Jasiri X: They Not Real Gangstas ( A Few Thoughts About Rick Ross)

Jasiri X Know thyselfAt this point, even his fans know that rapper Rick Ross is far from the image he manufactures for his songs and videos. Slate Magazine even went as far to label the success of Rick Ross, in the face of his correction officer past, as the end of street credibility being necessary to Hip-Hop fans. So the news that Rick Ross canceled his tour due to threats from Gangster Disciplesposted online, shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone.

In fact, The Real Rick Ross, who lost his lawsuit against the rapper for using his name and image, was recently granted an appeal and has a trial date set for January.  According to The Real Rick Ross, the rapper Rick Ross, “doesn’t have the right people around him to explain the streets.” Freeway Rick Ross told AllHipHop.com. “You need to say that it wasn’t intentional or nothing like that. It’s ok to apologize and make things right with a real agreement out of respect.”

But what about the Gangster Disciples? Hakim Green, formerly of the rap group Channel Live, made a excellent point about the Gangster Disciples unity against Rick Ross, “How, just how, is it that gang members can unite and organize against fat ass Rick Ross, but can’t, won’t, don’t organize against police brutality, unemployment, drugs in the hood, poverty, racism, abuse or anything that would actually make a difference in our communities?”

Want to know what Real Gangstas are doing?

Claiming to ‘Fix’ the Debt, but really pushing for more tax breaks so their corporations, at the expense of taxpayers, can make billions

Pushing through “Right to Work” laws so their corporations, at the expense of unions, can make billions

Using “slave” labor so their corporations, at the expense of prisoners, can make billions


Here’s a video laying out who the Real Gangstas are here that we need to be concerned with..


source: http://www.blackyouthproject.com/2012/12/they-not-real-gangstas/

18 comments on “Jasiri X: They Not Real Gangstas ( A Few Thoughts About Rick Ross)

  1. The truth will set you free! Now is the time to hold everyone accountable. Pay attention for is you slack it just might be you that gets snatched! There is a war going on and knowledge of self is the only way to win! Spiritually and Physically! PEACE! P.S. Classes coming in 2013! YOU MUST LEARN!! smile

  2. Musicians, artists , rappers ect. are for the most part 95% not gangsta’s or 100% not part of organized crime. At the end of the day they make music- and they usually make lousy gangsta’s if they want to get involved.
    There are differnet forms of organized crime ; but at the higher levels they practice the sacred code of OMERTA. Literal Translation-Code of Silence ie. don’t bring attention. (That automatically rules out most artists). Case in point, Anthony Testa in 2010 was lured into getting in the rap game-only to have his Uncle in Federal prison quickly put the kabash on that career because they don’t want all of their business on the airwaves.
    If rapper or artist persists for street cred to get involved at some level of organized crime then he could be subject to RICO violation. Those out there who are on WITSEC (insider slang for witness protection) know this all too well.
    With all these potential pitfalls for the artists plus organize crime really has no use for them at all . IF you are not a REVENUE producer for a Syndicate then you are of no use to them !!!!!!!! At best you can maybe party with a few of them

  3. good knowledge and insight Jasiri. The truth is when u control the hype not the other way around . Thats why I pick and choose artists that I enjoy of all genre ‘s not the mags or airwaves. Peace.

  4. I would also venture to say that rick ross the artist is treading on real thin ice by not getting authorization to use all of these names,,,, It is a form of major disrespect.
    Looks like he is starting to feel the heat by his actions though.

  5. Rappers like Rick Ross are real “Gangstas”. They make money off peddling gang imagery while people truly involved in the lifestyle are in jail and tangled in a world of garbage. Personally I think it’s an excellent mockery & parody of criminal activity and one we should all endorse. “Street credibility” is a silly concept created by people with no credibility outside of a 5 block ghetto radius.

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