Katt Williams Has Meltdown in Oakland..It was ‘Cray’ to say the Least

Comedian Katt Williams is obviously in need of help. Last week he came to Oakland, got arrested after fighting someone at a nightclub.. The next day when he did his show, he had a major meltdown, resulting in him challenging audience members to fights. Suge Knight, Too Short and Richie Rich had to come to his aid..Short and Richie Rich said someone had slipped him some bad drugs.. Maybe but Katt’s been tripping out for a minute





18 comments on “Katt Williams Has Meltdown in Oakland..It was ‘Cray’ to say the Least

  1. Katt is wack of lately anyway. When I found he was coming out to the bay. All my friends were pumped I luckily said I’m sit this 1 out. He let the fame get to his head thought he could do the same jokes everytime he did a show. Let’s be honest his material is wack.

  2. i agree with the @freeze as far as the repetitive jokes go. he had 1 great routine in ATL back with the green suit. ever since, he’s been taking bits from it & repeating. i’d love for Katt to keep on & create some more with his great humor.. maybe rest up, clean up, & get to writing more

  3. To bad he can’t get himjself together. I do feel he is a very good comedian but he gotlost along the way. I agree with Kali. He need to clean himself up, take a break for awhile and decide what is importantto him. Clearly he can not handle the drugs and perform. I wish him the best.

  4. People shouldn’t criticize Katt for his meltdown. Drug addiction isn’t funny. He needs help before its too late. All the people booing him can get fucked.

  5. Actually thought it was funny cuz his freestyle rhymes couldnt have been done on some drug that took some skill. His meltdowns are entertaining to me

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