KRS-One and NYOil Drop 2 Seperate Videos Addressing Hurricane Sandy..Very Dope

Hip Hop continues to deliver in the wake of hurricane Sandy.. Here’s two different videos.. One is from KRS-One who breaks down all that is needed in a disaster.. The video is nice, the information is spot on.. I hope people take heed… Thanks Blastmaster for keeping 100 always..

The other video is from NYOil aka Kool Kim who lives on Staten Island which was hit pretty hard.. He touches on the decades old racial tension that has long existed , but shows how folks should and can see the humanity in others.. This video called Conflicted is powerful as NYOil talks about going to the South Shore of Staten Island to help those in need.

The Obama Conquest Newsweek Cover Stirs up an Array of Emotions.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words and this Newsweek cover ups the ante.  There’s a lot going on here with this provocative flick starting with the comparison of President Obama to Napoleon/ George Washington.

At a time when we have employers firing folks because Obama was re-elected, racial unrest on a college campuses like Ole Miss, folks from 15 states trying to kick off a secession movement and Fox News anchors having major meltdowns, this cover with its headlines will only serve to enrage folks more even if the story was intended to be complimentary.

At the same time one must keep in mind that the President of the US in many respects is the President of the while many may see Obama as a conqueror of the racist adversaries who opposed him here at home, he’s still the man behind drone strikes, mass deportations Africom, regime change, and NDAA and in that sense he’s deemed a conqueror to be feared. The US is perceived as an empire and Obama is the head of it. the words Obama Conquest underscore that sentiment.

Toussaint L’ouverture

The Newsweek cover has in its headline GOP: You’re Old You’re White You’re History. Considering we had so much vitriol coming from the GOP with cries to ‘take the country back‘, which many took as code to stop Blacks and other people of color from advancing, this cover is sure to be a dagger is some people’s hearts. Obama winning or conquering has been his opposition’s worst fear. And while its true many have compared the picture to Napoleon or George Washington.. I’m gonna say Obama in this photo reminds me of Toussaint L’ouverture, the man who defeated Napoleon, maybe that’s why some folks are scared.

Anyway that’s my two cents, whats your thoughts on this cover?