Diggin in the Crates… 3 Songs by MC Hammer that Folks Slept On that are Nice

MC-HammerBeen digging in crates and listening to a lot of jams that were either forgotten about or totally overlooked..Here’s a few from the one and only MC Hammer who is now an official spokesperson for the City of Oakland.. This is one of my favorite songs from MC Hammer… He teamed up with Tha Dogg Pound and they delivered this banger and many slept on it. It was the Head Hunters album.. which had songs like Pumps in the Bump.. and It’s All Good..

This cut here is called Sleeping on a Master Plan.


This next song is off the hard to find Family Affair album.. Hammer came at things on a Gospel tip.. I recall when Hammer brought this to the radio station..and he had just started doing a Gospel show at KMEL.. He had some unreleased tracks from Death Row he remade and gave a gospel spin..This cut is called Never Without You..

This next song has an interesting history.. Its one of those unreleased tracks that was remade to a gospel song.. The original cut featured him with Big Daddy Kane and 2Pac..It was called Too Late Playa.. We had copies of that original track but was asked not to play them because Hammer felt the message wasn’t right..he eventually remade the track and did this song called Big Man, a song that talks about domestic violence.



15 comments on “Diggin in the Crates… 3 Songs by MC Hammer that Folks Slept On that are Nice

  1. Don’t know how to crab the Northern Zealots, but the PeresTroikaa commun_Ism by Bell Hooks was much better!


  2. Good cuts didn’t know about. Like the last one the best Too Late…

    Favorite artist from Oakland though has to be :
    1. Too Short – when he sings you know its the real.
    Also like some of Dru Down.

    Annother artist that sings from the real is Marracash- Songs Rivinicita and another titled Stupido

  3. folkz is crazy just cuz hammer wasn’t street doesn’t mean he wasn’t a important and good artist he didn’t sell millions of records and take hip hop all around the world being trash! #REALTALK

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