US Marshal Told By Supervisors Not to Bring the ‘War on Drugs’ to White Communities

Matthew Fogg

Below is a video from a former US Marshal breaking down how the war on drugs really works.. It’s about smashing down on Black folks who are seen as marginalized and with very little political connections to stop what is institutionalized..

Meet Matthew Fogg, a former U.S. Marshal whose exploits led him to be nicknamed “Batman.” When he noticed that all of his team’s drug raids were in black areas, he suggested doing the same in the suburbs. His boss didn’t take kindly to the idea.

This is part of the SafeKeepers video series produced by the Beyond Bars campaign and Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP).

I wanted to include another video that talks about this war waged on Black people in the form of Cointel-Pro.. This was an interview done in the 1970s from Darthard Perry who talks about how when he worked with the FBI they had him destroy the Watts Writers Workshop..Its also interesting to note how the FBI studies Black culture. The person interviewing Perry is the late Gil Noble.

26 comments on “US Marshal Told By Supervisors Not to Bring the ‘War on Drugs’ to White Communities

  1. The war on drugs should’ve been a topic discussed during this past election, it needs to really be addressed in Washington! -10

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  3. It doesn’t seem like it’s strictly about race. It’s more about class perceptions and not attacking the professional class period. As the gentleman said, they have connections.Being black and living in the suburbs with a nice career shields you as well. This won’t change……for as long as humanity exists.

  4. Unfortunately, this game has been played for much too long with marginalized (poor and usually minorities) being the scapegoats for the government to act like they care about solving society’s problems (many of which they had a hand in creating in the first place).

  5. Not about it being a revelation but its just more concrete proof of what is always so marginalized. Remember how Gary Webb suddenly killed himself, dude had exposed a lot of ish. More peeps from these official positions need to lift the curtain on this game. LOL if we had a liberal media, they’d be all over this, that media thing is a myth. All corporate story tellers.

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  10. I agree, treat everyone equally or legalize it like many people are screaming for. But when you do legalize it, and my neighborhood deteriorates at a faster rate than it already is, the government better not try to dig into my pockets for rehab for the mass amount of junkies that will be roaming the streets like zombies.

    You have people that instead of advocating equal enforcement of narcotics/drug violations, they champion “legalize” narcotics/drugs. But if you pass around a legally binding card that says “if you vote for legalization of narcotics/drugs, you agree to allow the government to levy an additional small tax when the problem becomes out of control,” they would do a 180 on their support. They’ll fight you tooth and nail things will get better with legalization, but will never put their money where their mouth is!

    Just put all that “legalize” nonsense aside and fight for equal enforcement. I would love to see the suburbs get cleaned up right alongside my neighborhood.

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