struggle at the time but was couched in a love song where.. a desperate man says he’ll endure and do whatever it takes to win his woman as long as she give’s him Respect..

Anyway take a look at these two legendary artists rock this song… Who Gets your Respect in executing it?

Here’s Otis Redding doing the damn than o Cleveland show Upbeat in 1967, one day before he died in a plane crash.

Here’s Aretha Franklin Throwing Down in 1968 in Stockholm

Here’s Aretha Franklin in 1990

13 comments on “The Battle for Respect.. Aretha Franklin vs Otis Redding

  1. Both versions are excellent. Due to Otis Reddings tragic plane crash with members of the Bar Kays along with him in 1967, most people don’t remember or even know of his stellar musical output. Peace in Heaven brother Otis Redding.

  2. All three videos are love performances, meaning each version of the song is unlike the original recordings. So, of the three I like best Aretha’s 1990 version. She looks ravishing. I like a full-bodied woman. Although cigarettes have darkened and given a different texture to her voice, she has enough self-knowledge to know just how to use her voice in this approach to the song. Aretha anytime. Yes!

  3. Even Otis himself said Aretha “took” his song. Aretha’s version is my favourite but there are also great covers by Rotary Connection (Minnie Riperton), Ike & Tina Turner, The Vagrants, Adeva and Barbara Tucker.

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