Brother Ali Brings Dope Music and Serious Political Heat…Real Talk for 2012

If you thought the Ice Cube video about political corruption was dope, then you’ll enjoy what Brother Ali is breaking down.. His album Mourning In America an Dreaming in Color is a masterpiece..The videos he put out are dope.. Here’s a  cool interview from the folks over at dazzhot where he goes in what’s challenging the world around us..Big up to Ali for holding it down in 2012 and waging war on the system.

Mourning in America

Only Life I Know

Interview w/ Brother Ali via the homies over at Dazzhot

14 comments on “Brother Ali Brings Dope Music and Serious Political Heat…Real Talk for 2012

  1. This brotha iz live. Like it. The content reminds me of P.E, Paris and Cube circa 1990-91. Good to see Real Hip Hop ain’t dead. Anotha dope clip iz Lost Children Of Babylon – Martial Law.

  2. The dox of ‘art of rap’ has bringing it on,..all that US specific sell out. What’s about all the ongoing talented Crews in Northern Afrique, France etc.pp… it’s worth to mention that a real struggle defeats mainstream culture by that what is called ‘art of rap’ – but never mind the youth frames again. Thats why so many stifled already in folk Hip Hop – then HeArt_core text scriptures for a political fight.

  3. Sorry Davey,’s for me quite confusing to see mass media coverages about US politics and my skillz in such frames of postfascist Europe and the Arab world too. There’re so many Crews out there who have a real good suggestion about struggled politics close looks and my words grows with,…but US mass media coverages at my local spot,..sorry,…but there I trusted my personal DJ interventions.

    Salaam to all ‘allahs’ out there for more struggles against the mass deficit _Isms!

    Salaam Davey! Try to connect soon ya radio show in the Central European Time Zone wall:IDS!

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