Our HKR Roundtable on Gaza & the Importance of Freeing Palestine from Colonial Control By Israel

Yesterday we hosted an incredible round table with front line activists and journalist who have held it down for Palestine. We discussed everything from history in the region to mainstream media framing to the importance of connecting dots with struggles to end oppression and colonial rule world-wide.  Our guest included; Dr Hatem Bazian a popular professor who teaches Islamic Law and Society at UC Berkeley and also teaches Religious studies at St Mary’s College. He gave some keen historical insight about Gaza and the rest of the region as well as a history in way certain narratives have been shaped by corporate backed interests to describe what is taking place. We talked at length about living in what some call an Information Age where an end goal for imperial powers is to keep a narrative aflota that renders oppressors as victims and victims as oppressors. Batem spoke at length about why we should never forget that Palestine is a colonized state, with Israel and the US dominating and controlling all aspects of her existence.  He explained why many have come to overlook this dynamic.  You can peep our one on one w/ Dr Bazian by clicking the link below..

On the second part of our show we had a round table discussion with seasoned journalist Nora Barrows Friedman of the Electronic Intifada who talked about the work she’s done over the years both here in the states an in the Middle East in terms of covering this decades old struggle. She talked about how many mainstream journalist are embedded  with Israel and its army when covering conflicts which results in a lopsided perspective as to whats happening. She gave us some important insight about issues not being addressed in the media.

Nora also talked about the climate of fear being pushed by pro-Israel lobbyists groups who have attempted to equate criticism of Israel as being anti-semitic. She also talked about how many professors of college campuses have found themselves under the gun for speaking out against Israel or upholding a Palestinian point of view.

Ziad Abbas

Our other guest was Ziad Abbas, who is the  Associate Director, of Middle East Children’s Alliance. He is a Palestinian refugee from Dheisheh Refugee Camp in the West Bank. He is the co-founder of the Ibdaa Cultural Center in Dheisheh. Ziad is also a journalist who has worked with Palestinian and international media and has participated in the production of several documentary films.  During our discussion he built upon much of what Hatem had spoken about earlier.

He also gave his own personal accounts into some of the challenges facing Palestinians. He talked about the history of attacks on journalist and talked at length how he and his colleagues have found themselves locked up in Israeli prisons for being bold journalists.  Abbas gave us some rich history about shared struggled and connections made with the Palestinian push to end the occupation and other freedom struggles around the world.

Lara Kiswani

Our last guest was Lara Kiswani of the Arab Cultural and Organizing Center. She talked about whether or not there was a generation gap in terms of of those desiring peace and those holding on to tradition and age old grudges. She spoke at length explaining that she didn’t see a generation gap in terms of those who uphold oppressive ideals. She did speak about how many in her generation were very good at building coalitions and linking up with folks from other struggles.

She talked about how globalization has led to many all over the planet seeing themselves in the cross hairs of power elites who have formed their own cliques. She also talked about how urban police forces including our own embattled police force here in Oakland, Ca have actually gone to Israel to get trained. This has not been a good thing as the end result has been increased domestic spying, unfair racial profiling and a heightened perception that sees Muslims and Middle Easterners as enemies who need to be contained.

Click the link below to listen to the pt2 of our Middle East roundtable..

18 comments on “Our HKR Roundtable on Gaza & the Importance of Freeing Palestine from Colonial Control By Israel

  1. Okay,…scream on,..we’ll live in a postfascist European society,..scream off,…and all those public, dogmatic anti_Imperialist debates about the only land in world history, the land of the Jews, who should be wiped off the map by these Islamofascist with their history on that postfascist theory field,..will never take the revisionist scape on terms such colonial, apartheid and all the other term of abuse of the abusement. Britcore Hip Hop is still antifascist and still on the field to never keep these ignorant facts of Gaza as violator and perpetrator of its people a chance.

    I am very disappointed about you Davey,..and will remind such US politics anew. Sorry for Israel and its victims…http://de.indymedia.org/2012/11/338324.shtml

  2. Okay,..as a practitioner on Rap youth frames, we – our Crew – has tried it with some liberal acts from the Westbank: http://de.indymedia.org/2009/07/256648.shtml – but without neglecting the social contacts with, the idolatry of Palestine as squatters of such golden coins between the World Wars and Bush jr.s media terms against t_error_Ism,…http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Schlager_music – I have quite enough about the Norther Merikkas ‘back to the oven’ rally’s by such Islam inter pretenders.

    Yo,..ya can start to censor the _Ing to the _Ism!

    Salaam! Just another Pakistani in postfascist Hamburg!

  3. Davey D’s guests:
    Guest no.1: Wants Israel erased from existence
    Guest no.2: Wants Israel erased from existence
    Guest no.3: Wants Israel erased from existence

    Davey D can suck a fucking nazi dick

  4. LOL wow looks like the truth hurts..First thjings first, stop whining and playing victim homie.. get a back bone..second, Lets be sure we got this straight.. the panel discussion is about Gaza and freeing Palestine..and so a round table which features folks who focus on Palestine and talked about media framing and linking shared struggles to oppressed people around the world is Nazism?? Sounds like your scared of folks doing for self..I didn’t hear any of my guests say Israel should be erased from existence..but that’s ok..you’re welcome to not come back to the site or listen to future round tables.

  5. Come on Davey,..the ‘truthers’-Movement is white, hetero_sexists Stuff and full of conspit racist theories….narcissistic approaches have absolutely nothing to do with fascist theorems. As the USA in left fields are very poor by such standards, that Mc Carthy still exists and the prudential of ya eco_doxics is nothing worth then a bunch of being such a number in the population….whats about the Arab neighbors with their Palestine refugee camps, whats about the Westbank,…and whats about the semantics of the Mufti from Jerusalem with fascist Germany’s Berlin?

    My coin for you is, have a closer look on the history of Lebanon and you’ll learn, that ‘zion_ism’ – where the inflexibility approach of anti_ is surrounded, is driven by military linguistic turns, ..and not by baby bombing Mum’s in the warfare of Islamofascists…


  6. This “round table” didn’t talk about anything regarding Israel or how Palestinians live. It was just a couple of people talking about in circles about how everything in the world is a giant elaborate pattern of colonial rule that needs to be thwarted. The “conversation” seemed very unfocused and nihilistically ideological. Here is a more down to earth and serious presentation about the issue: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oSkevV-CoO4

  7. @alien Colonial rule needs to be thwarted..and global struggles of similar fate need to be linked I will take that perspective from the Palestinian guests on the show..that was the focus…to deny that is to suggest denial of what is really going on.. words like “more down to earth and serious presentation” to describe another conversation are subjective…and with respect to the conversation we had..not accurate in the least..

  8. That’s nice Dave. I’ll take the view that ideological associations around tribal warfare need to be parsed for smart people to move forward. Regardless if it’s the U.S. making sweeping statements in the 50’s about how all the communist governments of the world are “linked”, how all the muslims are “linked”, if the opposing gang leader tells you that everyone else in the other gang is “linked” or if the HipHop blog tells you all the governments they don’t happen to like are “linked”. There’s always truth that can be found in any of this, most of it is apparent and common sense, the point is that the generalizations that become ideological and negate the more granular complexity of the world have a tendency to blur peoples vision.

    I think videos like the one I posted help to lend to the more granular details and hopefully counter balance some of the stuff you’re promoting.

    Best of luck with it Dave.

  9. It’s ann allah Crew thang baby blue! The critical whiteness of male circuum Scissions could bii eazee Lee Cong the Antifascist Action cann,….postfascist TT’s rules out tha KiTT choice!

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