Congratulations to Public Enemy -Newest inductees to Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame

Congratulation to one of the greatest musical acts of all-times..Public Enemy.. The were just inducted into the Rock-N-Roll hall of Fame.. Its an honor the well deserve.. They are the 4th Hip Hop group, behind, Grandmaster Flash and the Furious 5, Run DMC and the Beastie Boys..

One of the strengths that I think goes beyond the group’s massive category of records, is their endurance.. They been at this for over 25 years and are nearing 100 global tours..PE has transcended music..they same way they transcended the borders of this country.. Props to them..

Chuck D noted on twitter;  Any achievement by PE is to be shared across HipHop and its real fans.The songs are 1thing but our strength has been our meaning & performance

Peep out their latest song..

16 comments on “Congratulations to Public Enemy -Newest inductees to Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame

  1. I watched a professor griff video where he says everyone in the music biz is an evil illumiatti agent and homosexual. Then in another video he is telling the camera operator how PE just got inducted into the rock n roll hall of fame … and while he is doing this he is very excited and his nipples are obviously very hard. Congrats! But you’re still a bunch of hypocritical attention vampire con artists in the ENTERTAINMENT BUSINESS.

  2. How about a HIP HOP HOF instead. Just another way how HIP HOP is being destroyed and referenced as another genre. Most people who listen to rock wouldnt touch PE.

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