Dhoruba Bin Wahad: What Do We Do Now that Barack Obama is Re-Elected?

Hard Knock Radio logoIt’s always a pleasure to chop it up with author, former Black Panther and political prisoner Dhoruba bin Wahad. His political insights and analysis are always astute as he challenges us to not settle for anything less than justice for those who are oppressed.  Because of Dhoruba’s sharpness, we had to include him in our post-election series of  ‘Where Do We Do Now That Barack Obama Is Re-Elected?‘  He did not disappoint..

Below is our Hard knock Radio interview w/ Dhoruba Bin Wahad..

As you listen to the interview, here’s some background. The opening of our interview starts off with an excerpt from a landmark speech Dhoruba gave in the summer of 2008 at the National Hip Hop Political Convention in Las Vegas. We dubbed ‘A Message to the Hip Hop Grassroots‘.  Here Dhoruba talked at length about a 30 year attempt by far right forces in this country to consolidate power and dismantle gains made under the New Deal and later the Civil Rights Movementt.

Dhoruba Bin WahadDhoruba talked about the rise of a police state where the stripping of constitutional rights would seem normal to a beleaguered population. He also talked about what sort of things we could expect  slave ascends to the slave masters house including increased oppression not just from outside forces angry at a Blackening and Browning America, but also from President Obama himself and interests he represents.  Dhoruba notes that Obama is part of a larger scenario (the American Empire) where Black faces are used to get the masses to buy back into an imperialistic system versus oppose it..

Below is part of the 2008 speech  Message to the Hip Hop Grassroots.. We had the music and historic sound clips to enhance what Dhoruba was speaking about…

11 comments on “Dhoruba Bin Wahad: What Do We Do Now that Barack Obama is Re-Elected?

  1. Yo Zoo Davey D.,..Salaam Mr. Bin Wahad,…as my left radical coin will be always queer-feminist against hard spoiled men culture and narratives, I must quote the mention of oppression by my local spot, then Hip Hop and Crustpunk has for me a deconstructive way against Romanic paragraphs and lawsuits by all my respect for the militant movements in America by good theo fairy butchers….

    As not to mention my skillz in Paris by ‘communication guerrilla’ structures through Cote d’Ivoir and the ethni/homo_nationalist chosen we have seen in Cong_oo,..Davey,…Mr. Bin Wahab,…I must suggest by the so called anti-racist structures in postfascist Hamburg, that it can’t work when the term by all cell systems necessary, someone refuge as so called victim and forced the lawsuits for immigration into better capitalist moves, it hooks then always into x changing the settlement out of the victim likelihood into something grammar must kiss the feet of these person,..I mention as Zombees,..so the clue between my work in Britcore-Hip Hop political frames is not to abandon the likelihood,..its more the equal status of body frames in something positive,..but good work shall overcome.

    My respect for the Hip Hop [critical men] culture in America….


  2. I think that the most important thing Dhoruba said was that we (Afrikan people) don’t think in terms of being a sovereign people. We would just naturally think in terms of building our own infrastructures if we thought in terms of being sovereign.

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  4. Thanks for this interview, Davey D. It is very important, and contains very important information, coming from one of the premier thinkers, strategists, and analysts of our time. As such, it is now posted on all of my social media outlets.

  5. Can only agree to the analysis! Same thoughts to be found on my blog: http://wipokuli.wordpress.com/2012/10/28/us-elections-wasp-faces-black-mask/ ! And even if the US Power Elite is splitted more than before thought between “Traders” and their socalled “Soft Power” (which isn´t as soft as the name indicates) and the Neocons, all true progressives in the US, but especially African Americans find themself between Scylla and Charybdis!
    Andreas Schlüter
    Berlin, Germany

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